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Tue, 10/23/2007

10/24/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. The Port of Coos Bay is suing a railroad for closing down without even calling or sending a ‘regrets’ note….nothing.
  2. FERCed Again:  Another aspect of the Astoria Horror that emerged from the Clatsop County Commissioners meeting on Monday:  Northernstar has been less than forthcoming –  secret,  in fact -  about what it is up to behind the scenes.  This, of course, is the on-going struggle to keep liquefied natural gas terminals out of Oregon.  Ultimately, it is going to come down to a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission decision – another Bush administration bastion of secrecy.  That, plus the fact that Northernstar has a thundering herd of lawyers that know every loop and every hole in the system. 
  3. The Big One That Got Away:  The US Bureau of Land  Reclamation says that a federal irrigation project in the Upper Klamath Basin is going to continue to be a fish-killer for the foreseeable future.  Bear in mind, this is the Feds making the claim.  This can be interpreted many ways, but the most obvious is that the situation is much worse than we currently believe it to be – or the Bush government wouldn’t be lifting a finger to stop correct it.  My guess is that salmon and steelhead are on the verge of sudden and total extinction.  And it isn’t just the amount of water weather, it’s climbing temperatures and toxin levels.
  4. “Sensitive dependence on initial conditions.”  Rupert Sheldrake said it, and what it means is simply this:  Water is only a small part of the salmon stake.  The fact that Oregon’s Collier Glacier is also galloping into oblivion affects,, fish, climate, air water,, flora and fauna…It really is all connected and it doesn’t take a butterfly flapping its wings in South America to bring down our own house of cards…
  5. Pete Seda – the al-Haramain co-founder and currently co-defendant – wants more time to get his ducks in a row.  Seda is plagued with trumped-up tax fraud and conspiracy charges, in large part due to the fact that he is a gentleman of Arabic descent associated with an Islamic charity.  (One insidious way the US has been chipping away at the remains of Palestine is by denying American’s the right to offer assistance to a long-suffering people.)
  6. Industrial Death March:  Meanwhile up north around Puget Sound.  industry is still sluicing 37 percent more metals, oil, grease, nitrogen, fecal matter – I could go on – into the water than allowed by law.  (And people wonder why the orcas keep dying…).  But in this world industry is the law…
  7. Science To The Rescue!  Transgenic Poplar trees made with rabbit genes have been produced for the sole purpose of soaking up toxins.  Wouldn’t it be simpler to just stop pouring toxins into the environment?
  8. Firestorm:  Federal authorities have shut down an immigrant detention facility in San Pedro just south of LA.  The place was a filthy, over-crowded,  contaminated death-trap lacking even basic transgenic poplar trees to mitigate the poisons.
  9. Terror Trails:  Medea Benjamin and Ann Wright are going to take another run at the Canadian border.  They got together petitions with over 15 thousand names signed in support of their Herculean effort to simply travel from America to Canada and back.  It was only a brief six years ago that this was not a matter of national security concerns.  Ahhh, the Good Old Days.  (And all the changes that happened while we blinked are going to take not years, but decades to remedy.  Even if we took the trouble to address the damage done to the Constitution, the “War on Terror” and the corporate privateers will hold the nation in thrall from Here to Eternity.  The next generation will never know what it’s like to live without The Fear…)
  10. The Senate reversed Bush’s cuts to education, health research and grants to local communities.  This is the big pre-game show before the presi-don’t’s first-ever veto of a regular appropriations bill.  (You see, we have to “support the troops”… at least until they clock-out and  get well-paid jobs with Blackwater USA…)  The Senate bill still has to be reconciled with a companion House measure passed back in July.
  11. Fired – and steamed – US Attorney, John McKay has indicated that the Justice Department’s Inspector General may soon recommend a criminal prosecution of Alberto Gonzales.
  12. ‘Ghraib Bodily Harm’:  A book by two ACLU lawyers, ‘Administration of Torture’ is coming out.  It’s the definitive – if not the last – word on American torture:  How we got here and who gave the order to ‘March.’
  13. The Fuller Bush Man:  Like the door to door salesmen of old, George Bush is still trying to sell Europeans on his missile defense idea.  Trouble is, the Europeans already have one.  It’s called ‘Russia’.  Interesting, though that the result of recent elections in Poland has tossed a wild card onto the table in the form of liberal leftist, Donald Tusk, a man who likes neither the Iraq War nor Star Wars…
  14. Apparently, Condoleeza Rice didn’t get the memo.  Rice says that Iran is a “major obstacle to America’s agenda”.  And I say that America is a major obstacle to the rest of the world’s agenda.  (Even spinning those centrifuges full time, it’s going to take Iran three to eight years to make a nuclear bomb – much longer, more likely – and by that time we might have an “agenda” that didn’t include a gang of gung-ho morons gone on power drugs and sheer overweening arrogance.)
  15. Blackwater USA, The Towering Inferno of Understatement:  Blackwater says that the deaths in Fallujah were “unavoidable.”  Well, Duh-uh…If you are professional killers,  any deaths, anywhere, any time -  yours or anyone else’s - are “unavoidable”.  If you are a barista, making a cappuccino is “unavoidable.”
  16. Bush is still trying to carve up Iraq and there’s a huge, vicious Turkey about to land on the table.
  17. The Turkey Has Landed.
  18. The transport and utility workers strike in France is spreading. – Not far enough, alas….Wake me up when it reaches American shores…
  19. And in the Gulf of Mexico, a drilling platform collided with a production platform.
  20. In Nigeria, foreign oil companies collided with the Nigerian government.
  21. And China is officially in Space!


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