Program Committee Minutes 3/2011

KBOO Program Committee

Minutes 3/8/2011




Rebecca Ney

Per Fagareng

John Mackey

Rabia Yeaman--chair

Roger Warner

Kathleen Stevenson

Kris Thomas

Chris Merrick

Daniel Flessas

Mel Reslor

Paula Small

Terrel Lowery

Tone Jerrell

Becky Chiao--notetaker






New Show Proposals

Renewal Schedule and Process


No minutes from January—meeting was “snowed” out




Ed Kraus and Vicki Creel have both resigned from the committee.  Mel is a new member.


Committee heard reports from staff.


German Stunde is running as a pilot 9 am Wednesday 3/30

Beyond Normal is a pilot on Fridays  not sure if they are being uploaded.


John Mackey asked if KBOO is going to move to the KPDX tower.  According to Chris, we have a contract through 2016.  This was deemed not to be a program committee issue.



New Show Proposals


Terrel and Tone brought back a show proposal they talked about in December.  It is for a replacement of HKR.  Hiphop in Portland and beyond, interviews with local people and basketball people around the world.  They have been doing some subbing on music shows.  They were asked to preproduce a 55 minute show, give a CD to Rebecca and she’ll air a pilot.


Josh (last name?)  came to suggest a show called Psychic Juke box.  This would be for a late night slot.  It’s not clear if there are any openings but he has done a substitute show.  The committee asked for a cd of a sound check from that show.


Program review process—how will we review each program at least once every two years?


Tentative process—at 3 month intervals  approximately ¼ of the approximately 120 non-syndicated shows would be reviewed.   Roger asked if we would work during membership drives.  To have a continual process, we probably would.


1st step (first month) –programmers in review group notified they have to apply for renewal.  They will be asked to fill out renewal form and do a self-evaluation. 


2nd step—people (members of the program committee?  Special listening squad recruited from volunteers?  Other programmers required to listen?) will listen to shows and fill out detailed review sheets (Chris handed out 3 different types).  Rebecca has volunteered to start recruiting and training volunteers to listen to shows.  We also talked about making it a requirement that programmers submit reviews for a certain amount of of other shows, but didn’t come to a consensus or vote about this. 


We will announce to listeners that the specific shows are being reviewed and seek their input using forms and perhaps online surveys.  Rabia volunteered to look into some sort of online form that would compile automatically.


3rd step  (completed by third month)—Program reviews will be assembled, summarized (by whom?) and program staff will give programmers feedback.  Three possible outcomes—1) program renewed all is good, 2) program has some issues to be discussed given time to correct, 3)  program cancelled.


We didn’t set how groups of shows would be scheduled for review—it could be done in blocks of similar types of shows or not. 


Kathleen has a list of shows that never had their full review in the Pittman grant process.  We will test this review process on them.  She handed out a list of shows.  Per listens to Old Mole, Paula will listen to the Thurs. shows.  Daniel, Becky and Roger will all listen to some shows.  Kathleen will inform the group and ask for self-evals and new forms if needed.  Rebecca will start organizing volunteers. We will see next month what progress has been made.



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