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Mon, 10/01/2007

10/02/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. Gas Canned:  The Clatsop County Planning Commission is going to let commissioners deal with NorthernStar’s LNG proposal.  (Good.  Now we know whom to sue when the terminal blows up and the parent corporation’s paper trail disappears in the sand beside a service road behind a commercial bank in Dubai…).  The company wants a little “rezoning” juice.  Specifically, NorthernStar wants an Aquatic Natural Zone to be designated a bilge water-flushing, river-heating, fish-killing, barge traffic-stopping cesspool.  So far it’s been a tough sell.  Somehow people aren’t buying the old ‘But think of the jobs!’ line.
  2. Teachstakes Winner!  Portland got a new Schools Superintendent – same as the old Schools Superintendent…Carole Smith is Vicki Phillips former Chief of Staff.  (Whole lotto learnin’ goin’ on…)
  3. Covering Their Assets:  The Oregon Senate debated a Lending Practices bill that would have gone after some of the smellier mortgage scams floating around like the proverbial turd in the punchbowl.  The bill got “screwed, booed and thrown in the bushes without any loving”, but for a while there it looked like shoo-in.  (When developers bludgeon voters to TV senselessness and Measure 49 goes down in flames,  said developers are going to need a reservoir of mud-dumb people to take out sub-prime loans on sub-sub-prime rural slums they pan to build…)
  4. Tobacco companies have been coughing up huge amounts of campaign money to stop Measure 50 from passing.
  5. Wake Up & Smell The Money:  Farmers and environmentalist are squared-off against developers on Land-use Lite, Measure 49. 
  6. State of Health:  Eight States are suing the Bush administration for trying to impose federal income thresholds on top of eligibility requirements for children.  Parents attempting to sign the kiddies on to the S-CHIP program could wind-up with croaked kiddies by the time they finish wading through the paperwork.  New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine (A man who knows a thing or two about urgent medical care and the need thereof…) is the latest to join seven other states to go Lawsuit City.  Oregon, by the way, has not joined the ‘Coalition of the Welling.’ 
  7. Congress vs. Blackwater USA.  Care to put money on it?
  8. ‘Be Prepared!’:  Bush’s new top military advisor Joint Chief of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, says he wants to “prepare the military for challenges beyond Iraq and Afghanistan.”  This is just Mike’s way of saying ‘Endless War.’
  9. Kicked in the Scotus:   The Supreme Court could have done the right thing, upheld the constitution, obeyed international laws and generally pinned a corsage on the rear end of America’s shit-stained image overseas.  But no.  The Supremes turned down an appeal by Gitmo detainee and former chauffeur to Osama bin Laden, Salim Hamdam
  10. See Dick Shoot!  Shoot, Dick, Shoot:  A federal judge (With a wonderful name that leaves my own parents’ creative abilities in dust, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly.) tossed out part of a 2001 order by Bush that let’s former presidents keep some of their presidential papers secret indefinitely.  (Though I doubt George has much of paper trail, not being much of a wordman in the first place, and never having been legitimately elected in the second…).  But I digress.  Can’t wait to read The Dick & George series….
  11. Gold-diggers:  The American media awoke unexpectedly to a potential windfall The A/P and others are suing the federal government to halt a probe into the August 6th mine disaster in Utah.  Why?  Because they want a judge to decide whether  the proceedings should be public.  (Of course they should!  How the hell is FOX going to make any money on the advertising, ask yourself that…and while the judge mulls this thorny problem, maybe some stooge could push O.J. Simpson down a collapsed mine shaft in Utah…Imagine the money that would roll in...).
  12. Soldiers returning from Iraq are also in line to get shafted, minus the publicity.  It’s safe to say that the only veterans coming back from Iraq without a case of PTSD are the ones who were psycho-killers before they even enlisted.  So when these guys come home, the military tells them that the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is actually Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder – that way the military has no financial responsibility for caring for Our Boys In Camo.  (And the beauty part:  They won’t have to reprint any of their literature because the initials will still be the same…)
  13. In Iraq, some of these so-called “insurgents”  and “sectarian militias” are forming their own Coalition of the ‘Willing to do Whatever It Takes to Get Rid of  the Americans.’
  14. The Mysterious East:  In Myanmar/Burma, Buddhist monks have “gone away” – just, you know, vanished.  One minute the guy was here chanting sutras and the next…Poof!
  15. Thomas Pickering, former Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, and a number of his peers have a message for Bush:  This Middle East Peace meeting you’ve got planned for November?  Failure.  Straight-up failure.  Condoleeza Rice can tickle their ivories all night long, but not one of the significant players is taking America seriously.  The only reason they are still on speaking terms is that they don’t want us to bring them Democracy if they can possibly forestall that event.


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