A Drone of your Own plus Congrats to the Bradley Manning Support Network: You Got 'Em!

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Fri, 07/06/2012

www.bradleymanning.org/  Investigated! Yes, the Army has investigated the Bradley Manning Support Network. So the Network must be doing something right! We know this fact because the BMSN filed a FOIA suit to find outt if it was being investigated.  The FOIA request was turned down because...wait for it...an investigation was underway.  So the FOIA suit worked! Some days everything just tumbles down Serendipity Lane...

A Drone of Your Own...

America’s few remaining responsible, engaged citizens, civil libertarians and militant nudists have expressed the quintessential heebie-jeebies at the nightmare-inducing prospect of drones hovering overhead (or over whatever body part reveals itself to the contraption’s cameras).  It’s difficult to imagine a situation in which the presence of a drone might make me feel safer. 

On the other hand (you know; the one being examined right this moment by a tiny ‘pocket drone’…).

Post Digression Stress Disorder…I can easily imagine enterprising college kids – or even Middle School Mugwumps – selling Mummy’s Ativan and Xanax stash and buying the necessary parts to required to pirate party a couple of military drones and “make them fight”

Over Bakersfield…

Right.  Now let’s talk about ‘civilian casualties’ and ‘the value of a human life’ or ‘bereavement compensation’ (That’s when a couple of 19 year-old hillbillies in desert camo, one with lumps of gold braid on the shoulders, arrives at what was once the front door of what was once your home and try to get you to take $5,000 to stop crying; $10 if you promise not to talk to the guys from Fox and CNN.

Or you could just buy a ‘Drone of Your Own’ from Parrott, looks like this:


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