The KBOO Website Front Page Style Guide

The front page,,  promotes KBOO programming, and KBOO business. Everything on the KBOO front page must be time-sensitive.

Schedule Episodes are removed as soon as the program has ended. KBOO business may be on the front page until it is no longer relevant. Other items may be promoted to the front page on an individual basis, and kept there for a week or until it is no longer relevant.

Our first priority is to promote upcoming programming once we are sure those Schedule Episodes will not break the front page or schedule page.

Other issues will be done as time allows. These include ensuring valid topics, removing word processing cruft, checking spelling, grammar or links, removing all caps, normalizing headlines and body text, and adding Powells or other information.

Vocabularies, or ensuring valid topics:

Schedule Episodes should only have the Public Affairs OR Musical Genres that will be the subject or portion of that program. This is because you can search for episodes using those topics. When episodes that aren't actually about that topic are selected, it spams that topic and makes that topic unsearchable.

Full Description:

  • Removing word processor cruft: We remove excess code generated by word processors or blogging software. This code, in the worst case, can break the page its on. It can break within the entry, exposing meta-garbage. And, it can slow down the serving of content. This includes metadata from wordprocessors, classes and ids from other websites, and most font specifications. The file size for that content can be reduced by 2/3rds in some cases. The smaller the file size, the faster the content loads.
  • Checking spelling, grammar, or links: We check and correct for spelling and grammar. In cases of programmers who routinely post bad links, we check the links as well.
  • Removing all caps: All Caps is shouting and is to be avoided.
  • Normalizing headlines and body text: Headlines, if one exists, is changed to an <h3>, a standard, search-engine recognized heading. That way, all headlines are the same size.
  • All body text is the default font style and size. This is so the front page is democratic in the sense that we want KBOO to be.
  • We may add Powell's information in the case of book talks.


The teaser section (the portion that appears on the front page and the schedule page) of any entry intended to go on the front page needs to be free of:

  • obscenity
  • video
  • HTML tables (HTML tables break the layout of both the front page and the schedule page).

You are welcome to use these in the non-teaser portion of the entry.


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