Program Committtee Minutes 4/2011

KBOO Program Committee Minutes 4/12/2011




Rabia Yeaman Chair

Becky Chiao-notetaker

Rebecca Ney

Per Fagareng

Roger Warner

Kathleen Stevenson

Chris Merrick

Mel Reslor

Reggae Bob





Public Comments

Mel had a great idea

Strategic Plan

Program Evaluations/Renewals





Kathleen’s report—attached in writing.  Quarterly Reports, drive specials, food show maternity leave.  The host/coordinator of the show is going on hiatus because she is having a baby.  There are contributors, but none of them want to do the work of coordinating the whole show.  Becky and Rabia suggested making an announcement looking for substitute producer for the food show.


Rebecca Ney—Right to Survive, Will Munger primary producer suspended for profanity there are still other people contributing to the show.  Trillium will take lead responsibility for the show.  Rebecca has been listening to the Eavesdrop and feedback.  They are getting a lot of calls to the show.  Recommendation is that that be a permanent every other Thursday night show.  Needs something to alternate.  Becky asked about Terrell’s show, Chris said they did a late night music sub show and there were some complaints about misogynistic lyrics.  That is the progress on replacing Hard Knock Radio with something local.  Rabia said it would be great if we could get something like that 5 nights a week.  Rebecca said it is very hard to recruit for public affairs hosts.  Rabia said how about starting up a mentorship program that brings in new people to produce shows by giving them mentors who are experienced.


Hard Knock radio will be preempted during the membership drive.  Rebecca is going to let people create shows locally.  Kboo news may expand into an hour just for the drive.  Those are ideas to bring in more money, sometimes Evening News doesn’t bring much money in.


Chris Merrick—Membership Drive specials a bunch of music specials.  Rabia is doing one about Muppets.  Reggae Bob is doing one on Blacks to Britain.   Chris has been working on some personnel issues and PRETC grant materials and strategic planning.   Working with Tom.  Lots of requests for live remotes.  Tom is going to set up a training class to get people ready for the summer. 


Public Comments


Reggae Bob came to visit and say hi.


Mel’s Suggestion


Mel has a suggestion that we have materials or a packet for newcomers to the Program Committee and some tasks for people to do with the committee even if they aren’t members.  Rabia agrees that this is a good idea.  Mel thinks the committee’s authority could be altered under the collective management.    It is common for people to come from the public.  Kathleen thinks it a good idea to have a sheet.  Chris said that there is a packet for new members.  It might be a little out of date.  Becky suggested that Mel look at the packet and then try to boil down the information into one page and post it on the internet where the information about the Program Committee is.  Mel said he would give it a try and pass it around for review. 


Rebecca said often people make proposals and don’t know what the process is for either getting a show or not.  She gave Josh as an example of someone who is actively volunteering has made proposals.  We could review proposals and make a decision at each meeting.  Chris said he does talk to people about whether or not there is an opening and lets them be on a substitute list.  We could tell people that whether or not they’ll get a show it will depend on if there is an available slot.  Rebecca asked if we should tell people a definitive yes or no, or maybe only accept proposals when there is an opening.  Chris says he doesn’t tell people to come to the committee unless they ask about it and then it doesn’t hurt for them to come to the committee and meet people.  When people ask how do I get a show, Chris says submit something in writing, not come to the meeting.  Roger says why don’t you just put someone like Josh into the Hard Knock Radio slot.  Rebecca said there are lots of people who want to do music But it is difficult to find people to do public affairs, it would be a format change to replace a public affairs show with a music show.   


Are we communicating clearly with all the people who would like to do music shows?  Chris says we don’t want to shine people on we need to be honest with them when there is not an opening.  Rabia recommends hanging around and networking with other music programmers around the station.  Becky said if music spots are so coveted, what about an Open Mic type slot to let people get involved.  We did have something like that in the past Friday nights and it ended up being just a few people signing up for slots people.  Most wanted a permanent slot.  Many people who come in the door do so to get on the air.  We let new volunteers know that it is hard to get on the air, there is a lot of competition.  People do have to get trained and involved first. 


Strategic Plan


Becky asked if this committee is going to work on the things in the Strategic Plan that relate to Programming.   She said it would be useful for the board if staff or the committee reviews the section about Programming and give feedback about what won’t get done and commitments for what people will do.    Rabia suggested a work group.   Chris said the plan suggests major changes to things and would want to hear from the board that the direction should change.  For example, the plan says there will be a survey and then program changes in 5 months.  Ani said today that there is so much cynicism that people don’t buy in to making any positive steps.  Per asked what the group thought about the survey the Genevieve did a couple of years ago.  He thinks that was a good survey.  There were some programming changes that followed that survey.  Becky says that it the kind input that is needed and it seems like the committee structure is what should work.  2009 changes were made.  Per said there can be several surveys, internal and external.


Rabia and Becky are both interested in a work group.  Becky said she would do it as a work group or in the committee.  Per will volunteer for the subgroup too.   We’ll meet in the next three weeks and arrange the meeting by email including all of the committee.


Program Evaluations/Renewals


Rebecca  and Daniel have recruited about a dozen volunteers to join the PET—Program Evaluation Team.  The next step is to round people up and get a few classes scheduled.  Per and Roger did a lot of evaluations.  Old Mole, One Land Many Voices and Dirt Bag have more than one.  Some just have one--  Some don’t have any--.  Kathleen will send out on email the programs that still need them.  She won’t have time to meeting with all of them before the pledge drive.  One who has submitted a new proposal.  Other shows on the list still have to submit new proposals.  Rabia asked if there is a penalty for not submitting the renew.  Becky said that these am shows weren’t told that they have to renew the program but in the 2 year renewal process that we sketched out before would have submitting the renewal form as the first step of renewing a show and at the end of the 3 month process some shows might “fail” the review.


Roger provided some feedback on various shows he was listening to.  The shows that he heard seemed like they could have kept going on for longer. 


There was a discussion of the issues of preaching to the choir, hosting debates and what type of points of view the audience likes.  Should hosts be partial or impartial.  Kathleen said this is an issue of controversy in our community.


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