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Tue, 08/28/2012

My guest this morning, Alice Slater, knows the score on Iran.  There is virtually nothing - and I generally try to steer clear of generalizations of that magnificent calibre....but I make an exception here - nothing  American media has got right when it comes to Iran.  They are especially clumsy when it comes to translating dipllomatic statements, anything relating to goverrnment policy.  However, mirabile dictu! They never cease to churn out the more incendiary remarks made by assorted Mullahs...

Nothing you have heard about Iran is close to the truth.  Alice Slater has been to The Mountain.      Slater is the New York director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and is on the coordinating committee of Abolition 2000, a nuclear disarmament network.

This courtesy of the Associated Press at least demostrates where the US stands when it comes to Bull-in-the-china-shop diplomacy.

"Yesterday afternoon the the aircraft carrier John Stennis has left Bremerton, Wash., for another tour of duty in the Mideast.   Defense Secretary Leon Panetta spoke to the crew last Wednesday and thanked them for making a quick turnaround and returning to action four months earlier than expected.   The Stennis returned in March from a seven-month deployment that included missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.   Panetta says the Pentagon is keeping the Stennis and another carrier in the Persian Gulf to deal with any contingency that develops in the Middle East."



   "Significantly, an Associated Press article in the Washington Post headlined, 'Iran Opens Nonaligned Summit with Calls for Nuclear Arms Ban' reported that 'Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi opened the gathering by noting commitment to a previous goal from the nonaligned group, known as NAM, to remove the world’s nuclear arsenals within 13 years. "We believe that the timetable for ultimate removal of nuclear weapons by 2025, which was proposed by NAM, will only be realized if we follow it up decisively," he told delegates.'

They sprang this one on the citizenry at the eleventh hour: The Citizen Review Committee has a Work Group looking at Crowd   Control policies.  The Committee wants to hear from those unfortunate friends and neighbors who have been on the receiving end of the Portland Police  Department’s Crowd Control Techniques.  Have you seen them in action? You have? Then this is for you.   The meeting is Tuesday – as in today - from 6-8 at Miracles Club.   If you or someone you know would be willing to talk about your experiences to this all-volunteer group, you might want to get in touch with the Work Group chair, Rodney Paris. The CRC is somewhat ‘one-of-a-kind’ in that it’s  attached to but able to make policy recommendations independent of the "Independent" Police Review Division    The Crowd Control Work Group has only met three or four times but they've had ‘feedback’ regarding batons, horses, bicycles, "kettling," pepper spray, lack of identification, and other various issues.

Here are a couple of links:  www.portlandcopwatch.org/PPR33/ipr33.html

And this 'Where Are They Now'? December? Ahhhh, but this is December 2007

"Made a Complaint To The Independent Police Review? Tell Us About It…Posted by Matt Davis on Thu, Nov 15 at 6:12 PM   From the Northwest Constitutional Rights CenterEVENT: Community Forum to Share Experiences on Portland Police Oversight System — Thurs, Dec. Community Forum to Share Experiences on Portland Police Oversight System    Have you ever filed a complaint about police misconduct with Portland’s Independent Police Review division? Did you feel the process and outcome were fair and just, or did you feel they were unfair or partial to the police?    Come to a community forum to take part in an assessment of Portland’s “civilian police review board.”   What: Community Forum - Share your individual experiences with the Independent Police Review division and the Citizen Review Committee with Ms. Eileen Luna-Firebaugh, the expert reviewing the program."


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