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Sun, 10/21/2007

10/22/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. Like a rogue Democratic iceberg slowly drifting away from its parent progressive glacier, like a river running up hill, like a…a..a.. a clown cyclist attempting to retrieve an errant air-borne pie plate, Kulongoski is back-pedaling fast on tax reform.  The Guv says,  Not to worry!  Who Knew?  Oregon has plenty of money, so we don’t need to fairly hold the wealthy and the corporations accountable.  Those potholes in the streets?  Failing child welfare grades?  Closed libraries?  Hellllooo, Private sector…
  2. As November draws closer and closer -  like a rogue Democratic iceberg slowly drifting away from its parent progressive glacier, like a river running up hill, like a…a..a.. a clown cyclist attempting to retrieve an errant air-borne pie plate….wait, where was I…Measure 49 looms over the airwaves like a…a…a    everywhere.  It’s better than 37 – but not much.  Once you let the hogs in, you’ve lost the trough…
  3. Case in Point hundreds of people showed up at a Marion County Planning Commission meeting (Not usually a crowd-pleaser) to tell Elkhorn Estates to take their golf course and shove it up its hole-in-one.  The land is about 30 miles east of Salem on the Little North Santiam River.
  4. Things That Go Bang On The Dock:  The Clatsop County Board of Commissioners up north also got an earful from residents concerned about the loss of their river;  That would be  the Columbia River.  An investor living in a $5.4 million dollar condo in New York isn’t necessarily going to be the most reliable conservator of Oregon’s natural resources, is what locals want the Comish to get a handle on.
  5. Martha Odom’s Activist report is a doozy this week:  The Georgetown Rebellion:  This weekend in DC  three groups converged IMF/ World Bank protestors, the Hip-Hop Caucus, and the DeOnte Rawlings police brutality resistance people.  There was a mobilization at ICE headquarters, shops closed, windows boarded up  Actions continue today.  In Portland this week:  Coming up Thursday at the Federal Building there’s a rally to stop NAFTA.  Wednesday there's The Roots of Migration Tour.  And it all culminates Saturday in Seattle with the Regional National Mobilization Against the War.  Don’t let The Fear hold you down.
  6. Elbow Shroom:  It’s getting crowded out there in the woods lately.  Forestry Folk want mushroom hunters to know that whatever else you are doing out there, you are probably contributing to the destruction of sensitive habitat.
  7. The Oregon News Services contributes a piece about invasive species in the State’s waterways.  It’s a problem, no doubt about it.  In my opinion, the truly alarming invasive species is the human one…
  8. That or maybe canola.  Just another crop displacing food production in the greenwashed world of biodiesel.  Feel good while it lasts, Canolers;  The world is running out of the very oil and natural gas from which industrial-strength fertilizers are made. 
  9. The Oregonian published a prime cut of red meat for the Prohibitionists:  At great length the paper discoursed on the rising tide of marijuana that threatens the very fabric of Oregon’s civilization as w know it.  Too many people are growing too much pot for too many people, is what it boils down to…
  10. Don’t Worry, But…NASA knows what’s wrong with airplanes.  But it isn’t going to tell you.  You just might panic.  And here’s something else to panic about the next time you have the misfortune of flying on a commercial airline:  Air controllers are taking early retirement and the new ones have less training and are destined to work longer hours for lower pay and fewer benefits.  So basically, you’ve got cranky, sick, underpaid, badly trained people holding your very life in their shaky hands.
  11. The Navy is taking a long hard look at its nukes after a number of recent “mishaps.”
  12. Wildfires are burning down Southern California.
  13. An East Indian gentleman is elected Governor of Louisiana.  It is to be hoped that Bobby Jindal will retain some genetic memory of how to drag a third world country into the rest of America.
  14. The verdict is due today in the Texas trial – there’s a clue right there – of the former leaders of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development.  The Foundation existed only to provide funds for impoverished, displaced Palestinian people.  In other words, “terrorism.”
  15. While waiting patiently to invade Iraq, Turkey managed to get twelve of its soldiers killed, lost eight and ended up with who-know how many wounded in an unscheduled clash with the PKK rebels “along the border.” 
  16. Oil production is down, down, down and war is up, up and away.  Coincidence?
  17. The World Bank says it needs “new direction.”  (Suggestion:  “Flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.”
  18. Benazir Bhutto wants an inquiry into the “Street Light Malfunction” that resulted in the deaths of some 130 people – but not her – upon her triumphal yet strangely dicey return to Pakistan.  (And I wouldn’t trust that amnesty document, Musharraf wants you to sign, Benazir…)
  19. Baghdad isn’t happy about a raid by US forces yesterday that killed 49 “gunmen.”
  20. In Iran, it looks like Foreign Minister, Manoucher Mottaki may be on his way out.   He was the nation’s top nuclear negotiator.  How about Alberto Gonzales to replace him?  Al would make a terrific nuclear crackpot’s sidekick…)
  21. The opposition candidate won the Polish election.  The Liberal Opposition party led by Donald Tusk trumped the old guard that has happily hitched its wagon to America’s Scar.  Black Sites and Star wars may have to move along.  Diego Garcia, anyone?  (Added bonus:  That’s the simplest Polish name I have ever had to pronounce…)
  22. A Jewish agricultural law that crops – no pun intended – every seven years is forcing Israel’s most fervent Zionists to turn to Palestinians for their daily veg.  (Alas, most of the Palestinian’s farmland now has Israeli houses on it and the rest has been bulldozed.  You reap what you sow.  So it looks like Zionists will have to subsist on a diet of – you guessed it! – Kebabs from the Lebanese guy down at the corner…)



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