Life During Wartime playlist for 5-9-2007

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Life During Wartime
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the Diskords - Theme Song

Frustration - Blind
Homostupids - Having a Houseguest
Snake Apartment - No Raises (maybe? this was hard to read)
Walls - Hands and Knees
the Focus - 1937
Crosslaws - Crosslaws
American Cheeseburger - Idle Hands
Christian Club - Crucify the Ones You Love

Husker Du - It's Not Funny Anymore
Kakka Hata 77 - Wl:sta Terveyskeskukseen (this prompted a really bad joke about colons...)
the Tragics - Laughing Lover
the Youths - We're the Youths
Confusa - Sulka
the Proletariat - Splendid Wars

Busy Signals - Do What You Want
Cryin' Out Louds - Motorcycle Cop
Bananas - Mercenary
Modern Machines - Down the Upward Escalator
Toys That Kill - Keep Caroline
Big Black - L Dopa

Jump Off a Building - We Got the Atom Bomb
Severed Head of State - Death's Marionette
Crow - Last Chaos
Kvorteringen - Vindarnas Boning (for some reason, this did not prompt a really bad joke...)
Knife Fight - Public Acceptance
Lords of Light - The King
Out with a Bang! - Wasted Needle
Hard Skin - Romford

Wild Weekend! We only knew about a few shows and didn't have any records to play for them, but make sure you tune in next week for SLEEPWALKERS R.I.P. live on Life During Wartime! Yay!

Youth Brigade (DC) - Last Word
Crudos - Curiosidad
New Granada - Fighting the Demons
Brainhandle - Overdriven
Negative Approach - Dead Stop
Sin Dios - Iraq

Post Regiment - Banszi
Azarashi - track 4 from their demo CD
Anti Cimex - Svave Dioxid
Unkind - El Mitaan
Subway Army - Heavy Gym
Terminal State - Your Rules
Nomeansno - Tired of Waiting
La Fraction - La Vie Revee (playing at Satyricon May 28th!!!!!!!!!!!)
Putrid Fever - Song From War

Rikk Agnew - Falling Out
No Trend - Mass Sterilization
Big Boys - Nervous
Christ on Parade - Flash
Toxic Reasons - We're the Revolution
Negative Trend - Mercenaries
Offenders - Face Down in the Dirt
Subhumans (Canada) - Death was too kind

Warsaw - At a Later Date


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