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Wed, 11/28/2007

11/29/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. ‘3500’:  A 35 hundred-member Oregon Army National Guard unit has been told to pack its toothbrush and a change of underwear because a year from now it will be going to Iraq (Which we are “surging” out of – or so we are told), Afghanistan (Because we have racked up one king-hell success after another in the Grave of Empire…) or perhaps Iran  (No one said anything to the Unit about getting killed by Persians.  Most of the kids saw ‘300’ and figure they’ll be batting 1000…)
  2. Slow Boat From China:  Slow job growth for Oregon as employers struggle to get more work out of fewer people while screwing the unions and shipping well-‘compen-sedated’ factory jobs to Other Places.  Though it should be noted that with the American economy heading South, Other Places will soon be out-sourcing their high-tech jobs to us – Here’s hoping the kids today will abandon “education” in favor of training….Who cares what they think as long as they can type fast…
  3. Edison Carder’s ‘Our Backyard’ this week is all about Americans and their food.  As with so much these days, the World’s Fattest are concerned that they might become the World’s Sickest’ or perhaps ‘Deadest’.  If you don’t grow the food yourself, at least get to know the people who grow it for you and if you want to eat meat, kill it yourself.  You already have blood on your hands…
  4. Half-Fast:  Washington State wants new power plants to limit greenhouse gas output.  (But even if generation facilities eliminate 50 percent of their emissions, we are still heading over the cliff – just a half as fast…)
  5. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is going to revisit its decision on seven endangered species listings.  And the Service should probably think hard – but not too long – about getting its ass lawyered-up:  Bush administration appointees have been found to have “inappropriately influenced” rulings on species protection.  I give you Julie MacDonald.  ‘Big Mac’ resigned but Ron Wyden is going after her anyway.  And there are plenty more fish in the barrel, Enviros!
  6. Conservation groups are still trying to get PacifiCorp to knock out four ancient dams on the Klamath River.  (Or they could use to money to sue the Fish and Wildlife Service because the dams are going to collapse in the not too distance future.  It won’t be all that exciting when it happens – except maybe to the fish.  But there are thousands of other weapons-grade dams around the country that are on the verge of collapse and when they go…
  7. The National Organic Standards Board – a rubber-stamp at the end of a sharp stick, if there ever was one – is going to try and sell the idea that farmed salmon deserve the “organic” rating.  (“Organic” maybe – but they won’t be salmon.  Salmon need to be in salt water, fresh water, warm water, cool water and the need to swim for hundreds of miles – it’s called a life cycle.  Absent the habitat you might as well grow them in test tubes, extrude them in rolls and entomb them in plastic.)
  8. Portland is making its ‘Dear Congress’ list:  Tom Potter is all set to sit on Santa Bush’s knee and smile for the cameras…(I see coal in the future…)
  9. Housing advocates are sliding back down the mountain toward tent city, deferring to a coming legislative session that’s going to set the house on fire in all the wrong ways…
  10. An oil pipeline in Minnesota caught fire.
  11. Twelve states are suing the environmental Protection agency for not protecting the environment.  (Smile for the cameras, Julie MacDonald…)
  12. Odd Couple:  Dennis Kucinich says that if he gets anywhere near the Brass Ring, he’s going to ask Republican anti-warrior, Ron Paul to be his running mate.   (Baby, It’s Weird Outside…)
  13. And Inside, Too:  Turns out that the Bush-appointed Scott Bloch, head of the Office of Special Council in charge of investigating Karl Rove is himself a pretty ‘Special’ guy.  Scott is himself being investigated for hiring Geeks on Call to purge GOP hard drives.  (Beam me up Scotty…)
  14. Wired:  In Florida a doctor who was well and truly set up by FBI informants has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.   Apparently, the informant posing as an al-Qaeda recruiter, had conned Rafiq Sabir into saying All the Wrong Things to the lampshade…(C’mon;   Sabir is a doctor, he lives in Florida….How many Florida doctors do you know who are fluent in Arabic?  And if someone had really wanted to “recruit” him - as contrasted with entrap him - why didn’t  they just ask him in English if he wanted to join a jihadist club?)
  15. In Illinois a convert to Islam is learning the hard way just how America really feels about religious freedom:  Derrick Shareef is charged with plotting to use Weapons of Mss Destruction against the Cherryvale Mall in some Illinois hickburb.  Yes, Shareef was arrested after he met with an FBI informant who convinced him to trade his stereo speakers for some hand grenades and a gun….I’m not making this up…
  16. John Ashcroft says he wouldn’t mind being water-boarded – if it was for a good cause.  (How about Saving the Environment, or Global Warming?)
  17. America fourth-graders are slightly stupider than they were in 2001.
  18. Clarification Department:  China wants the US to know that they did not cancel a visit from an American aircraft carrier to Hong Kong due to a “misunderstanding.”  The ship was turned back because the Chinese fucking hate us  for a whole list of reasons.
  19. One-Trick Pony:  Coup suspects in Manila took a break from sitting out their coup trial and running across the street to stage another coup.  They’ll be back in court tomorrow – or jail as the case may be.
  20. As if the American occupation were not plague enough, now Baghdad has cholera to contend with.
  21. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says what the rest of us have only been thinking:  Bush’s Big Summit was a sham, a failure and an insult to sentient beings everywhere.
  22. Pervez Musharraf was sworn in as America’s last friend and factotum in the Arab world.
  23. It’s The Balkans:  The EU the United States and Russia want Serbs and Albanians to shake hands and call it Kosovo before violence breaks out again.
  24. And Nicolas Sarkozy promised a “full inquiry” into the deaths of two teenagers _ North African immigrants – who died in a motorcycle accident involving a police.  It would seem it’s a question of which poses the greatest threat to public safety, motorcycles or police.  That’ what FBI informants are for:  to make inquiries of this sort obsolete.



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