Special Programming: Music playlist for 10/29/2011

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Special Programming: Music
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Kill Ugly Radio Halloween Extravaganza 2011 (Music) with Rich L. 10/29/2011 12:00AM to 03:00AM

12:00AM-12:01AM (1:40) David Lee “Exorcist Theme (Tubular Bells)” from At the Organ Grinder Pizza LP on Organ Grinder

12:01AM-12:03AM (1:20) Krzysztof Penderecki “Five Pieces For Orchestra, OP10” from Exorcist OST on Warner Bros.

12:03AM-12:04AM (1:10) Brad Miller “Reader Railroad No. 11 (2-6-2)” from Steel Rails Under Thundering Skys (Train Sounds) (1972) on Bainbridge Records

12:04AM-12:06AM (1:50) Salvatore Martirano “L's GA For Gas-Masked Politico, Helium Bomb, And Two-Channel Tape” from L's GA on Polydor

12:06AM-12:11AM (5:00) Soriah “Esqueleto de Chapulín” from Ofrendas de Luz a los Muertos (2007) on Beta-lactam Ring Records

12:11AM-12:13AM (2:00) Matt Clifford “Main Theme from "Return Of The Living Dead" (Matt Clifford)” from Main Theme from "Return Of The Living Dead" (Matt Clifford) - Single on Enigma

12:13AM-12:16AM (3:00) Hawaiian Pups “Spook Opera” from 7" Single on Portrait

12:16AM-12:19AM (3:00) MX-80 Sound “Theme from Hallowen” from Best Before '84 on Ralph Records

12:19AM-12:23AM (4:00) Siouxie & the Banshees “Halloween” from JuJu (Album, Private, 1981) on Geffen

12:23AM-12:26AM (3:00) David Bowie “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)” from Fresh From Divorce (bootleg) on No Label (Bootleg)

12:26AM-12:29AM (3:00) The Damned “Nasty” from Light at the End of the Tunnel on MCA Records

12:29AM-12:33AM (4:00) The Cramps “Surfin' Dead” from Return of the Living Dead OST on Enigma

12:33AM-12:36AM (3:00) The Cramps “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” from Lucky 13 (bootleg) on Drug Feind

12:36AM-12:38AM (2:00) The Cramps “Zombie Dance” from Songs the Lord Taught Us on IRS

12:38AM-12:41AM (3:00) The Cramps “I Ain't Nothin' But a Gorehound” from Smell of Female on Enigma

12:41AM-12:44AM (3:00) The Cramps “Human Fly” from Lucky 13 (bootleg) on Drug Feind

12:43AM-12:45AM (2:00) Camille Sauvage “Pavillon Des Agités” from Fantasmagories on Editions Montparnasse 2000 (France)

12:45AM-12:49AM (4:00) Cherney Berg “Frankenstein” from Famous Monsters Speak on Wonderland Records (USA) — 1963

12:49AM-12:54AM (5:00) Barnes and Barnes “Cemetary Girls” from Zabagabee: The Best of Barnes and Barnes on Rhino

12:54AM-12:56AM (2:00) Scratch Acid “Greatest Gift” from The Greatest Gift (Album, Private, 1990) on Touch and Go Records

12:56AM-12:58AM (2:00) The God Bullies “Red Blood” from Mama Womb Womb on Amphetamine Reptile (USA)

12:58AM-01:01AM (3:00) The God Bullies “Monster Jesus” from Dog Show on Amphetamine Reptile (USA)

01:01AM-01:02AM (1:00) The God Bullies “Cemetary” from Dog Show on Amphetamine Reptile (USA)

01:02AM-01:05AM (3:00) The God Bullies “Creepy People” from Mama Womb Womb on Amphetamine Reptile (USA)

01:05AM-01:11AM (6:00) Depth Charge “Dead By Dawn” from Nine Deadly Venoms on Vinyl Solutions

01:11AM-01:16AM (5:00) Depth Charge “Daughters of Horror” from Nine Deadly Venoms on Vinyl Solutions

01:16AM-01:21AM (5:00) Kode IV “Possessed (Voodoo Mix)” from Possessed on KK Records

01:21AM-01:27AM (6:00) David Byrne and Brian Eno “Jezebel Spirit” from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts on Sire

01:27AM-01:32AM (5:00) Cabaret Voltaire “Hell's Home” from The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord on Virgin

01:32AM-01:34AM (2:00) Camille Sauvage “Terrifical Night” from Fantasmagories on Editions Montparnasse 2000 (France)

01:34AM-01:39AM (5:00) Jay Allison “The Neighborhood Freaks” from Tellus 11: The Sounds of Radio on Tellus — Cassette

01:39AM-01:45AM (6:00) Goblin “Suspiria (Intro)” from Suspiria on Cinevox

01:45AM-01:49AM (4:00) Goblin “Witch” from Suspiria on Cinevox

01:49AM-01:50AM (1:00) Eugene Chadbourne “Psycho Birdcage” from He Is Insane on Fundamental — Excerpt

01:50AM-01:52AM (2:00) 45 Grave “Riboflavin Flavored, Non-Carbonated Polyunsaturated Blood” from Dark Skratcher on LAFMS

01:52AM-01:59AM (7:00) Frank Zappa “Cheepnis” from Roxy and Elsewhere (Album, Private, 1974) on Barking Pumpkin

01:59AM-02:02AM (3:00) Destroy All Monsters “You're Gonna Die” from Destroy All Monsters on Get Back

02:02AM-02:06AM (4:00) Sickidz “Night of the Living Dead” from Teenage Obsessions - 1978-84 Recordings on Rave Up

02:06AM-02:10AM (4:00) Pain Teens “Sacrificial Shack” from Sacrificial Shack 7" (Single) on C/Z Records

02:10AM-02:12AM (2:00) United Mutation “Lice, Flies and Vermin” from United Mutation (Comp, Punk) on DSI

02:12AM-02:16AM (4:00) Alice Donut “Halloween” from Virus 100 (Comp, Eclectic) on Alternative Tentacles (USA)

02:16AM-02:19AM (3:00) The Lollipop Shoppe “You Must Be a Witch” from DJ Goatface Killah Presents: Ave Satanas on No Label (Germany)

02:19AM-02:21AM (2:00) The Nomads “Where the Wolfbane Blooms” from Showdown (1981 - 1993) on Sympathy For The Record Industry

02:20AM-02:24AM (4:00) Camille Sauvage “Requiem Pour Satan” from Fantasmagories on Editions Montparnasse 2000 (France)

02:24AM-02:33AM (9:00) Alien Sex Fiend “Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied” from Alien Sex Fiend - The Singles (1983-1995) on Anagram Records (UK)

02:33AM-02:35AM (2:00) Skinny Puppy “Church In Hell” from Sub Pop 100 on Sub Pop (USA)

02:35AM-02:39AM (4:00) My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult “Shock of Point 6” from Kooler Than Jesus on Wax Trax! Records

02:39AM-02:44AM (5:00) Grotus “Methuselah” from Brown on Spirit Music Industries

02:44AM-02:47AM (3:00) Tuxedomoon “Dark Companion” from Frank Johnson's Favorites on Ralph Records

02:47AM-02:48AM (1:00) Tobe Hooper and Wayne Bell “At Dawn They Feast/Escape Through A Window” from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Expanded Motion Picture Score (Other, Other) on N/A (Bootleg Release) — Mixing multiple sources

02:48AM-02:50AM (2:00) Nekropolis “Hölle Im Angesicht” from Musik Aus Dem Schattenreich on No Label (Germany)

02:50AM-02:54AM (4:00) Laibach “Agnus Dei [Acropolis]” from Macbeth on Mute (UK)

02:54AM-02:57AM (3:00) Psychic TV “Thee Full Pack” from Force The Hand Of Chance on Cleopatra

02:57AM-03:00AM (3:00) Horrific Child (Jean-pierre Massiera) “H.I.A.” from L'Etrange Mr Whinster on Finders Keepers (USA)


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