Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/12/19


Monday, December 19, 2011
Board members present: Lyn, Keller, Marc, Alicia, Paula, Michael, Judy, Chris, Conch, Hadrian (note that Chris did not vote and left at the closed session)
Staff members present: Ani, Zale, Debbie, Andrew, Jenka, 
Public Present: Kurt Lauer, Calvin Littlefield, Per Fageren, Grace Marien, Danielle Parks
1. Ground rules/check in
2. Public Comment I
3. Agenda approval
Agenda approved as amended by consensus
4. November minutes approval
November minutes were approved by consensus
5. Introduction to Collective Management Proposal
Zale: staff presents an update to the collective management proposal in preparation for future board/staff retreat
6. Request for unpaid leave
Jenka: Requests approval for a temporary position to fill her position while on leave
The cost will be $4680 which will be a small savings for KBOO
Motion to approve 25 hours a week for 12 weeks at $14.06, temporary with no health benefits
Discussion regarding whether it is a board policy decision or a staff operational
Because the request exceeds $1000, it must be for board
Concern expressed that the agenda item was not clear that it was a request for a temporary position rather than a request for unpaid leave.
Motion approved by consensus
5. Membership update
Andrew Geller: Handed out graphs and a narrative illustrating an historical view of KBOO membership
Listenership is a little lower than a decade ago
Membership is approaching where it was a decade ago
KBOO has just over 5000 paid members
There is an increase in the number of listeners who are members
The percent of listeners who are members is above 10% which is great for public supported radio
There is still a lag between listenership and membership
Some incomplete data going back 30 years had been located
KBOO has experienced a drop in the number of first time members
Question regarding plans in membership department to increase numbers
Andrew explained that the presentation is informational not a strategic planning presentation
Suggestion made that KBOO consider taking credit cards for monthly donations.
6. Contracts
Radio Vietnam
FM Korea
Question about whether item was appropriate for the board or more an operational decision for the staff
The SCA contracts are not in the budget
Motion to approve SCA contracts and shut them down as soon as they stop paying
No second
Concern about confidentiality- are the discussions to be in closed session
Motion to discuss in closed session
IT contract
The current contract ends at end of year
The contract is to maintain IT equipment
Money for the contract already budgeted
Motion to remove item
8 For
1 Abstain
(Chris did not vote)
Motion that the SCA contracts (Radio Vietnam & FM Korea be remanded to staff
8 For
1 Abstain
(Chris did not vote)
7. Personnel Issue
Motion to move to closed session for contract and empoyee issues
8 For
1 Opposed
(Chris did not vote)
Motion: The staff collective is the station manager for purposes of policy 21 and is empowered to act accordingly.  In the instant situation, the collective shall inform the executive committee of any major actions in the disciplinary process within 48 hours of that action.
7 For
1 Opposed
1 Abstention
Motion that staff collective immediately seek out human resource training
No second
8. Staffing needs assessment report
Judy presented recommendations from the Staffing Needs Assessment Workgroup
Notes that the recommendation is based on a staff collective model
Emphasized that the board needs to make a decision regarding staff collective
The goal was to get as many staff up to 40 hours instead of many fractured positions
The first priority is to increase revenue
The membership department needs 40 hours
Underwriting has no change because it brings in revenue
Development is a struggling department
Personnel committee will look at the following positions
Finance coordinator and finance assistant
Suggestion made to develop alternative proposals in the event that the board does not approve collective management
Response that the process to develop this proposal was quite involved and to do that for multiple structures would create a huge amount of work
That appears to be beyond the scope of the group
Discussion regarding timelines
Suggestion for 30-day notice for loss of benefits
Motion: Board supports 30-day notice to staff of any reduction in hours or benefits
Discussion regarding financial ramifications of the motion
Motion: To amend the motion to approve amounts as budgeted by workgroup per department and for the workgroup to work with staff to refine how the amounts are allocated within the department
8 For amendment
1 Abstain
Full Motion:
7 For
2 Abstain
9. Development Director job description
Proposal presented to the board
Motion: To adopt job description
Salary needs to be determined
ADA compliance issues regarding the level of activity
Amendment: to add ADA compliance
Amendment: remove salary amount
Does the job description need to specify hours and hourly or salary?
Amendment: 30 hour position with no salary listed
Final wording will be done by committee and will be emailed to the board
Final decision on the text will be done by the personnel and governance committee
The board reaches consensus to approve the job description with the amendments.
10. New Business
Agence France-Presse (AFP) payment
The payments for AFP not budgeted but the contract was not cancelled in a timely manner
News department negotiated and AFP agreed to a 50% reduction but total is still $2480
Motion: to approve the payment
Total amount $2480 through May 31
8 For
1 Abstain
Meeting adjourns at 10:00


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