PTSDrone: Coping with Pain on the Brain plus: Why Cascadia's LNG Wars Matter to the Nation

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Mon, 06/11/2012

They Just Don't Stop...

Somewhere, somehow, someone is still paying for pipedreams.  Oregon LNG still believes Cascadia will fold. We won Bradwood Landing.  So what's to stop us from winning Warrenton, Coos Bay and the rest? It's time to turn out again...And again and again and again until the pipedream fades:

What: Oregon LNG Open House

When: Tuesday, June 12th, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

 Where: Gateway Masonic Lodge #175, 66 SW 4th Avenue, Warrenton, Oregon

 Who: Oregon LNG is holding this Open House. It is not a formal hearing or a FERC event.

 Why: We should attend to be a visible presence of opposition. Oregon LNG is trying to pull a quick bait-and-switch and flip its project from import to export. While the Open House is being orchestrated by Oregon LNG, we can use the opportunity to talk to our friends, neighbors and attendees to get more people informed and engaged.

Drone Sweet Drone...

Alas, when it comes to drone warfare, there is either nothing at all to say beyond 'No', or there is a great deal to talk about.  The moral/ethical questions have only one answer. But What happens when the Great Unhinged gets its hands  (or cobbles together) a Drone of Its Own? Insurgencies - the successful ones, at any rate - have dependably co-opted, usurped the weaponry of the adversary.  It isn't difficult for some disgruntled individual to order a drone, ironically, from an internet tech-toy company and proceed to arm the thing.  Didn't anyone at the DofD  think of that? Why is the default enemy always perceived to be lurking on a distant battlefield?
What happens to a nation when moral and ethical issues are left to those whose 'tunnel vision' includes crosshairs?

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