Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2012/05/21



Board Members present: Marc, Michael, Kate, Paula, Conch, Lyn, Alicia, Keller, Hadrian

Board Members absent: Judy, Ben

Staff Present: Ani, Zale, VJ, Tom, Lynn

Public Present: Kurt Lauer, John MacKey, Barry Sutton


1.    Agenda Approval


Agenda item #10 removed from agenda



2.    Minutes Approval: April 23, 2012

Motion to approve the April minutes




Minutes approved.

Marc will post


3.    Welcome, Lynn


Lynn provided background on herself and her ideas regarding development.  All were very excited to hear about her ideas and plans


4.    Board led fundraising


How does the board intend to fulfill the strategic plan mandate for the board to raise $6,000 this fiscal year?


The budget contains a line for $6,000 board led fundraising.  If the board does not raise that money, it will add $6,000 to the deficit.


The plan is to utilize the internet to create fundraising.  A suggestion was made for each member to send a link to the board led fundraising page.  A suggestion was made to raise funds for a tangible item


The goal may be to aim for fundraising around the Blues Festival.  Suggestion made for the workgroup to get together with Lynn and take the ideas and build them into a tangible plan to bring back to the board.


Motion: To refer the discussion back to the workgroup and the development committee to work together with Lynn to develop a tangible plan to bring back to the board in June.




5.    Staff Management Workgroup update


The workgroup has been formed and will meet on Friday, May 25, 2012.  Members include Lynn, Ani, and Erin from the staff and Marc, Ben, and Kate from the board.


A suggestion was made to understand political realities and focus on what the board will approve.  A response was made explaining that the group has been given the task to practice collaboration and find a plan that will work for everyone


6.    Membership drive update


Some early date analysis indicates that some shows are not bringing in money and question whether those shows are drawing listeners.

We need to find additional revenue streams and to reassess the winter membership drive

A request was made that the analysis include some of the shortfalls from this drive

Membership needs to work with development for fresh ideas for the membership drive


7.    Chehalis update


Motion: The board ratifies the action of the board to authorize the staff to file a six-month extension as long as only staff time and postage are involved.


A discussion ensued regarding whether the action taken to file for an extension was contrary to the vote of the board in May.


Amended Motion: The board ratifies the action taken to file a six-month construction waiver for the Chehalis frequency.  The board reaffirms that no further money will be expended on Chehalis.


Motion to Amend


7 in support

1 in abstention


Vote on motion as amended



8.    Nominating Committee update


“KBOO in the Park” will be on August 17, 2012.  Lyn is taking the lead


Election deadlines are fast approaching.  To allow for adequate production and mailing time, the applications are due on June 27, 2012.  Everyone on the board should be recruiting as should the staff.  Look for members who are involved in committees and at the station and suggest that they apply.


9.    Committee Updates



Will be meeting the day after the board meeting

Currently working on the Programmers’ Bill of Rights.



Working on engineering job description

Reviewed Policy 21

Looking into an issue of a divergence between the text of the bylaws as amended in 1990 and the bylaws as posted on the website.  An analysis will be undertaken to identify the discrepancies.



See above


Engineering Workgroup

General brainstorming on what worked with the recent live remotes

Reviewed the applicable portions of the strategic plan

Discussed servers

Overall, things are working well from an engineering perspective



Met with Lynn and discussed development ideas

Reviewed the strategic plan


10.  New Business




Meeting Adjourned-Next Board of Directors meeting will be on Monday, June 25 at 6:00 pm.  Location is KBOO Studio #1


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