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Sun, 07/29/2007

07/30/07 Get This

Chris Andreae
  1. ‘We Could Tell You, But Then We’d Have To…’: Pete DeFazio is still trying to get a look at the Bush administration’s highly classified plan to operate the government after a terrorist attack. (Many of us wonder if the Bush administration ever had any sort of plan for ‘operating the government’ at all. Other than simply handing the keys over to Dick Cheney, that is…
  2. Martha Odom joins us this morning, as she does every Monday morning, to bring the Activist Report. A few highlights: Pastors for Peace made it home safely. The humanitarian group went to Cuba with 90 tons of aid. Not sure what sort but, hell, why not? The most Cuba receives through official channels is a series of bungled attempts to destabilize Castro’s highly successful experiment in running a government that seeks to distribute wealth in a more or less equitable manner. (And let’s not forget the American graduates of Cuba’s medical school, all of whom are on the way home to serve underprivileged communities in the US…) Next topic: Still on hold, waiting for Earl Blumenaur to initiate impeachment proceedings. Next: Freeway Bloggers keep on keeping on blogging. Gold Star Families for Peace keep the vigil flying. 
  3. “See You In Court…”:   Acting on an agreement with the timber industry – what else? – The Bush administration has decided to eliminate the survey and management provisions mandate by the Northwest Forest Plan. When the private sector says ‘Jump’, the admin says, ‘How high?’ …And then it 
  4. Comes an Oregon News Service story: Jennifer Schmidt with the Campaign for America’s Wilderness says Oregonians can do a lot to help preserve the State’s wilderness areas…and some are currently poised for permanent protections from Congress.”   Great! But what about a little ‘permanent protection’ from the Bush Administration? (Want to help the environment? Stay out of it…Give the wilderness a hard-earned rest. We are like the houseguest that doesn’t know when to say good-bye. We keep on bringing the woods little thank gifts when simply going home is all that will really help…)
  5. A contractor in St. Helens want the county to put up huge billboards that read “Legal Workers Only” (That’s why this column used to be called, ‘We’re not making this up’…In The Beginning, There Was The Weird…And the Weird Was News….)
  6. The Oregon Department of Agriculture is going to test biodiesel to see if it bungs up your engine. (At the very least, biodiesel is going to bung-up the economy and the environment. “Renewable”, it is not. That’s an agribusiness greenwash.)
  7. And we know this because the $1 billion dollar drag racing industry is going electric. Battery technology is how they do it. Imagine a dead silent racetrack…It’s easy if you try…
  8. Arlen Spector, top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee says that the time isn’t right to launch a perjury investigation of ‘Dirty’ Al Gonzales. (If not now, when? Either the fix is in and Arlen has had a little “visit” from the administration. Or Spector is giving Gonzales more than enough rope…
  9. More Weird Science: A Republican appointee with close ties to both Dick Cheney and his sidekick, George Bush, has blocked a report by the Surgeon General that called for action to tackle global health problems because the document failed to promote the Bush agenda. (That being, of course, the pharmaceutical industry’s agenda…)
  10. Where’s Walter?: Former Vice {President, Walter Mondale wants us to know that Dick Cheney has presided over an unprecedented power grab. (Thanks for noticing, Walter…where have you been?)
  11. Rebel Without A Clue: Bush is starting a new relationship late in the life of his presidency. Yes, it’s going to be George and Gordon Brown versus the real world of grown-ups…Like star-crossed teenaged lovers on an illicit date in the bad streets of Baghdad…
  12. Republicans are increasingly waking up to the notion that this Iraq war business is terrible.PR – what with that pesky election charade coming up…House Democrats are going to try again this week to get a bill passed that would see the pull-out begin this fall. (One reason they’re working so hard on the US embassy it to have the helipad on the roof done before the big Saigon-style evacuation…)
  13. New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson is dead against siting a $2 billion dollar coal-fired power plant on Navajo Nation lands near the Four Corners areas. (Why piss-off the ancestral spirits of the earth if you don’t have to…)
  14. The Navy is going full-steam ahead towards Hawaii, sonars ablazing, leaving a trail of dead whales in its wake. (“Daddy, What did you do in the Navy?” “Why, son, I helped kill off the last whales on earth to keep the world safe for Americans…”)
  15. The US and the EU have so very many secrets to share. Like f’rinstance intimate details about airline passengers arriving in the US from overseas. (Visitors arriving from foreign climes might want to pack enough sedatives for the return journey, depending on what turns up in their files…)
  16. What the World Needs Now….: The Bush administration has come up with yet another piece in its puzzling jigsaw diplomacy: Yes, in order to bring peace to the Middle East, we are going to arm the Shiite government we screwed into Baghdad as well as the Sunni government of Saudi Arabia (Probably any other unstable, semi-dictatorship that’s interesting in state-of-the-art weapons, as well). To put the whole idea across, we are sending Robert Gates and Condoleezas Rice – a couple of real crowd-pleasers – to the Middle East this week.
  17. Bishar al-Rawi is a key source of intelligence for Britain’s MI5. But when he isn’t busy helping the UK help the US, he is occupied being kidnapped by the CIA, bundled onto an illegal “torture flight”, stripped naked, dressed in diapers, shackled, blindfolded, strapped to a stretcher, flown to a ‘Back Site’ near Bagram air force base in Afghanistan, tortured a bit there to kill time during the boring lay-over and then transported on to Gitmo for some serious interrogation fun and games. Read al-Rawi’s account of his ‘American Experience’ in the Observer.
  18. Bush is a bit nervous that Gordon Brown will pull out too soon. (Gordon: You can buy those little blue pills discretely on the Internet…)
  19. Nouri al-Maliki and General David Petraeus aren’t getting along. (My, what a surprise! Just because General Petraeus’s military might has been terrorizing the Iraqi people for Lo, these past few months, inciting violence and raining destruction down on the Iraqi people, that’s doesn’t mean they can’t be friends….
  20. The Lebanese Army is rolling through the Palestinian refugee camp, Nahr el-Bared. 
  21. Bush’s nuke-sharing deal with India turns out to be illegal – as if that is enough to stop it going into effect. (And does it matter that much anyway, what with the world awash in nuclear this and that. All you need here in the US is a blind post office box and a catalogue…)
  22. Japan’s gift to nationalism and neo-fascism, Shinzo Abe, got smacked down hard in recent upper house elections.
  23. And the Iraqi soccer team won the Asian Cup 1-0 over Saudi Arabia.



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