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Sun, 11/11/2007

11/12/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. Roll the Union On:  Service Employees International Union Local 503 in Salem recently scored another in a string of union-organizing victories when it convinced a majority of the State’s more than 16 hundred relative adult foster-care providers to sign union-authorization cards.  Finally, family members who care for ill relatives are going to be paid for what’s got to be the hardest job out there.  Dare we imagine a day when homemakers get paid?  Sure!  The day that men become homemakers.
  2. Land-use Limbo:  Developers are scrambling to roll the dozers before they get monkey-wrenched in court.  After that all bets are off.
  3. Portland disaster assistance groups  - Mercy Corps and Medical Teams International - are busy these days; what with all the strange dark weather the world as been having.  And I’m guessing they’ll get even busier.  Now that Grover Norquist’s dream of a privatized America Inc., we have these grassroots private sector groups taking over from the crony-ridden, under-funded FEMA-type entities.  And we have the likes of Blackwater handling military conflicts. 
  4. The Activist Report:  Attorneys joined the regular Portland Peaceful Response people for the Friday night rally in support of the more than five thousand Pakistani citizens detained under Musharraf’s “emergency.”  In Olympia the activists with Port Blockade of equipment returning from Iraq got pepper-sprayed and arrested on Friday – maybe it had to do with mentioning to truck drivers hauling the shit away that they would be driving with DU on board.  In Tacoma, the Smash ICE action against the Immigration Detention Center drew a crowd of police large enough to shut down much of the rest of the city.  Three people were arrested.  The No Border Camp erupted in police violence.  Thirty protestors were attacked with batons and pepper spray.  In Boston and DC Veterans Day parades marched over demonstrator’s free speech, leaving bloody footprints across the Constitution from here to Eternity and back.  And that was just last week…Roaring down the wind into a new round of resistance:  Tonight Cynthia McKinney will be in town  1st Unitarian 6 pm….But you knew that.  The Impeach Bush rally continues to dog Blumenaur.  Friday noon at the Justice Center, ‘We Are All Traffic.’  And the beat goes on…
  5. Smoke signals:  right on the heels of a major Measure 50 – the tobacco tax – defeat, the Oregon Environmental Council releases data showing that Oregonians are, well, full of shite.  That shite being a rich, frothy stew of hundreds of very toxic chemicals.  Proving, the agency said, “You don’t have to live next to a smokestack to absorb deadly doses of chemicals – or stand next to a smoker. 
  6. No less a luminary – and no doubt a shining example to administration cronies everywhere who have been able to avoid criminal prosecution by an elaborate law-dodging dance learned at the ‘Che-knee’ of power located deep in a Wyoming mineshaft/bunker complex where the deer and the antelope do not roam but hookers are readily available to men of good Christian character who don’t even bother to learn to lie very well…Where was I?  Right!  Oliver North was in Salem recently where he spoke at a banquet to raise money for the Nehemiah’s Ranch for Youth (No doubt a prison camp run by evangelical sodomites)   But I digress…Still, did Ollie tell the boys camp people that raising money is easy – all you need is a C-130 transport and a good heroin chemist…?
  7. In San Francisco, people are asking some hard questions about the oil spill.  Having ruled out ‘mechanical failure’, it looks like it was caused by good old fashioned ‘human failure’  (Translation  ‘Stoned/drunk crew’) Criminal investigations have begun. 
  8. Former Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitage – currently lurking safely beyond the shores of criminal prosecution, himself, said that it was “foolish” to reveal Valerie Plame’s identity.  (“Foolish”, Richard?  No, “Illegal” is the correct word for it…)
  9. Clinton took a brodey on a softball ‘environmental’ question lobbed by a student.  People maybe starting to question their Clinton support.
  10. The “health” insurance giant, HealthNet tied employee bonuses to said employees consistent ability to drop sick policyholders without missing a single day of work…
  11. America has a new governmental department:  ‘Africom’.  That’s Africa Command, to you civilians.. Anyway .  Official administration talking heads want to assure all you people out there in Africa that just because the US has redesigned its whole Africa policy as a military operation, there’s nothing to worry about.  (Just as the US has “no plans” to attack Iran…I actually believe this:  It appears that this administration does not possess the planning skills to arrange for pigs to shit.)  Anyway, African leaders don’t seem to be buying American assurances. 
  12. Iraq is about to pass a law against contractors.  (‘When contractors are outlawed, only outlaws will have contractors,’ am I right?)
  13. Interesting story in the UK’s Observer:  Micah Brose, a privately contracted interrogator (Translation:  a merc with ‘wet arts’ experience.) working in Iraq says that the US isn’t interested in any information except as it pertains to the imminent non-attack about to be launched against Iran.
  14. Musharraf is still Bush’s boy in Central Asia.
  15. Today is the third anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat.  Hamas security forces opened fire at rally.  The death toll so far?  Six.  Fatah supporters decided to celebrate by marching through downtown Gaza City.
  16. Israeli police are “probing” Ehud Olmert.
  17. In Prague fascists clashed with just about everyone else in the vicinity.
  18. Demonstrators all across Australia called on politicians – Hello, John Howard – to take global warming seriously.  (Although, if the drought didn’t get their attention, it isn’t likely that demonstrators will…)
  19. A Russian tanker broke up in heavy weather near the Crimean Peninsula.  How bad was it?   Four thousand tons of oil bad.
  20. Tens of thousands of Argentineans have marched to the Uruguayan border in one of the biggest protests so far against a pulp mill that will itself amount to an environmental disaster of epic proportions.  People have been demonstrating against the mill for over two years.  Argentina has taken the case to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.
  21. In the Democratic Republic of Congo six people have been arrested for dumping 20 metric tons of radioactive waste into the Mura River.  The Mura is the only source of water for villages along its shores – which would not, of course, be there but for the river. The contamination came from tailings shipped out of the Katanga Mines.



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