Barbarians Bill the Gates...In Wisconsin Gop-ers Count on God, Fraud & $$$ to Give them the Senate

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Wed, 06/20/2012

Barbarians at the Bill Gates


‘If you’re going to Petaluma…

Be sure to wear a cell phone in your ear

You may need a rent-a-cop to keep your

Secrets safe when paranoia’s in the air.’


Petaluma: home to up-scale refugees fleeing their tie-dyed pasts, trailing ghosts of the Glory Days of journalism  - pre-Patriot Act - when reporters could afford a $20 Fear Fuck and a reacharound to go with it…


Northern California’s Bohemian Grove has almost got it all: “It’s got volley ball and ping pong and a lot of dandy games”…It’s got strigiformes (owls) and hookers and the likes of Herman Cain…What ain’t it got?  It ain’t got Game. 

No. The Grovers have got nothing when it comes to secrecy, privacy, privilege.  And it always comes to secrecy, privacy and privilege. 

But that was then and this is now.  2012 will go down in the annals – and perhaps anals – of the 1 Percenters as the year activists entered the game.  The true gates to the Kingdom of Wealth are actually located in Sun Valley, Idaho. Legend has it that they only open for a week once a year when the Allen and Company conference ‘Occupies’ July 10-14th. 

Media moguls, politicians, and other elites for a week of  Fun and Profit.  ‘Entertainment’ on this scale comes with a price.  But the whole concept ,‘money’ has been stripped of meaning.  Goods changing hands has no effect on a society when all the hands belong to the same leviathan.  So all that secrecy, privacy and privilege really costs nothing for the Anointed.  

 Just as the concept of personhood and privacy in these Post-Patriot Act days has been stripped of value: A citizen who is not a Consumer (preferably one with “Confidence”) is stripped of value in this contraverse.

But the Allen & Company Junket has never seen 2012 and did not know that the year is a Trojan Horse full of social justice activists, human rights fighters, defenders of the environment…The glorious rag-tag American Resistance on the barricades once again.   Ready  to storm the Gates.    

 Rumor has it that  Affinity groups will begin arriving in Sun Valley on Saturday, July 7th to finalize some action plans and set up for the week of activity and action.   Indymedia has this:  “More details such as events, camping spaces, meeting areas, etc. will become posted in due time. Just plan on getting there. Feel free to plan your own events or join in on events planned by other affinity groups.”

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