Arab Spring 2011, an end of the year overview.

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Fri, 12/09/2011

An overview of the Arab Spring during 2011 from Tunisia to Bahrain and beyond.

An interview with Nada Alwadi, a Bahraini journalist and researcher with the International Center for Non-violent Conflicts, and with Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya a sociologist and correspondent for Global Research, a Canadian research institute. Nada was in Bahrain during the uprising and Mahdi was in Libya during the NATO bombardment.

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization was granted The Prize of the Mexican Press Club (Club de Periodistas de Mexico) for his outstanding achievements and writings as a War Correspondent for the Independent media.

Nazemroaya was a witness to the "Arab Spring" in action in North Africa. While on the ground in Libya during the NATO bombing campaign, he reported out of Tripoli for several Western media. He was Special Correspondent for Global Research and Pacifica's investigative radio program Flashpoints, broadcast out of Berkeley, California.


Amazigh (Berber) Revolt Within Libya Rebel Coalition Shake-Out

This report uses terminology from Arab Facade-era North Africa to report on the indigenous role in Libya's overthrow of despotic Qaddafi regime. Comments are welcome follow to bottom of the WW 4 Report below at 

Also, beware ubiquitous and despicable opportunistic Canadian Radical Loon pundit who began filing ludicrous pro-Qaddafi anti-NATO reactionary fairy tales from the hotel eventually taken by the anti-Qaddafi rebel coalition (which included the Adrar Nphusa Libyan Imazighen --plural of Amazigh or Berber -- known variously as the Zintan Forces for the nearly three thousand year old Tamazight- speaking and writing community in Libya's southwestern Atlas Mountain border range with Tunisia centered in the mountain town of Zintan and crucial in the rebel coalition's succesful ouster of Qaddafi's Crony Caliphate.

Whenever you see Mahdi Nazemroaya sourced as he was just a week ago on Progressive Portland community radio station on a Public Affairs year-end review of NATO's admittedly less-than-legit role aiding the anti-Qaddafi competing militias after years of post-Bush&Blair rehabbing of Qaddafi LLC Inc in the wake of the Q Caliphate Cronies' monetary settlement and admission of guilt -- similarly questionable and illegit -- in the Lockerbie Pan Am jet bombing suspect trials (more legit views at the UK trial of Libyan "intelligence agent" Abdel Bassem Megrahi presented evidence implicating Iran, who both Bush & Blair's global war services corporate base sought to re-establish lucrative Tehranic ties to despite current designation on Sanctions List) make sure your personal Skept-O-Meter is activated and oriented.  Don't just sit there as this KBOO otherwise properly inquisitive Persian Report correspondent did:

Beware Dis One Guy:



Mitch Ritter



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Iraq: the war is not over!
Despite White House and media crowing about the "end of the war" in Iraq,
in fact war continues throughout the country. The day of the US
"withdrawal" saw deadly car bombings and oil pipeline blasts that shut
production in Basra. Al-Maliki's coalition government is on the brink of
collapse. Thousands of US contractors and military advisors will be
staying behind.

Libya threatened by Berber revolt: report
The Germany-based Society for Threatened Peoples warns that Libya could
face an imminent Berber revolt, if the ruling National Transitional
Council does not end Qaddafi's policies of "Arabization" and recognize
cultural rights.

Pakistan: drone victims seek arrest of CIA officials
The Pakistan-based Foundation for Fundamental Rights, representing the
victims of drone attacks, is seeking an international warrant for the
arrest of CIA station chief Jonathan Banks who has fled the country to
avoid prosecution.  

Kazakhstan: security forces fire on striking oil workers
Kazakh interior ministry troops fired on striking oil workers in the
Caspian Basin city Zhanaozen, leaving at least 10 dead. The violence came
in a move to oust hundreds of workers from a square they had been
occupying for six months.

Guangdong: Wukan village under siege, more factories occupied
Security forces have blocked roads leading to the village of Wukan, in
China's Guangdong province, after residents chased out police. Villagers
are demanding the central government intervene over a land grab by local
officials. Workers have meanwhile launched more sit-down strikes in the
Shenzhen industrial zone.

West Papua: gunmen fire on Freeport-McMoRan chopper
Unknown gunmen opened fire on a helicopter carrying Freeport-McMoRan
mining company workers in Indonesia's restive West Papua, injuring one
passenger. The attack comes as thousands of workers settled a months-long
strike and the giant gold and copper mine.

Land grabs in South Sudan as President Kiir schmoozes investors in DC
South Sudan's President Salva Kiir arrived in Washington to meet with
Hillary Clinton, World Bank president Robert Zoellick and international
investors—as biofuel and resource industries scramble for the new nation's

Congo: mineral struggle behind electoral dispute
"Demobilized" Tutsi rebels who control army units in Congo's east may take
up arms again if Joseph Kabila does not prevail in the contested
presidential elections. Corporate designs on eastern Congo's vast mineral
resources continue to fuel the conflict.

Peru: martial law lifted as Cajamarca agrees to end civil strike
Peru’s President Ollanta Humala called off the state of emergency in
Cajamarca region after local leaders agreed to suspend their civil strike
against Newmont Mining Corp.'s Conga gold project pending talks with the

California prison hunger strikers propose ten demands for Occupy movement
Three inmates at Corcoran state prison's supermax Secure Housing Unit who
participated in this year's California prisoner hunger strike issued a
statement proposing "10 core demands" for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Ron Paul: dangerous enemy of freedom
If this joker ever gets into the White House, he'll be bringing troops
back from Afghanistan, all right-—to wage a race war in Los Angeles, New
York, Chicago and Houston. Do not fall for this fascistic demagogue.

From New Jewish Resistance:

Paradoxical normalization of anti-Semitism, anti-Arab racism
The simultaneous mainstreaming of the seemingly opposed phenomena of
anti-Semitism and anti-Arab racism seems contradictory-—for those whose
thinking lacks dialectical spark.

From Global Ganja Report:

Another Marin dispensary prepares to close doors
The Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Fairfax officially closes this
weekend in the face of federal threats to the dispensary's landlord.
Additionally, the Marin Independent Journal reports that one and possibly
two more of Marin County's six dispensaries will be following suit.

Dutch cannabis cafe ban set for May
New legislation to ban non-Dutch residents from cannabis cafes in the
southern Netherlands should be enforced no later than May 1, the Dutch
justice ministry said. The law is set to be amended on Jan. 1, but there
will be a grace period until May for coffee shops to set up a "new
administrative system."

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