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Tue, 10/09/2007

10/10/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. Fish Fates:  Putting Oregon coastal Coho salmon back on the Endangered Species list would add another firewall of regulation to logging and other land use decisions on federal, state and private lands in the Central Oregon Coast Range.  A judge in Portland laid it down that NOAA Fisheries was arbitrary and capricious and did not rely on the best available science – in some cases, no science at all, but rather the specious free market mythology of the NeoCon State.
  2. Union vs. Suits:  About 70 union members attending a statewide AFL-CIO convention boycotted a speech by Governor Ted Kulongoski - Big waste of time, I say,  when they could have simply napped quietly while the Guv dodged labor issues like a sideshow clown.   (Here’s an idea:  Put a dollar value on the air, water, plants and animals then develop industries that do not tap this environmental ‘capital.’  And turn private industry loose on job creation and away from public institutions.)
  3. Crime Time:  Up in Washington, it has been a rough year for prisoners:  Death, disease, bodily injury and sexual assault:  All just a part of “paying one’s dues to society.”  (The criminalization of poverty is the raw material fueling the prison industrial state, so perhaps prisoners could be seen as good corporate citizens doing their patriotic duty – sort of like fighting in Iraq on behalf of oil companies….)
  4. Wiki-wiki:  A judge in Hawaii has bitch-slapped the ‘Superferry’ supporters – mainly off-shore investors who couldn’t do the hula if you stuck a coconut up their ass.   The big boat has to remain dockside until it shows it won’t harm the State’s marine environment.  (Might as well make the monster a permanent tourist attraction, sort of a monument to Bad Ideas.)
  5. Buggered:  Next time you go to a demonstration, bring along that can of Raid someone left at your house - and it wouldn’t hurt to arm yourself with a flyswatter as well.  The surveillance-industrial complex’s latest gift to humankind is a tiny flying robot spy camera that looks very much like a dragonfly.  (Try not to blast any real dragonflies:  Many of them are endangered…)
  6. The ACLU had to file a lawsuit in Los Angeles to stop immigration authorities from forcibly drugging deportees before putting them on commercial flights back to their native lands.  First question:  Don’t we have laws preventing this sort of thing?  And secondly, Where can I get hold of the drugs the next time I have to fly somewhere?
  7. Top Rahman:  A federal judge blocked the Pentagon from transferring Gitmo guest, Mohammed Abdul Rahman, to Tunisia, where he will be tortured.  (The inescapable irony here is that Rahman has a heart condition – we know this because we tortured him…)
  8. And the Supreme Court has had torture on the stand as well:  The Supremes rejected – without comment – an appeal on the part of a German national, Khaled al-Masri, who was kidnapped by the CIA, “extraordinarily rendered” and tortured.  In their infinite wisdom, the Supreme Court justices rubber-stamped the Bush administration’s risible argument that state secrets would be revealed if the case were allowed to proceed.  (Hell, yes, they would!  Such as the routine use of extraordinary rendition and torture…)
  9. Some Dare Call It Treason:  (Others call it sheer incompetence and stupidity) The White House has denied being the source of a leak involving an Osama bin Laden video that a private intelligence firm says had sabotaged its secret ability to intercept al-Qaeda messages.
  10. Used to be Iraqi refugees were being turned away from  the Syrian and Jordanian borders.  Now they are being turned away from provinces within Iraq.
  11. From White House to Outhouse:  Bush administration officials are in full-on Homer Simpson mode.  Turkey is shelling suspected Kurdish rebel camps in Northern Iraq today.  And who was it that designated the PKK as a “terrorist” organization?  Duh-oh…
  12. Fucks On The Ground:  With Condoleeza Rice already hiring the caterers and arranging the flowers for the big November Middle East Peace Talks, Israel is grabbing as much Palestinian land as it can – the policy is called ‘Facts on the Ground’ and it is the principle justification for what amounts to territorial genocide on the part of the Israelis.
  13. Bank On It:  Seven South American countries have created their own development bank as a counterweight to the World Bank and the IMF.  (Which are only “development” oriented in the sense that they “develop” shareholders’ portfolios.).  The Bank of the South is the brainchild of Hugo Chavez.  Order your checks today!
  14. In Brazil fires – mostly human activity-related – are burning out of control all over the Amazon Basin….But don’t worry;  you won’t be the least bit inconvenienced – until you run out of air to breathe.
  15. The US ambassador to the United Nations says it’s time for a little “regime change” in Burma.  (How about John Bolton for Viceroy?  I hear he’s looking for something these days…)
  16. A member of the Burmese opposition has died “under interrogation” by security forces (And not even private security forces, as far as we know…).



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