Grand Fury: Weaponized Justice as Social Control

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Wed, 08/29/2012

Dangerous Anarchist?


The Committee Against Political Repression has organized a rally on behalf of political Cascadia’s latest cadre of actual and potential political prisoners, among them Leah-Lynn Plante pictured above.  Be afraid, America… Show up in front of the Federal Court House (1000 SW 3rd Ave) tomorrow, August 30th, 12:30 until 3:30.  Facing a grand jury takes courage; resisting a grand jury takes an individual beyond courage and into a lawless judicial ‘free fire zone’.    In a police state,  to stand in solidarity with grand jury resistors.   The rally starts at 12:30pm and will last until 3:30.

Four activists (Whom the police chose to identify as “anarchists”, the American police state’s latest, greatest monster in a box .) have already faced a grand jury and  been subpoenaed to testify against their comrades. Two of the subpoenaed live in Portland and have boldly refused to cooperate with the grand jury.  They are potentially facing jail time for speaking Truth to Power by refusing to speak anything to the grand jury jockeys.   If ever these recent events call for a show of solidarity it is tomorrow, August 30th at the federal courthouse.   The Committee Against Political Repression's website is an excellent source to go to

Organizations Fighting Grand Juries,

Unlike a regular jury, which is used to determine guilt in a trial, a grand jury consists of 16 to 23 jurors who are not screened for bias. The purpose of the grand jury is not to determine guilt or innocence, but to decide whether there is probable cause to prosecute someone for a felony crime. The grand jury operates in secrecy and the normal rules of evidence do not apply. The prosecutor runs the proceedings and no judge is present. Defense lawyers are not allowed to be present in the grand jury room and cannot present evidence, but may be available outside the room to consult with witnesses. The prosecutor and the grand jury members may not reveal what occurred in the grand jury room and witnesses cannot obtain a transcript of their testimony.

The Civil Liberties Defense Center,,  Portland IMC Green Scare Page:,  Portland IMC Prisons/Prisoners Page:

Earth Liberation Prisoners,

California Anarchist Prisoner Support:,


Spirit of Freedom (Earth Liberation Prisoners. UK Site):,

Warrior Wind Zine:,



And Kevin Gozstola has been blogging live from the courtroom where Bradley Manning faces American-style military justice in aa new era of secrecy and summary judgement.






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