Program Committee 6/2011

KBOO Program Committee

Minutes 6/14/2011




Rebecca Ney-pm news

Per Fagareng

Rabia Yeaman--chair

Roger Warner

Kathleen Stevenson-am news

Chris Merrick-program director

Mel Reslor

Becky Chiao—notetaker

Reggae Bob

Kris Thomas


We started about 7:15 and met in the hallway because there was a volunteer orientation in the big room in the back.


Becky distributed the minutes from the April meeting.  The May meeting was cancelled because of the drive.




Kathleen--AM public affairs shows update and new programs


Old Mole Variety Hour completed, careful listening by volunteers and staff identified things that could be improved technological and content-wise.  The hosts got the feedback.


The Dirtbag has been completed, the host also filled out the forms so there was some consensus about possible improvements.  Kathleen may have found a volunteer to help some with the shows.


The Food Show is in flux, there is some feedback but completing it is is on hold


Voices from the Edge - 0 forms received
Presswatch - 1 form received
Between the Covers – Marianne Barisonek - 1 form received
Words and Pictures - 1 form received
Behind the Screen - 1 form received
Black Book Talk - 1 form received
Positively Revolting Talk - 1 form received
APA Compass - 0 forms received
One Land Many Voices - 2 forms received, evaluation in progress
It Takes a Village - 0 forms received
Community Grooves - 0 forms received
Digital Divide - 0 forms received

Most of the evaluation forms were completed by Per and Roger, one form was from Daniel.

It would be great if people would do more listening and fill out more forms for Kathleen.


Ed Goldberg is leaving he works at the classical station, so his Movie Talk slot will be open.  Kathleen is thinking of having people apply/audition for any type of arts show.  Rabia suggested something like reviews of websites.


PM News Report


This is Rebecca’s last meeting as the PM news rep for the committee but she will still stay on the committee as a volunteer and work on the program evaluation teams.


Ruth Kovach is moving back to Chicago and has been working to recruit new volunteers to host Prison Pipeline.  There will be a meeting next Monday night at 6 pm of several people who will audition for shows with the goal of having a collective to take over this important show.  We have 3 years of old show archives that we could also cull.


Reggae Bob said that he had been thinking about proposing a show for the Hard Knock slot but he will work on Prison Pipeline too to keep it on the air.


Roger agreed this is an important show.  Chris and Rebecca talked about recruiting people who had been in prison.


Rebecca suggested letting Labor Radio expand back to an hour on Monday nights.  Rabia said she has some reasons why she doesn’t support that, she thinks it is tighter now at 30 minutes.  Kathleen said that is a good thing to consult with Jenka about


Program Director Report


Chris is working on closing out the equipment grant, PTFP last step is filing a lien in Mult. County  on the equipment which is owned for 10 years by the govt.  We have to file a report once a year for 10 years until 2021.  Zale keeps track of the calendar/deadlines/reporting periods etc.


Jeff Lovell is contracted for 20-100 hours to evaluate our IT situation.  Rabia said that he is brilliant.


We’re flooded with requests for live remotes—No Fest and Blues Fest coming up, 1 day at Cathedral Park Jazz, 1 day of Pdx Pop.  Tom Hood is training people to do this.


There are also requests to go to shows, Rabia saw a show by the Sexy Water Spiders at a Record Store and said they were great.


We could use more volunteers who can do it, Tom can’t do them all himself.


Bob asked how many people do you need?  1 on site and 1 in the studio?  People said 2 on site minimum because of the mics and equipment and an operator here at the station.


Tom, VJ and Chris met with the Oregon Food Bank about the Blues Festival and they were starting to talk about next summer which is the 25th anniversary and how to make it really special.  The bottom line is that it is benefit for feeding hungry people.  We will integrate that into promoting the event.  We could also collect food here and get interviews from people who use the food bank and are hungry and play those on the radio-Kathleen said they are somewhat protective about identifying people who use the food bank’s services.  Maybe it could keep people’s identities anonymous.


Bob asked about the 3 day Reggae Festival.


We’ll do some live broadcasts from the Pickathon.


New shows Monday 2-4 alternating Matt and Randall—Chris would like it if people would evaluate them.  There is a new person Wednesday 3 am—Chris if anyone is up then.  They’ll be preempted on the Monday of the 4th of July so there are only 3 weeks before our next meeting.


Per has listened Mondays a couple of times, Per and Rabia had some comments, Chris asked them to put them in writing.


Rebecca said another new show Evesdrop on Thursday night could be evaluated.  Rabia said she thinks it worked when she listened to that they were talking about race, a tough topic in an informal way which was still substantive which she liked. 


Rabia said she is looking for contributors for The Digital Divide.  There is a flyer up and she has had one person contribute a 20 minute portion.  It is anything about technology.


Staff has been talking about membership drive specials—music or public affairs, and Erin Yanke is working on a guide on what makes a successful special.  She will take input from the program committee or anyone.  Certain things don’t work and there is no reason to preempt a successful show with something that doesn’t work.


Rabia asked Chris what does work—he said is should be more special than what it preempts.  If is it long there should be a group or team all working together on it, more people together doing segments keeps it lively and makes it seem more special.  With music people like boot-legs interviews things that aren’t available regularly.  The Bob Dylan 70th birthday special brought in more than it’s goal.  Rabia suggested that it works having a familiar artist than when it is a more obscure artist.  Name recognition helps.


If you do something like a history or a movement, you have to do a lot of promotion to educate the audience before hand.  Last minute specials don’t work very well.


Bob said, how about having the late night shows doing a special during prime time?


Roger suggests that live music works well-bluegrass example.  Artist theme which people don’t listen to much.


Rebecca experimented with public affairs special 7-8.  She said the Water Special was the star of the experiment in terms of raising money.  Going above and beyond what you ordinarily do—lots of extra work going into the special can be noticed by the listeners—getting more field recordings, big names.


Strategic Plan


Chris handed out parts that apply to Programming.

No one on the Program Committee  is on the Strategic Planning Committee so we didn’t really know if the board is looking for feedback from Committees.  If the board isn’t going to approve this right away, it would be helpful to have someone from the board or the Strategic Plan committee to let our committee know if we have time to look at it at the next meeting, maybe have a presentation.  He will talk to someone and let us know if there is time.


Becky said that as an individual board member she isn’t looking to approve the plan right away and asked if the committee wants time to review the plan and have input and if the Committee wants to do that she will take that back to the board.


Chris said he would like for the Committee to provide feedback to the board about what roadblocks to implementation there might be.


Roger referred to Action Step 2 on page 34 about once a year Programmer work sessions.  He felt it would be impossible to get everyone to come to a meeting.  Becky said maybe there could be an annual meeting that was not mandatory.


Kathleen and Rebecca think it would be useful if we had someone from the Strategic Planning committee to come to our next meeting.


Per referred to the Action Step 3 on pg 31 about Hood River and Corvallis which is controversial.  He says why not do mentoring to other communities, including Corvallis like with Pendleton—a network of local stations so that they can be self-sustaining.  Kathleen said we need more information, since a translator can’t be an independent station—you need a different license and different equipment.  Per said we should look into it because they have a spot on the dial.


Rabia expressed concerns about the grievance/appeal process mentioned on page 36.  She thinks it is very wrongheaded and that the Program Director should have the authority to decide what is on the air.  Kathleen said it could help if there was some way to direct controversies about cancelled shows that doesn’t take up a lot of Committee or Board time.


Becky said it would be good if the committee agreed with what will work or not work and them submit it to the board—that it doesn’t make sense to adopt a plan if the people who are going to be expected to implement the plan don’t have buy-in.


Chris talked about road testing—looking at some of the action plans and seeing how it might work or not work.


Roger said look at Action step 11 on page 36 about production teams. 


Currently there are 125 different shows per month so to create the teams we’d have to recruit 250 more volunteers to be on teams as peers.  Rebecca said there already are shows that have teams.  Kathleen said that the teams can include someone to help with things like uploading the audio which some hosts do need.


Rebecca said that every public affairs show should have a production team, but that music shows might not always need that.  She said it would help to have defined roles for people within a group.  How do you get a peer group for a music show?  Rabia said that it more for public affairs, to relieve staff.


Becky said since there is a lot of interest in people doing music shows, having teams would be a way to get more people involved and noted that this version of the plan is less specific than the draft which specified 4 people teams.  This seems more flexible.


Rebecca said we need to delineate roles for shows and that if a show can’t get the roles filled it might say something about the show.  Rabia said we could channel new volunteers in to roles.  Rebecca said we could have a board where people could sign up.


Per suggested teams for boarder time slots, not just individual show.


Rabia said she likes the idea of a collective rather than individual ownership about shows, with rotating roles.  But there can be difficulties.  Becky said if you just have a board with sign-ups what if someone signs up to help with a show and the host doesn’t like that person. Rabia said that might help with people who have too much of a sense of individual ownership over a show.  There could be benefits to the forced cooperation/collegiality so while it sounds impossible she is not opposed to it.


Bob said it is good for bringing in new people.


Rabia said it wouldn’t be one person’s show, it would be “the” show not “my” show and people collaborate and rotate through the roles.


Kathleen said that having a personality associated with a show can help to raise money.   Becky said there are also situations in which it is more the show than the host like the Grateful Dead and Bluegrass shows.


Becky will ask the Board for clarity and say that the Program Committee would like more information and to have input.  Bob suggested an on air discussion/debate about the plan.


Bob asked are you taking program proposals for the Hard Knock slot?  Yes—he  presented for someone who couldn’t come to the meeting because he is sick—Larry Collins an African American man who had a show called Collins Corner about 10 years ago.  He is on the Youth Gang Task Force, he has been on Lisa’s show.  He has some problems before in calling in when he couldn’t do his show and there was dead air.  Bob said he can and will apologize to Chris.  The proposal is a call in show for the African American community.  7-8 pm.  He has his pulse on the community.  Bob said he’d help.


The next steps for Larry would be to go through volunteer orientation, make sure he has been trained.  The form shows the training path.  If he goes through that, Rebecca said an audition would probably be possible.  By then Jenka will be back and she will be involved.


Kris said it is his second time coming to the meeting, it will take him some time to get a proposal together for a different kind of music show.  He has substituted on Afrotainment and got a lot of calls.  He interviewed someone.  He wonders where there would be a music slot like that.  He would like to add in live remotes.  He’s taken all classes.  There might not be open slots.  Rabia suggested buddying up with someone like Celeste.  Becky said maybe that is why we need to create the teams. 

Rebecca said fill out an actual program proposal.   Half the people who come in want their own music show.  Ani tells them you can be on a waiting list and suggests other ways people to volunteer in news or other things.  We want to be realistic with people currently we say there are no openings but people can go on a substitution list.


Bob said there should be a way for new volunteers to get involved.  Uploading shows, editing, engineering  etc.  Rabia said getting a lot of experience helps prepare someone to host a show.


Next meeting July 12



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