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Thu, 11/29/2007

11/30/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. The Guv says siting LNG terminals in Oregon waters is Okay with him…Just doesn’t like fish, I guess…Or maybe he’s getting a little something slipped in his pocket from the various companies all struggling to sidestep zoning, permit and environmental regulations.  So many things wrong with LNG terminals, where to begin?  We don’t need the gas and it’s going to go straight to California anyway – so Oregon gets all the – possible - bang and no bucks.  Then there’s the matter of destruction of habitat.  When those tankers flush out the bilges after off-loading, where do you think all that warm, poisonous water is going to go, California?
  2. Bill Me:  The Oregon Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers are suing Bill Sizemore again.  Sizemore, another bible-thumper, hooker humper rightwing anti-tax crusader is hiding his assets under wife Cindy’s skirts.  Shame on you, Bill!
  3. Republican Senator Gordon Smith says that Republican president George Bush has ‘minsunderestimated’ Oregon voters’ rejection of Measure 50.  What voters were saying was that they thought it was a silly way to address a serious problem.  What Bush heard was anti-tax sentiment.  (Here’s an idea;  Tax gas and tax industrial emissions.  Far more money would be realized and far more people could be given what is their right in any case, healthcare.  Not healthcare insurance…Just plain healthcare.  They also might drive less and corporations would be introduced to the true cost of underwriting obscene profit margins…)
  4. Ten thousand workers at a Nike plant in Vietnam are on strike.  Nike pays them $62 a month – and no healthcare.
  5. A new study finds that the holiday season is hard on hungry Oregonians because when people don’t have enough to eat, they get depressed.  (Well, Hey…. and here we were thinking that it was a shite government and global warming that was getting us down.  And another thing:  Want to get really depressed?  The people who did the study were well compensated for their stunning conclusions…)
  6. Southland Tales:  In Marion County we have the real estate equivalent of an Israeli tradition.  Developers are justifying their 43-lot subdivision going ahead because of “vested right”.  Sounds a lot like “facts on the ground”.  Neighbors aren’t happy but it looks like the project will go ahead anyway.  Neighbors might want to consider brushing up their qassam rocket building skills.  Send a message…
  7. The U of O is starting a program that allows low-income students to attend free of charge.  What a novel idea!  Affordable education for everyone!  Just like the rest of the civilized world…
  8. A federal appeals court has ruled that police can collect DNA evidence from nonviolent drug offenders without violating their civil rights.  (We have so few civil rights left to violate, it hardly seems worthwhile getting hot over this otherwise troubling turn of events.)
  9. Police need a warrant to come into your house, but firefighters don’t.  So in NYC, the “nice men in the red trucks” are being schooled to “Be alert for a person who is hostile, uncooperative or expressing hate or discontent with the United States.”  So if your house is on fire, it’s a bad time to be yelling ‘Fuck Bush.’
  10. The TSA has been busy as well.  Like Santa, the Transportation Safety Administration has been “making a list and checking it twice”  looking for additional personal information such as age and gender.  (Hmmmm, maybe scoping out possible dates for New Year’s Eve…)
  11. The Rudy & Judy Show:  Giuliani took off for high-end resorts on long Island with current  wife #3 while he was still married to wife # 2…which is at the very worst consensual crime so the worst that could happen is that the cops could take his DNA and wife #2 could call in a hit on him.  But what is very bad is that he billed security for the trip to a subterranean tangle of City agencies in order to hide his trail.
  12. A nuke plant in Ohio had to shut down.  (Other than these frequent white-knuckle incidents, nuclear power is perfectly safe and ever-so sustainable…)
  13. Congress is going to up fuel economy standards (Very slightly.  From 27.5/22.2 for cars and trucks to 35).  SUV and “work trucks” are exempt.  Thanks, Congress.  Got any ideas what to do when the gas is all but gone and OPEC won’t take an American cheque?
  14. Wal-Mart is suing a former employee who suffered brain damage in a car accident.  The World’s Biggest wants back the money its medical benefits program paid the woman in question.
  15. Could Be Worse Dept.:  Uganda is coping with an outbreak of Ebola.
  16. Russia’s Vladimir Putin signed a law suspending his nation’s participation in the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty effective December 12th.  This means no more inspections and verifications of its military sites by NATO countries.  (Let’s see if Bush pressures the UN to slap sanctions on The Bear…heh, heh, heh.)
  17. But Vladimir wasn’t finished:  He also went ahead and threatened public sector workers with loss of jobs, loss of benefits, loss of housing, loss of…Well, let’s just say there’s a lot Russia can do to fuck up a person’s life if that person doesn’t vote for Putin in the coming election…
  18. It’s The Balkans:  Talks on the status of Kosovo went South, leaving the region in its normal powder keg position.
  19. Three Slovak guys got popped trying to sell the makings of a ‘dirty bomb.’
  20. It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Apartheid:  An Israeli court has delayed the shut off of Gaza’s electricity.  (But I’m sure they’ll get around to it as soon as the world’s attention has shifted to other interests such as bombing Iran and Britney Spear’s nether bits…)
  21. Another delay in Lebanon’s election trauma.  They have to find a candidate for president that won’t piss off everybody.  (America, take note…)
  22. Police in Pakistan baton-charged a lawyers rally.
  23. FARC’s YouTube 15 Minutes:  Colombian officials released a video of rebel-held hostages.  Three Americans and the long-suffering Ingrid Betancourt chained and posed in front of a scenic jungle backdrop. 
  24. Britain, France and the US have ple3dged to protect journalists working in war zones.  (That last one is troubling…Haven’t we killed and/or captured a number of journalists working in a war zone of our own making?  Thought so…)
  25. A 7.4 earthquake hit the tiny Caribbean island of Martinique.  (Heads up,  Los Angeles and San Francisco…)





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