2012-01-23 Agenda of the KBOO Board of Directors


Monday, January 23, 2012, 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Facilitator: brush
Minuter: Marc
1. Ground Rules & Focus: brush 10 minutes
• Turn off cell phones
• Check-in
2. Public Comment I 10 minutes
3. December Minutes Approval 5 minutes
4. Facilities Update Bruce Silverman 25 minutes
See attached documentation
5. KBLU Staff 10 minutes
PURPOSE: Re-affirm relationship with Blue Mountain Community Radio, to enable that organization to receive major donations toward station construction.
DECISION TO BE MADE/PROPOSED MOTIONS: “KBOO affirms its intention to transfer the KBLU license to Blue Mountain Community Radio, once that organization has begun broadcasting.”
BACKGROUND: KBOO owns a broadcast license for a radio station in the Pendleton area (KBLU, actually in Pilot Rock). An earlier resolution (2009) stated that if and when KBLU got on the air that KBOO would formally transfer the license to their organization. They now need some proof of this as they are fundraising and would like to actually guarantee donors that they actually will own the actual radio station.
6. Elimination of Job Positions. Judy. 15 minutes
SPONSOR (COMMITTEE OR DEPARTMENT): Staffing Needs Work Group with input from Personnel/Governance Committee and Finance Committee
PURPOSE: To facilitate hire and transfer of new positions and hours for staff that will meet our budget requirements.
a) Elimination of the Interim Dev. & PR Dir. Position:
Board approves elimination of the Interim Development and Promotions Director
Position as of March 16th, 2012. (Recommendations for severance will come through the Finance Committee.) Hours for Sun during the two weeks in March of his return will be as is needed for a successful transition to happen to new staff person as Development Director. It may be fewer hours than his regularly scheduled hours.
b) Elimination of the Facilities Manager position:
Board approves the elimination of the Facilities Manager position. The needs of building maintenance will be met through a volunteer position.
a) Sun is on vacation until March 2nd. He is taking a 4 week paid vacation along with 2 weeks unpaid vacation time. A hire for the new Development Director is starting now and the hope is that it will be completed by the time Sun gets back. Allowing Sun to come back and work 2 weeks after his vacation time will enable the position to be transitioned more smoothly. In addition to the endorsement of the Personnel/Governance and Finance Committees, staff has reviewed and endorsed this proposal
b) Bruce has been on record working one hour per week to take care of the building. It was considered hiring him at a minimum wage hourly- but this may stretch our budget. Bruce is aware of this change and is still planning to continue this responsibility as a volunteer. This is a housekeeping issue so that we are in compliance with labor law.
c) At the next board meeting, we are hoping to have in place the new job description for the Finance/Admin. Assistant position. At that time we will be requesting the board to eliminate the Finance Assist. and Admin. Assist. positions pending the hire of Finance/Admin. Assistant, pending this new hire.
7. Reassignment of Organization fiscal responsibilities 10 minutes
Judy & Staff
PURPOSE: To have legal and financial responsibilities that had been overseen by Chris Merrick to be assumed by a different staff member.
1. The board discharges Chris Merrick as signer on the bank accounts and safe deposit box, to be replaced with ____________ (Staff will hopefully decide this on Tuesday's 1/17 staff meeting,)
2. The board discharges Chris Merrick from company administrator on the 401(k) retirement plan, to be replaced with ______________. (Staff will decide this on Tuesday's staff meeting, hopefully)
These are operational motions that need to approved with Chris' departure from KBOO. The Board will need to designate a new ED/CEO equivalent as contact for financial items such as the audit/review, Controllership reports, and other business/financial items and contracts that Chris has been signing off on or receiving reports on.
Excerpt from Board of Director meeting
Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2010/02/22
Board Meeting Minutes February 22, 2010
Meeting came to order at 6:17pm.
Board Members Present: Becky Chiao, Nia Lewis, Louis Sowa, Erin Brand, Marty Soehrman, Judy Arielle Fiestal, Maire Cullen, Ivonne Rivero
Public and Staff Present: Mark Allyn, S.W. Conser, Paula Small, Jim Craven, Scott Forrester, Daniel Flessas, Deena Barnwell, Glen Owen, Yvette Maranowski, Michael Papadopolous, Alicia Olson, Jeff Kipilman, ? Point, Shauntelle M. Latini, John Mackey
Transition Plan for Station Manager Responsibilities
Ani lead a discussion on the apportionment of Station Manager duties among the staff. Erin moves and Nia seconds the resolution: The Board approves that the Program Director or his designee will be the point of contact for any policy that refers to the station manager.
8. Committee Updates 15 minutes
• Personnel & Governance
• Nominations Committee
Dates for the 2012 election cycle
Overview of annual meeting structure
Update on vacant board seats
• Programming Committee
• Finance Committee
• Development Committee
• Engineering Workgroup
• Strategic Planning Workgroup
8. New Business 10 minutes
9. Public Comment Period II 10 minutes


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