Program Committee 8/2011

Program Committee


August 16, 2011


Present—Jenka Soderberg, Chris Merrick, Becky Chiao notetaker,  Per Fagereng and Rabia Yeaman


Absent—Daniel Flessas is out of town, Kathleen Stevenson is on vacation, Mel Reslor is in finance committee meeting in the other room.




We changed the date this month.  All members acknowledged the change.  Jenka said one programmer took off work last week to come to the meeting, and can’t be present tonight.  She had a question about a leave of absence that Chris addressed.  Rabia asked who is subbing.


Rabia said the Hooligans may be available to sub when she is gone.  Chris said he would talk to Toni.


Issue:  Committee chair.  Rabia took over for Jenka while she was gone.  Chris nominated Jenka to be chair.  Rabia seconded it.  Discussion  Becky said does Jenka want to do it?  Jenka said depending on what happens with the budget, if she has enough time she will.  Rabia said that she thinks chairing a meeting is different from giving a staff report.  Becky said that the organization has to make sure that people are making more than minimum wage.  Chris withdrew his motion.  Rabia said we will talk about it next month.  She’ll chair until then.  There was a suggestion that Roger Warner may do it.


Mel gave Rabia some items—special programs 9/11?  Program committee packet for new committee members?  Chris said he will give Mel a copy tomorrow.


Jenka said she hasn’t made any decisions on Hard Rock Radio’s slot.  Sequoinia withdrew her proposal because she is moving back to Salt Lake City.  She is working with Craig on his submission.  Board candidate forum will be August 30 and 31 7-8pm.  Jenka is organizing a Village Building Convergence program on August 31 from 8-2.  There is an all-day September 11th special on Friday September 9th from 8-8  there is a meeting about that tomorrow at 7.  She is also thinking about Racism in Portland post-drive.  Prison Pipeline has a collective of about 8 people.  Jenka met with them.  They have all been training.  They are on Monday at 6:30 pm.  Membership drive October 6-21st.  She’ll be planning specials during that time.


 Becky asked some questions about the candidate forum and the drive.


Chris’s report—he has been working on the budget and the collective management proposal.  He and Erin Y are updating copyrights for a copyright class, and guidelines for what makes a good membership drive special, a checklist for live remotes which is different from the memorandum of agreement.  Beginning work on the drive, notifying people and trying to get some music specials.  He is revising the legal class with updated information from our attorney.  He is also trying to catch up with programmers to make sure they have signed Programmer Contracts.  Roger Leigh came in today to talk to the staff to explain what he has been doing, he gave a fairly detailed report including  accomplishments and obstacles.  He talked about hardware and software design and the future of the web.  The sense was that he puts a lot more time in than he gets paid for.  He did a four-page report.  Some of the obstacles had to do with staff continuity and communication, they will be working with him.


July Minutes—Chris brought copies.  Chris moves to approve the July minutes, Jenka seconded.  No one objects to approve the minutes.  Chris posts them on the bulletin board.  Becky asked if we are posting them on the web.  Rabia asked about the Programming blog, she would post them there and not just on her blog.


Jenka brought a proposal for Organic City Sounds from Evan Tenenbaum 7 minute-long pieces he is already producing on his website.  She said this should probably go to Kathleen since it is for a daytime program.  Rabia said she would try to listen.


Becky made some proposals via email—1st was to replace Spanish Language programming with AAA music over time and to offer assistance in developing an HD radio station or give them the second webstream.  She said she talked to Larry Kleinman about Radio Movemiento in Woodburn and they are doing better than the commercial Spanish stations there.  They are 24 hours and recently upgraded their frequency.  We could work with them if we had a plan and could organize the latino community here.


Jenka said that in the next couple of years there will be multiple low power fm frequencies opening up and she has been talking to groups who are interested in getting a full-time low power Spanish language station.  She said that Sunday’s programming isn’t much different from what is on El Rey.  She also has the idea of doing live remotes from Saturday Market.  She said if we just cut Spanish Programming there will be some resentment.


Rabia suggested a larger program change which is counter programming to OPB—6-9 news and public affairs  9-12  music and 12-7 news and public affairs in the afternoon  and 7-night music.  She said it isn’t working to keep doing the same thing.  We could fill a music gap in the mornings.


Jenka disagrees that changing one day a week won’t make a difference.  When we changed Saturday’s format we did get more listenership.  Morning public affairs are currently the second biggest membership draws.  We could do damage to that strength if we changed.


Chris said the NFCB sent out the question—are you a community access station or a community service station?  Community access lets anyone in.  Community service looks at what the majority of listeners want.  The issue of Spanish programming raises the issue of whether we are community access or community service oriented. 


If we get to having a second web stream for internet programming, then we should focus the fm programming to more popular programming and have the more controversial/fringe programming would focus on the web, podcasting.  FM could be the middle of the bell curve, he presented that to the staff and they weren’t that interested.  Web on one end.   Jenka said that they way he presented it wasn’t very appealing.


We want to be true to the mission statement which is to serve underserved communities, social justice environmentalism.  Per mentioned that there are a lot of political issues in Latin America that our listeners would be interested in hearing in English.   He mentioned Carlos Chavez has done some good shows.  Rabia said she heard a show Armando did with a political guest. 


Becky said she was not suggesting an abrupt change, but she feels we should do something to reinvigorate our connection to the Latino community in Portland and she would continue to talk to people about it.


Strategic Plan follow-up—Plan mentions a Programmer meeting annually in September.  We should start planning this.  Part of this would be a survey—we can ask for ideas about how to use one fm signal, 2 HD stations, two web streams and podcasts on the web.   Looking at a 5 year plan—we can start now to get input on how to increase listenership.    We can address issues like Spanish language programming.    Another example is WILL a classical music station that put all world music on it’s HD band.


Per asked what are the numbers on radio vs. internet.  Jenka said that online is steadily surpassing the other media.    Chris said people who like the radio will listen on their phone or computer if it is available.


Chris said the next step will be to get programmers together to start talking about these issues as detailed in the Strategic Plan.


Rabia talked about the difference between the Programming Charter and the Mission Statement and wants to the Program Committee to make the Charter more concrete and less vague. 


Chris said some people think we should be more like Portland Cable access, where  the mission is just to train people and let them put on whatever they want.  Currently the public access model is contrary to the Program Charter.   Jenka said she thinks the Charter and mission of KBOO are pretty clear.  Becky said she would like to expand access to more people, but keep the mission of being an alternative to the status quo with the goal of making the world a better place.


Jenka said we could have the news as video.


We need to pick a day to have the Programmer worksession.  The annual meeting is Saturday September 17th.  What about Thursday night 7-9 or a Sunday 12-2?  Rabia suggests 2 ½ hour meeting. 

We can ask people to review ideas before the meeting.  Rabia said she can set up a Survey Monkey and compile the results before hand.   We will work on this via email in the next couple of weeks. 


Chris suggested Sunday 18th.  But Becky thought it would be too much for the staff to go to both in the same weekend.  Sunday September 25 12-2:30.  We will figure out where.


For consideration—Strategic Plan #5 Create and internal protocol to create a continuous feedback loop. Programmers have to respond to the feedback —what does that mean?  We have 6 months to work on that.   Does this mean online surveys?  Does this mean using facebook, email/websites or formal evaluations?   If there was a survey you’d then provide the information to the programmer.  A small percentage of people would answer the questions.


#6 rewrite the Programmer Contract, add things like web posting


#9 programmer’s bill of rights and appeals committee—we already have policies.  Is this necessary?

We don’t need another appeals committee when we already have the conflict resolution committee.  Chris and Becky will raise this issue with the Strategic Plan follow-up group.


Meeting adjourned at 8:53.




Strategic Plan Discussion





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