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Mon, 08/06/2007

08/07/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. Gaszilla:  Down the rabbit hole with Palomar.  Not the observatory – the LNG pipeline.  NW Natural is in ‘cahoots’ with TransCanada….And to make sure you don’t notice and call NW Nat to complain, the joint venture is pleased to call itself ‘Palomar.’  It’s still going to need federal approval to run the 36 inch wide, 110 mile extension through Oregon’s backyard.   But that should be no problem.  Count on FERC to roll over like a bitch in heat.
  2. This Land is Your Land;  This Mine is His Mine:  The Senate confirmed James Caswell as the new Bureau of Land Management chief.  Over the years, Caswell has developed a deep and meaningful relationship with the mining and extraction industry.   And he is about to bring it to fruition in southeast Oregon…
  3.  But Here’s The Bycatch:  The Feds had to shut down Pacific whiting fisheries because fishermen were pulling in way more species than the luckless whiting (You know this fish under its alias, ‘Krab’).
  4. The ‘Property Wrongs’ people are suing to get the title of ballot measure 49 changed.  What the wannabe developers fear is that the second time around voters won’t be as ignorant as they were when they let Measure 37 slip through like a Very Bad Smell.
  5. Benefits & Starts:  Seems there is a kink in the PERS state pension benefits system that results in yet another ‘insult to injury’ situation for gays.   If a same-sex couple in which one member of the partnership has designated the other as beneficiary and that couple breaks up, it is impossible to remove that beneficiary from the state pension plan.  Why?  Because same-sex couples are not permitted to marry or divorce.  Go figure…
  6. Ashland’s defunct but still beleaguered al-Haramain charity is suing the federal government to get itself off the the government’s list of “terrorist groups.”  (which means, logically, that even after you’ve popped your clogs, you are still on the watch list…)
  7. Yesterday was the sixty-second anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.  Three days later, a second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.  If there is such a thing as ‘karma’ maybe the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki explains why Bush wound-up as president…
  8. In Utah, what appeared to be a 4.0 Richter earthquake turned out to be another major mining disaster.  Six coal miners are currently trapped under 1500 feet of, Well, coal, I guess…Anyway, as of this writing, there has been no communication with the guys down there, and efforts to reach them via an old mine shafted failed.
  9. The day after Bush bullied lawmakers into extending his domestic spy program, the president said he was going to go after “great changes” to the Foreign Intelligent Surveillance Act.  (To all of you who believe that there is no one worse than Bush waiting in the wings and all we have to do is wait this one out, I have this to say:  Alberto Gonzales rose from the ashes of John Ashcroft.  And this, too:  The changes wrought by the Bush administration are so far-reaching and catastrophic that even if America somehow could elect good leaders for the next three or four election cycles, the damage is already done.  It will take generations of truly wise leadership to remedy….And I wouldn’t count on Americans getting any wiser in the near – or distant – future.)
  10. In the face of this “velvet coup”, the best the Democrats have come up with is a resolution to censure Bush, Cheney and Gonzales…Leaving Karl Rove to “trample out the vineyard where the grapes of wrath are stored” and run naked through the Halls of Power with an AR-15 in one hand and a bottle of Makers in the other….
  11. In Newark, New Jersey, four high school kids were shot execution-style up against the wall of their own school.
  12. Welcome To America.  Put Your Hands Up:  An Arizona judge ruled that the US Border Patrol Agent who murdered a Mexican immigrant is going to have to stand trial. 
  13. Sue It Goes:  And in New York, a federal judge ruled that the police department must turn over reports on protestor activity at the 2004 Republican National Convention.  It took two federal lawsuits brought by the New York Civil Liberties Union to get documents that ought really to be public in the first place.
  14. The highest ranking team in the Congressional Softball League is the ‘One Hitters’, the team fielded by Students for a Sensible Drug Policy and NORML.  They’re playing the ‘No Talent AZ Clowns’ fielded from the offices of Arizona’s senators, John McCain and Jon Kyl.  Best of luck fellows!
  15. Britain to Pull Out of Cuba?  Britain’s shiny new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown is trying to get five British residents out of Guantanamo Bay.  A little turn around from the old ‘Hail fellow well met” atmosphere that prevailed at the initial tryst between Brown and George Bush.
  16. The Iraqi cabinet is disintegrating before our very eyes.  It only looks like a disaster if you are still a human being.  To the people in the administration who are behind this ‘controlled demolition’, Iraq is a howling success….
  17. Ban Ki-Moon wants the UN Security council to extend the mandate of the UN’s peacekeeping force in Lebanon.  (At least until the next general election, we can only hope…)
  18. In Zimbabwe, white collar businessmen, professionals and executives are being arrested for failing to cut prices. The World Bank believes that inflation in Robert Mugabe’s personal fun-house is going to hit 100 thousand percent in the not so distant future.  The tragedy is that Zimbabwe once was the shining example of economic success and prosperity in sub-Saharan Africa…
  19. When Southeast Asia finally emerges from the flood waters, there will be epidemics on the loose, lying in wait for the bedraggled survivors of the worst monsoon in most people’s memory.
  20. The top Chinese general in Tibet got his wrist slapped for shooting Tibetans attempting to flee their own Chinese-occupied country over a twenty thousand foot pass in the Himalayas.  It would have been the perfect crime – no witnesses, y’know – except for the fact that a foreign climbing team caught the murders on video and unleashed the horrific images on the Internet .  Thank you, YouTube!



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