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Mon, 08/13/2007

08/14/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. 1. The Guv is going long on this election.  Kulongoski is backing Speaker of the House Jeff Merkley in the race for Gordon Smith’s Senate seat.  Even to the extent that he is going to help raise campaign funds for Merkley.    Portland politico, Steve Novick, always knew this would happen;  That he would be cruelly jilted like this…
  2. Ron Wyden has proclaimed himself the wizard of healthcare and ethics, issues that, like puppies and kittens, no one could possibly hate.  Here’s the reasoning:  As things stand in government, when legislators shoot down a bill that is popular with constituents but less so with lobbyists, they can do it anonymously.  The new ethics legislation would force representatives to make their votes on legislation know to the general public (Which, in turn, generally doesn’t give a damn, but anyway…let’s see where was I going with this…).  The way Wyden figures it, if the ethics bill passes, then chances are that healthcare legislation will pass as well, because voters hate a candidate that won’t ante-up for what is essentially a basic human right.  But Ron, what about Iraq?
  3. To which Ron has this to say:  He is going to hold three ‘Town Hall Meetings’ at which the question of Iraq will be addressed.  The short story in here is that if we weren’t spending $7 million dollars a day on a bogus, evil adventure in empire building, we could provide healthcare, better schools, bridges that don’t fall down and maybe get the libraries back open again.  Ron?  Mr. Wyden, are you listening?
  4. Dan Serres from Friends of Living Oregon Waters, recently returned from the Climate Convergence in Skomokawa, joined us by phone to talk about the direct action that happened on the Columbia River yesterday.   And the action that is planned for Portland today.  Intriguingly, the exact nature and location will be revealed to the hardy few who show up at the Hollywood Max station at 11:30 today.
  5. If you didn’t laugh, it would make you cry:  The Bush administration’s plans for saving the spotted owl (In a word, more clear-cut logging) have flunked scientific review. 
  6. “I’ve Got A Lov-el-ly Bunch Of Coconuts”:  To those of you who think that the plus side of climate change means that we can all grow palm trees and bananas, I have three words for you:  Mountain Pine Beetles.  (I have a few more, but I’ll keep those to myself…)
  7. Measure 37 has more bad news for Oregon:  Billboards.  Yes, in addition to legalizing the rape of the countryside at an alarming scale, the property rights law means more advertising along Oregon’s highways and byways (But who cares anyway, if all that thee enormous signs delete from view is mile upon mile of hideous rural slumland?)
  8. Terror Camp:  It’s Not Just For Lanyards Anymore…James Ujaama, a Muslim convert from Seattle pleaded guilty to terrorism charges yesterday.  Ujaama gave the government a helping hand in the indictment of Abu Hamza al-Masri but then he blew his Good Time by traveling to Belize with a fake Mexican passport.
  9. Hurricane Flossie did not manage to make it to Hawaii before a medium-sized earthquake struck.  Better luck next time, Flos…
  10. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton:  Remember the Good Old Days when we had a two party system of government?
  11. Iraq veterans - pro-war and anti-war - are lending their battlefield charisma to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
  12. A woman attending a Wobblies demonstration in Rhode Island was clobbered by the police last weekend and wound up in the hospital.  Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose…
  13. The Bible Belt is being “smited” by God with a massive heat wave.  So far it has killed a number of people and put a serious crimp in the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death.  (Wha?  What?  He’s dead….?)
  14. In Britain the Climate Convergence action at Heathrow airport continues apace.  The police have gotten a little rough, apparently.  Probably because they are so ticked-off at having been eluded by the crafty activists.
  15. Be Very Afraid:  Army chiefs from 19 nations (You guess which ones…) are holding secret meetings in Sydney, Australia this week in the lead-up to the Asia-Pacific Summit.  And remember that it was only last week that they were holding secret meeting on Sentosa Island near Singapore….Ahh, the Good Old Days…
  16. In Iraq, the US military - 16 thousand-strong - is launching yet another disastererous effort to win the hearts and minds of the people.  This time around it’s called ‘Operation Lightening Hammer” – a name which only a horde of young boys playing soldier could speak without giggling (Or, as in the case of the Commander-in-Chief, smirking).  How one goes about winning hearts and minds with air-strikes is beyond me.  So far they have killed four civilians, including a four year-old girl…
  17. Hugo Chavez says that oil is heading for the $100 dollar a barrel mark.  (And he should know:  He’s selling the stuff…)
  18. Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sacked in Oil Minister and his Industry Ministers.  (They can get in touch with Karl Rove and open a ‘K’ Street lobbying firm.)
  19. Hamas has banned “unregistered protests”.  (Just like Portland!)
  20. Violence is back on the streets of Mogadishu.  And Human Rights Watch says all sides are to blame.  That was a no-brainer.  But does anyone know how many sides there actually are and where – other than the street – they are located?  Hmmmm?
  21. It’s Pakistani Independence Day!  Celebrations will not include  the traditional exchange of darkened train cars full of bodies heading in opposite directions at the stroke of midnight.  Fireworks are still Okay, however…






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