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Sun, 09/16/2007

09/17/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. The 200:  About two hundred timber county people converged on Washington DC to – once again – appeal for their timber payments to be restored.  Think again about that word, ‘restore’…Sometime in the not-so-distant future, we are going to have to put a price on wilderness, forests, streams and oceans and then create new economies dedicated to restoring and rehabilitating said wild areas upon which our very lives depend.
  2. Rogue Rules:  A combination of fishing rule changes and manipulation of river flows, is the approach the State will take in a somewhat belated attempt to reverse declines in native spring Chinook salmon on the Rogue River.  (Hint:  Put a price on it:  Make it real.  This is America; no one will value the environment until it costs them. 
  3. Martha Odom brings the Activist Report:  Martha recalls the Pelosi PR fiasco, the Congressman Baird imbroglio and last Friday’s ICE action in Lynwood, Washington.  And let’s not leave out the Opt Out campaign at Madison High School.  Opt Out is, of course, the working title of a group that educates kids who, for economic and/or academic reasons, are targeted by the military for recruitment in the Killing Korps.  Moving right along… It’s going to be a busy week in DC.  On Friday 189 anti-war protestors were arrested, many of them Iraq war veterans.  More actions are planned all this week.    And today in San Diego a court is hearing final arguments in the Rod Coronado trial, in which chapter we learn the precise ways the police manipulated the evidence and also what a stone-cold fucking great lawyer Tony Serra is..  And coming up this week in Portland, it’s Withdrawal Wednesday at Gordon Smith’s office.   And the hits just keep on coming:  Activists can go after Blumenaur on the impeachment issue, and attend a peace rally on the 29th.  Message?  You want a parade, get a permit.  You want change, hit the streets…
  4. “Checkbook Democracy”:  The sordid trail of political money leads to the always-entertaining philanthropist and self-proclaim sexologist, currently residing in Las Vegas out in the desert with the other snakes,  Loren Parks.  Parks and his counterpart from Oregon’s own Jeld Wen have put their money where their math is, racking up signature numbers on ballot measures.
  5. The Guv wants Oregonians to start running now, before the subprime tsunami hits the State.
  6. Medford officials declined blandishments from the private security industry.   Jackson County commissioners decided not to outsource security at the airport to private companies.   Apparently Medford’s Keepers of the Flame have been keeping up with the news and figured that accountability, well…counts.
  7. Foreign Fears:  Marion County has got an idea:  Every foreign-born suspect booked into the County Cooler will be reported to federal immigration officials.  Welcome to The I.C.E. Age…
  8. It’s mushroom hunting season – and not necessarily in that order.  Thanks to habitat destruction and over-harvesting, it’s more ‘hunt’ than ‘mushroom.’
  9. In D.C., the anti-war protest ‘Got On The News’:  About 50 Iraq Vets against the War were out in full force in desert camo.  One hundred eighty-nine people were arrested.  And that’s just for starters….All week long Our Nation’s Capitol will be the reticent host of a wide assortment of political actions.  (Alas, what is going on in Iraq and what is about to happen to Iran are far removed from the political arena, they are a manifestation of the triumph of free market capitalism and they are wholly independent of any public accountability.  No politician could stop the madness even if he/she had the will to do so…)
  10. Senior American intelligence and defense officials believe that President Bush and his inner circle are taking steps to place America on the path to war with Iran.  (And even if they didn’t think this,   even if Bush & Co. suddenly adopted the politics of Dennis Kucinich, even if John Lennon came back to life, nothing would stop the cataclysm that hover over the Middle East…
  11. Alan Greenspan came right out – but not in the Larry Craig way – and said that the Iraq war was all about the oil.  (He was immediately accosted by shadowy men in the parking garage beneath his co-op, who grasped him firmly but politely, you understand, and offered him a sip of Kool-aide ..)
  12. Bush’s next man up to bat at the Justice Michael Mukasey.  Democrats say he’s got their vote…which puzzling since he is going to be the worse thing that has happened yet to Gitmo detainees and others distributed throughout Black Sites festering across the world’s big American Behind.  Here’s the thing:  Mukasey is a judicial advisor to Rudy Giuliani, a man no amount of “judicial advising” seems to be able to save from himself.  But who will save the American people from Rudy?
  13. Another Sanctuary Movement protest, this one in Simi Valley Oregon.. (A quick trip in the ‘Way Back’ machine takes us to the scene of the Rodney King beating trial….)
  14. The latest Worldwatch Institute report, “Vital signs” put its heads together and came up with the astounding news that Americans are consuming themselves and everyone else on planet Earth straight out of the Life business…
  15. In Kivalena, Alaska, the shoreline, which used to be a mile and a half from town, is now 30 feet away.  The Coast Guard is keeping a close eye on the town because fuel tanks containing about 240 thousand gallons of diesel are the central feature of Kevalina.  What happened is the annual ice edge formation failed to form this year…
  16.  Idaho is taking the word ‘squaw’ out of place names.
  17. Iraq is taking Blackwater USA out of Iraq.  (Seems a few employees of  the giant mercenary clearinghouse went a bit crazy and shot a few too many Iraqi civilians…)
  18. We’re Number One!:  Under Saddam Hussein, the random body count was 40 people a month.  Under US occupation it’s now up to two thousand.
  19.  Moqtada al-Sadr’s coalition has withdrawn it support for the Iraqi government, which is currently running on 23 out of an original 40 ministers.
  20.  A budget airline plane crashed in Thailand killing 88 people.  (It only seems bad if you don’t compare it to the carnage in Iraq.  I guess internal refugees don’t count as ‘holidaymakers’…
  21. There has been a complete media blackout on the Israeli airstrike launched against Syria.  The Israelis make the mistake of jettisoning extra fuel tanks over Turkey and from there the news spread quickly to ‘Get This’.
  22. An alliance of Pakistani opposition parties said they are going to resign from national and provincial assemblies if President Pervez Musharraf tries to seek re-election.  (At this point in history, Musharraf would to well to consider seeking exile in Dubai.)


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