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Sun, 09/30/2007

10/01/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. Wide Stance:  The sudden political swan dive of Idaho Senator Larry ‘The Foot’ Craig has opened up opportunities galore for the environmental movement in greater Cascadia.  Craig was one of t he most powerful pro-business, pro-timber, pro-power voices on Capitol ‘Capital’ Hill.  Harry Reid and Maria Cantwell are leading the charge to stem the rising tide of resource over-exploitation in the NW.  (Where’s Ron Wyden?  Why not call and ask him…He’s likely meeting with Oregon LNG right now, but he’ll be out in just a moment to use the Men’s Room…)
  2. “Not Much of a Future, But Boy, What a Past”:  Mount Hood is slated for national recognition as a place desperately in need of protection as part of something called ‘America’s Wild Legacy.’  (Make that ‘America’s Wild Past.  Unless the whole region is protected from the world’s most devastating “invasive species”, human beings, there isn’t much hope for Mt Hood.  In a few short decades the snow will be gone year round and the environment changed beyond recognition…)
  3. The Punch & Rudy show:  Rudy Giuliani was in town for a couple of hours this weekend.  Activists took time off from their busy schedule marching through the street of Portland to stand up for impeachment and speak out against the war in Iraq, to show up at Rose’s Deli.  They let Rudy know that not everyone has been snowed by his ‘Family Values’ act.
  4. If it’s Monday, This Must Be Martha Odom, Activist at Large:  Martha reviewed last week’s political actions and reported on Saturday’s demonstration.  Last Thursday, when the weekly impeach vigil showed up at Congressman Blumenaur’s office, they found the door locked and the welcome mat rolled up.  And coming up this Wednesday at the weekly City Council coven, the debate on Portland’s impeachment resolution rolls out.   Attend!
  5. Around the Bend:  So it comes to this:  Residents of  a high-end subdivision – or more correctly those aspiring to claw their way up to the “high end” – may get to vote on their neighbor, Susan Taylor’s right to dry her laundry on a clothesline in her backyard.  Let freedom wring!
  6. Oregon is slowly awakening to the fact that the future is Green.  (Ron Wyden and his plans to sell our coasts and rivers down the river all in the name of the Oregon Economic Development Commission, Take Note:  You are running in the wrong direction…)
  7. Britain’s Atheist-in-Chief, Richard Dawkins wants to make the world safe for atheism…and not a moment too soon:  It’s Election Season in America and the shadow of the cross lies dark upon the land.  If Richard Dawkins can save us from ourselves, then he’s tougher than the French, the Canadians and the trans-dimensional superior intelligence creatures, all of which gave it their best shot.  It’s all your, Richard…
  8. In Season:  The Supreme Court begins its new rampage through constitutional law today.  Their first victim?  Salim Hamdan whose only crime was driving Osama bin Laden’s car.  (So does that mean that when George gets shitfaced at some GOP fundraiser and Laura drives him home does that make her an accessory to crimes against humanity?  Just asking…)
  9. Cattle Call:  A US Agriculture official, one Richard  Raymond,  came out with the astonishing statement that America’s beef supply (Huh?  Didn’t know we had a ‘Strategic Beef Supply’…Who knew?) is the safest in the world.  That was the good news.  The bad news is that, Well, only 22 million pounds of it is contaminated with E. coli.  So before buying a pound of The World’s Safest, you have to ask yourself, ‘Do I feel lucky?’ 
  10. In Michigan, flabbergasted campers are being chased out of campgrounds because the State is broke.  Time to pack up the tent and the sleeping bags (My advice is leave that hamburger…) and move along to a more solvent State.
  11. Shake-Down:  The Pedro Zapeta story.  Guatemalan migrant, Pedro Zapeta worked hard for $5.50 an hour, saved his money, kept his nose clean.  He was on his way back to Guatemala to build a house for his family.  He stuffed his $59 thousand in savings into a duffle bag – and Bang!  Under arrest, the Feds take all his money and deport him.  Turns out Pedro didn’t have his paperwork in order…,.
  12. A Bridge Way, Way Too Far:  America!  Home of 74 thousand bridges classified as “structurally deficient.”  (That’s why they call it ‘Homeland Security’ not ‘Bridgeland Security.’)
  13. The nation’s largest tundra fire on record is still burning.  Authorities in Alaska are hoping they’ll get some wet weather soon.  (Keep hope alive, boyos…)
  14. Seymour Hersh has a story in the New Yorker this week,  Seems that the new Bush administration spin goes like this:  The war in Iraq?  Fuggedabowdit.  The whole Iraq war is really just another way to go to war with Iran, which was the whole idea all along.  Still with me here?  Okay.  So this means that instead of attacking Natanz (Leave that job to the Israelis.  That way they can say they did it as an “anti-nuke” gesture…), we’re going to be attacking Iran’s “elite Revolutionary Guard”, who probably won’t take it sitting down.  They aren’t known as “elite” for nothing.  Anyway.  You go, Hersh!
  15. Publicity Stunt of the Day:  Israel is freeing some Palestinians they have been holding in prison, as a sort of smoke screen to cover the new police station they are opening in the West Bank.  (Symmetry, Baby, symmetry:  Release a few prisoners, open a new cop shop:  It’s what makes the world go ‘round…)
  16. In the Darfur region of Sudan, it was a jumping weekend:  On the one hand you had Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter arriving to talk the government and rebels into shaking hands.  And on the other, hundreds of rebels attacked and overran an AU peacekeeping base at Haskanita, killing at least ten people (Fifty more are “unaccounted for”) and completely destroying the outpost.
  17. The UN Special Envoy had similar success in Burma.  He managed to have tea with Nobel Prize Laureate, Aung San Su Kyi, but other than that it has been a wash thus far.  (“Knock knock”.  “Who’s there?”  “Junta.”  “Junta who?”  “Junta you like to know!”  Cue laugh track…)



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