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Wed, 11/07/2007

11/08/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. On the Waterfront, On the Home front:  Last night there was an anti-war action at the Port of Olympia.  The reason?  A naval vessel with gear for a Stryker brigade that recently returned to Ft. Lewis from Iraq was in port.  (Let’s keep focused on the real purpose of this eternal War on Terror:  It is an escalating transfer of the wealth of the nation from the public to the private sector.  So “military spending”, “entitlements” – all are phantoms from a century past, lingering in the world on the Wings of Fear…)
  2. Portland has been fighting a US court of appeals that has ruled that the city has to obey a surreal federal water-treatment law.  The cryptosporidium cops are about to kick out the flood-gates and force Portland to pay for eradicating the tiny terrorist microbes from our water supply.  Sounds good, but it means covering the reservoirs – never a popular proposal – and one that is unlikely to make anybody “safer.”
  3. Bunged-up:  Developers are clogging up the courts like you-know-what in the you-know-where.  Very much like that.  What they want is permission to continue building the illegal rural slums that they began illegally building before the election.  (We could take these “country-loving” fiends and stuff them in La-z-Boys, tube feed them and screw TVs in front of their faces showing Mt Hood all winter and the Columbia River all summer.  They’d be perfectly happy and wouldn’t notice the difference...)
  4. Green For Green:  Seattle City Council had to buy its way out of a dust-up with environmentalists over the paving of a wetlands area.
  5. Benton County took the bull by the balls this past election and voted to raise their own taxes to pay for public services.  The rest of rural Oregon is still waiting for the timber payments fairy to fly by – or the developers to arrive.  (The whole world is a wide-open universe of opportunity for anyone who has an idea that might address the record-breaking collapse of the environment and the end of ‘Climate’ as we know it…)
  6. A Rising Tide Lifts all Boats:  The State’s tsunami disaster preparedness plan turns out to be best-selling export in Asian nations.  (You want a tsunami disaster warning system?  A cell phone and a caller smart enough to call up oh, say, a TV station in Jakarta and scream, “Run!” is still the most effective option…And the last one people seem to be able to think of.
  7. Smoke Gets In Your Skies:  Voters didn’t buy the smoke screen.  But now at least, with the defeat of Measure 50, Neoliberals can blame smokers for sick kids.  It’s so much easier to attack individuals than it would be to take on the juggernauts that poison the air, the water and the very earth we walk on.  Tax Frito-Lay and use the money to fight obesity.  Tax the oil industry and use the proceeds to tackle asthma.  Tax the pharmaceutical companies and use the money to treat cancer patients sickened by deadly effluents in the water.  More to the point, more money in it, less likely ever to happen in America.
  8. In Portland, the battle over Cesar Chavez Blvd. continues.
  9. House of Cards:  The House of Representatives had to put together a bill to provide low-cost housing loans for veterans in Oregon and four other states.  The money is going to come from bond issues.  But really, why should it?  Shouldn’t veteran’s assistance and benefits be provided for in Bush’s bloated military spending bill?  I guess if the money is being spent too pay private security contractors $500 and up a day to do what soldiers might otherwise be paid a pittance to do, well, then the mercs have more than enough money to buy one, two even three houses. 
  10. House of Lies:  Military recruiters apparently neglected to mention to the kids they have been hitting on, that one in four homeless people is a veteran – quite likely a veteran of the Afghanistan and/or Iraq wars.
  11. Put It Together:  You have Dennis Kucinich; the do-nothing Democrats who think impeachment should “not be on the table”; that, plus a brave little band of anti-war Republicans and a little legal instrument called a “privileged resolution”, and it looks like we could get Cheney impeached. 
  12. Dog & Pony Show:  In Miami, a man accused of leading a terrorist cell explains what happened:  Narseal Batiste told jurors that he was encouraged by an FBI informant to mouth-off about acts of potential violence and urged to meet with a second Middle Eastern contact – also an FBI informant – both of which men did their damnedest to get Batiste to play terrorist.  Eventually he caved in to their pestering because he needed the promised $10 thousand dollars to start a construction business.  And the punch-line?  Batiste will in all likelihood do 20 years – another pin-up in the marketing of Fear.
  13. Who’s the ‘Terrorist’ Now?:  The ACLU says that the United States has defied the UN’s Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.  That's us: The United Shame of America…
  14. The last member of the Jena Six plead not guilty.  Bryant Purvis – 18 years old – goes to trial in March.  And in a just world he would triumph, metaphorically rubbing the southern hicks’ faces in their own shite.
  15. Everybody Out of the Gene Pool:  The House of Representatives is getting ginned-up to take on the Peru Free Trade Agreement.  Nice…another global treasury of biological diversity bites the dust.  (But like all disasters, it’s good business.   In this case, for bioengineering…)
  16. The Democrats had elections wins in Kentucky and Virginia this week.
  17. Border crossing deaths are down this year.
  18. Rain Man:  Georgia’s Governor, Sonny Perdue has got a plan for ending the drought that is frying the southeastern US at the moment.  Perdue plans to pray for rain.
  19. Texodus!  Israeli “settlers” are settling on more and more Palestinian land.  It’s still illegal, it still goes on, and America’s Jewish population turns a silent eye away from the genocide.  (I continue too say, Let’s move Israel to Texas.  It’s our call:  By this time, we must certainly own the place…We’ve paid for it.  And Texas would be similar in appearance, ambience, lifestyle and religion, now that the Evangelicals have gotten in touch with Inner Zero Mostel…Trust me:  The Road to Zion runs through Dallas…)
  20. Pervez Musharraf is holding the January elections in February, lawyers are marching in the streets and members of Benazir Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party keep disappearing mysteriously…
  21. Bush got a new poodle this week:  Nicholas Sarkozy, presumably, got guarantees that America won’t invade France – for now…
  22. Georgia blames Russian spies for inciting political dissent.
  23. And China is set to become the biggest consumer of fossil fuels with the world’s biggest oil company – PetroChina opened bigger than Exxon-Mobil on the shanghai exchange this week, and the biggest polluter.  (But let’s not forget:  “Karma is getting what you want and then getting stuck with it…”)


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