Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/11/28


Monday, November 28, 2011, 6:00-9:00 p.m.


Facilitator: brush

Minuter: Marc



In attendance: Michael, Judy, Paula, Alicia, Chris A, Keller, Sw Conser, Lyn, Hadrian

Staff: Ani, Zale, Chris

Public: Gary Betts, Louis Sowa, Kurt Lauer, Becky Chaio, Shaheed Haamid

1.      Ground Rules & Focus: brush                                                       

·         brush defines his role as meeting facilitator


2.      Agenda Review: Conch                                                                  

·         A request was made for an agenda slot for "new business"

·         Agenda approved


3.      October Minutes Approval: Marc                                    

For: 8

Stand Aside: 1

Opposed: 0


Public comment

Gary Betts re:KBLU


4.      Public  Comment I

·         Gary Betts representing KBLU spoke about the challenges and progress regarding starting a community radio station (KBLU) in Pendleton using a frequency owned by KBOO



5.      Staff Evaluation volunteers: Ani                                                   


·         A request for volunteers to be on staff evaluation teams

·         Keller -Development Director

·         Conch-Web Coordinator

·         Lyn-Membership Director

·         Marc-Engineering

·         Alicia-PM News


6.      Staffing Needs Assessment Group                                              



·         The Staffing Needs Assessment Workgroup is currently in the middle of things

·         Judy explained the handouts she had emailed

·         Those documents are broken down into short-term recommendations and long-term goals

·         There may be a reallocation of responsibilities among the staff

·         The group is also investigating the automation of certain tasks

·         Outsourcing IT responsibilities will free up staff time but there is a question of where the money will come from to pay for such a contract

·         A clarification was made that the IT contract under consideration is separate from the IT contract already in place

·         Possibility of recommending a new administrative position to take on basic administrative tasks and coordination

·         A suggestion was made to keep other workgroups informed on the progress of the staffing needs assessment workgroup so as to not duplicate work

·         The group hopes to have a recommendation before the next board meeting.


7.      Staff Collective update                                                                   

Judy & Zale


·         There is an effort to look at a staff collective in a broader view with alternative structures such as a management team

·         Questions have come up about whether someone can opt out of a collective management structure

·         If so, would that apply only to new hires or could a member of the collective decide to opt out at any time

·         Perhaps there would be a period of time where a staff member would decide whether to join the collective

·         Survey results have been communicated to the board and staff

·         On the survey, a staff member reported intimidation.  Staff has no specific information on intimidation or threats of retaliation, due to the confidentiality of the survey. Short of breaching a person's privacy

·         Question of how the board addresses an atmosphere of intimidation

·         The staff is questioning whether they have the skills required for a collective management structure

·         Concern was expressed that the staff has had a year and a half to debate the idea of collective management and still has not reached consensus

·         Question about what the impact of the survey has been on the staff

·         There has been some interest in board/staff retreat to further investigate the idea of how a collective would look

·         Interest in the board concerns being brought to the staff

·         A request was made for a decision-making timeline

·         Does a decision need to be made by the January meeting?

·         The collective will hopefully have something by January

·         A concern arose over the ability, under collective management, of KBOO maintaining a consistent long-term vision

·         Another concern involved potential liability for the board in a collective management structure

·         How will the collective management be compensated?

·         Staff survey shows support for collective management with some qualifications

·         90% think collective management should be tried

·         50% of staff felt that having a station manager is not a viable option. Although 2 staff felt that having a structure with a shared management by 2 - 4 people could be a good option

·         A concern arose over the use of staff hours in developing a plan

·         The process needs to move along

·         Regarding the issue of intimidation, a staff members present is not aware of any intimidation

·         Strong support for a final deadline to make a decision

·         Belief expressed that there are the skills among the staff to operate in a collective management model

·         Are there further ideas on the “management track” model?

·         Full collective vs “management team” models

·         Some discussion regarding the process for the staff/board retreat (ie: dates, place, etc)

·         Concern expressed that there is not the collective long-term memory on the board and that this has all been done before (specifically, holding a retreat to discuss collective management) and, therefore, what is the point to do it again if nothing has changed?


Motion: Whoever is interested, submit an agenda, place, time, and date for a retreat to the board via email for the board to decide whether to have a retreat.


For: 7

Abstain: 1

Opposed: 0


Keller and Alicia will set an agenda and make a plan



8.      BREAK


9.      Closed Session                                                                                            

Motion for closed session for personnel matter




Open session

Motion: Affirm the actions taken by the Finance Coordinator regarding Engineer salary issues

Motion: Send to Personnel and Governance Committee the question of Board of Labor and Industries compliance.




10.  Background on the Chehalis Transmitter                                               

Conch, Debbie, Chris M


Motion: Table agenda item until December meeting

No second



·         KBOO was granted a permit and had 90 days to decide whether the transfer the permit or begin construction

·         A challenge was made to the license

·         The appeal tolled the 90-day deadline

·         KBOO won the first round of appeals

·         FCC ruled that KBOO gets the frequency

·         An additional appeal has been filed, we have responded

·         We are likely to prevail in this round of appeals

·         If we win, we have 90 days to begin construction or transfer the permit

·         Common Frequency agreed to compensate KBOO costs in exchange for the license which it would hold for a non-commercial station

·         Concern expressed that the license is costing KBOO money at a time that we are cutting staff hours

·         Was there board approval to continue forward with the application process

·         There was an attempt to bring to the executive committee but no meeting was scheduled

·         Concern expressed that the $9000 was not included in the budget

·         Did the board ever approve the initial amount and did we approve the additional expenses

·         The purpose of the motion is to affirm the board’s decision from two years ago to move forward with acquiring the license

·         If we decided to retain the license for ourselves, would we be in breach of the agreement with Common Frequency?

·         Yes, we would need to settle with them

·         If KBOO kept the license, would we need to change it?

·         No, it can be a repeater without a change

·         Comment that the board never approved that the foundation would run a station


11.  Motion: “That the KBOO Foundation retain the Chehalis FCC                       

license for use by The KBOO Foundation and its



Motion withdrawn


·         Comment that no costs will be expended between now and December

·         A concern that board votes are aspirational and the staff needs to operationalize and if no money then no action


Motion: That requests for Executive Committee Meetings be made by phone and email


For: 7

Abstain: 2

Opposed: 0

Note: Paula would prefer just an email.


Board requested further updates on the Chehalis Transmitter issue


12.  Board meeting facilitator discussion and vote                          

Decision on whether to continue with brush as

board facilitator



·         It appears the be the sense of the Executive Committee to extend the facilitation contract for three months

·         There is also a call for clarity in the distinction between the facilitator and board president and training

Motion: To refer to the Finance Committee to determine and propose a fair rate for the facilitator

Motion Seconded



Motion: For a three month extension of the facilitator contract and opportunity to extend and clarify the role of the facilitator.

·         Discussion about whether the facilitator should be a facilitator or a a trainer

Motion Seconded



13.  Motion: To refer to the Personnel and Governance Committee the task of developing a board calendar.

·         The calendar should include at least:

o   board meeting dates

o   schedule of staff reports

o   due dates for agenda items

o   Return to board in January meeting

Motion Seconded

For: 8

Absention: 1

Opposed: 0


14.   “That the KBOO Foundation recount all the 2011 ballots,      10 minutes

including the 12 ballots rejected by Linda Barkus, CPA,

for not having a signature on the envelope”

·         Motion & Decision


No second


Motion: To affirm that the election was done according to all procedures and Oregon law



For: 5

Abstain: 2

Opposed: 1


15.  Agenda Item Request Form                                                          

Marc & Conch

·          Item withdrawn

16.  Committee Updates:                                                          

·         Personnel & Governance

o   Stuck at the Development Director Job Description

§  The personnel/governance committee made changes to the job description and forwarded it to the board this past July.  No board action was taken

§  Request was made that the altered job description be sent to the board for review in December.

o   Considering proposing changes the Section 8 of the bylaws

§  A draft will be created for the future to present to the board

§  Had a presentation on the staff hours

·         Nominations Committee

o   See minutes

·         Programming Committee

o   Spintron is working well (music identification software)

o   Occupy Portland second stream going well

o   Surveys workgroup will talk to Lyn

o   Firesign theater will be broadcasting to replace a show

·         Finance Committee

o   concern with Interim Development Director and the open hiring process

o   Wants process to move foward

o   Staff would like to move forward

o   Job description not appropriate

o   Board needs to advise on the job description

o   Ani, Zale, Alica,  Paula, and Judy someone to email to move process forward

·         Development Committee

·         Engineering Workgroup

·         Strategic Planning Workgroup

o   Talking about how to keep board informed


17.   Public Comment Period II                                                



Future Agenda Items


1. Reinstatement of Marcus Mosseley/Spider Moccasin


2.      Motion to refer to Personnel and Governance Committee      

re: E-mail communication and vote

“I move to refer to the Personnel and Governance Committee

these questions about board, staff, and committee emails:

a.      Is KBOO required to have board, staff and committee

email lists that are open to anyone who signs up for them?

b.      If not required, what guidelines should we have about

who can be on board, staff, and committee email lists

other than board, staff, and KBOO members

currently serving on a particular committee



dev staff member job description


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