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Tue, 08/21/2007

08/23/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. TriMet-aphysics  TriMet is hiking up fares again.  Most of the company’s patrons are not in a financial position that would permit them to actually buy the bus, but who’s counting…Nonetheless it begs the question:  If ‘Fareless Square’ boosts downtown commerce, then why not extend it to areas that could do with a bit of a commercial boost?
  2. The Department of Energy is pointing the big nuclear waste stick at Oregon (Washington and Idaho as well).  We can assume the carrot is to follow.  The fact that the federal government is interested in dumping nuclear waste in Cascadia is no surprise:  Now watch how fast federal money flows out of the State in order to produce the compromised position necessary to persuade Oregonians to embrace glow-in-the-dark Death…
  3. Dam The Torpedo Fish!  A federal judge has denied an energy company’s request to dismiss a lawsuit claiming its dame cause pollution lethal to fish.  It’s PacifiCorp vs. the Klamath River and it’s going to be a knock-down, drag-out fight.
  4. Open and Closed and Open and Closed and Open and Closed Case:  Jackson County libraries are opening again.  How long that last depends on how much the federal government needs to dispose of all that nuclear trash….
  5. And just in case the Department of Energy’s massive expansion of the nuclear industry doesn’t work out, the Department of the Interior is still trying to get a free pass to the Teshepuk wilderness in Alaska.  The Bush administration wants to just get the tip of its drill wet before it dissolves into the traditional chaos of election fraud and corruption…The Teshekpuk is one of the most important wetlands in North America – alas it is also in the National Petroleum Reserve, initials, ‘NPR.’Hmmmmm…
  6. Skidbay:  Hospitals in LA are still dumping patients on Skid row
  7. It took an order from a federal judge to get the Bush administration to issue two scientific reports on global warming from the Center for Biological Diversity, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace.
  8. Hurricane Dean is still hovering around the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, scaring the pants off tourists.
  9. Depleted uranium is showing up in Hawaiian waters scaring the pants off tourists.
  10. No Secret:  The Justice Department says that the White House Office of Administration is not subject to the Freedom of Information act.  (Which would mean that it is a private entity which in turn would mean that it is not a legitimate public institution responsible to the people of the United States, which would mean…Hurrah! 
  11. Former CIA field officer, Bob Baer says ‘No, nope, not going to bomb Iran…Just the part of it that is the Revolutionary Guard’, which you will recall, Bush last week designated a “terrorist organization”  (As opposed to the Bush government, which might best be described as a “terrorist disorganization”…
  12. A helicopter crash in Iraq killed another 14 more Americans…And as any FOX-watcher will tell you, the only deaths that are worth taking note of are American deaths.
  13. Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki isn’t pleased with Bush’s displeasure with his government.  But then few people worldwide are pleased with Bush’s government, so I guess that makes us even…
  14. The Call of the Arctic:  Vladimir Putin plans to up the ante by reviving Russia’s military power and restoring The Bear’s role as the world’s leading producer of war planes. 
  15. Public protests in Burma are rocking the shaky,  yet preternaturally psychopathic regime.  Thirteen pro-democracy activists were “arrested” (Burmese for “killed”)   this week even before the massive demonstrations began.
  16. In Bangladesh,  more clashes between police and students spilled over into the streets of Dhaka.   The protests began when University of Dhaka students called for the removal of an army post from campus (and here in some of America’s urban districts we have armed guards in elementary schools – ah, The Land of Opportunity…)
  17. An Israeli air strike in eastern Gaza killed at least one Palestinian.  Earlier this week the Israelis fired on two militants standing next to a rocket launcher.  The “militant” tuned out – as they so often do – to be an eleven and a twelve- year-old boy who happened to be in the area where rockets had been fired at Israel in the past.
  18. Like Taking Candy from a Baby:   In Putnam County, New York, the County Office for the Aging tried to end a free – they were dough-nated - doughnut program.  The doughnuts  cost the county nothing.  (Value in negative PR:  Millions of dollars.  Price of unclogging all those arteries: Thousands of dollars.  Cost of doughnuts:  priceless…).



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