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Fri, 07/20/2012

'America's One-party State

Read Shahid Butar's, Executive Director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, piece on the deep ecology of a One Party America.  and if the one party is not Democrat, Republican or 'Republicrat', then what exactly is it?  Perhaps we should ask the Fathers of The New American Century and the Patriot Act...(There are no 'Mothers', just a cunt with a little paper flag in it - but if you pay extra, it shoots baseballs.  Just be sure to keep your head down: that's one black eye you'll never be able to explain at work...)

But I digress...

One Party America is only a party for the one percenters; for the rest of us it is just a everlasting Morning After or even a mourning after something beautiful dies.

Here's an excerpt:  “Over the last four years, the Obama administration has reauthorized the Patriot Act no fewer than three times, erased the paper trail documenting National Security Letters to avoid the embarrassment of yet another internal government report establishing widespread systemic abuse of PATRIOT Act powers, driven a government crackdown on whistleblowers to protect executive secrecy even as secret government has expanded to historic proportions, created a humanitarian crisis by deporting record numbers of undocumented Americans while allowing the FBI to use that pretext to create a national ID scheme based on biometric data, and insulated the FBI from accountability by securing the extension of its Director beyond his statutory term for the first time since the Senate caught the FBI conducting “a sophisticated vigilante operation aimed squarely at preventing the exercise of First Amendment rights of speech and association….”


Meanwhile, Back at the Bat Cave...

 First this:  A 35-year-old Colorado man avoided a jail sentence on Wednesday even after pleading guilty to conspiring to sell more than 30 machine guns with optical sights, five pounds of C4 explosives, grenades and 14 semi-automatic pistols smuggled into the country from Iraq.

 Richard Paul, of Durango, brokered a deal for five years of probation and eight months of home confinement by pleading guilty and agreeing to testify against his co-conspirator, 34-year-old former Navy SEAL Nicholas Bickle, who Paul had known for more than 18 years, according to The Durango Herald. Paul reportedly sold 12 AK-47s and five pistols in two separate transactions in 2010 to an undercover investigator that openly expressed a desire to move the weapons to Mexico.

 And now this  A total of 13 – make that 14 -  people were killed and 50 wounded early Friday when a gunman opened fire at a crowded premiere of the new Batman movie in the US state of Colorado, the local police chief said. [Editor's note: Police initially said 14 people were killed, but that figure was later revised.]

Police arrested an alleged gunmen and were searching for another following chaotic scenes at a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises,” the latest Batman movie, according to KDVR, a local Fox affiliate.

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