Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/02/28

Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors February 28, 2011
Board Members present: Chris A, Nia L, Kurt, Paula, Keller, Judy, Erin
Absent: Maire Cullen, Marty Soehrman, Becky Chiao
Pete Meyers, Hadrian Miccache, Gary Betts, John Mackey, Lyn Moelich, Zale Chadwick, Tom Hood, Mimi Villarqui, Alicia Olson, Yvette Marinowski, Rabia, Crystal Elinski, Louis Sowa, Andrew Geller, David Hill, SW Conser
6:25 Quorum reached/Check-in
Public Comment
Louis-wrote a statement:”came to volunteer at the station knowing no one and having limited experience, has been very involved with the engineering committee for 7 years but resents that he and the committee were not involved in the decision to fire the chief engineer-unsure of his continued involvement with KBOO.”
John Mackey: have written statement for the Board.
Yvette: have worked with engineers, John Mackey does things by the book and follows the rules, doesn't see that he's done anything wrong at all.
Glen: heard that there is a group trying to get Al-jazeera on the airwaves, went to the meeting and was surprised to find no one from KBOO was there.
Crystal: doesn't know the process, but John was the first person to ever ask me to fill out the evaluation, this seems so sudden to me.
Chris A: doesn't feel qualified to judge, bears thoughtful evaluation.
Staff Reports
Chris M: Chehallis Update- Chehallis Valley Association has challenged our petition-we had to amend the Chehallis app with a transfer of ownership to reflect the changes in the Board, the FCC will look at the case in the next 2-3 months-best case scenario we are granted the license, worst case the FCC holds a hearing and we make our case.
Ani: staff reports have been emailed to the Board, in the interest of time there isn't really anything additional to report at this time.
Committee Reports
Erin: Debbie has given her notice, is working with the staff as long as possible to make for a smooth transition. Committee discussing a potential bylaw amendment that gives KBOO the option of doing a yearly audit or a review since we no longer receive the government grants that require an annual audit.
Debbie has checklist from the insurance adjuster giving info on what types of things to include in an inventory. May need to purchase some sort of software to help track assets.
Erin will be the lead person on the inventory project, will ask Becky if she is interested in participating as well.
Paula: encourages people to join the development committee if people have ideas they would like to help implement; a Hood River live remote is in discussion; committee looking to increase visibility in community events; moving toward KBOO: more than just radio, a KBOO online store with expanded merchandise; planning another dine out for KBOO in the summer; and a KBOO coffee is in the works as well.
Rabia: the flavor could be eclectic
Programming- update sent out by Chris M. Becky isn't here to give report.
Personnel- committee was canceled last month.
Nominating Committee
Keller: nominating committee met, in discussion was the nominating process. Committee agreed that it seems imbalanced that a person has to attend 3 committee meetings to become a voting member but a person could be nominated for the board having never attended a single meeting. Nominating committee is putting that into practice and we are working on coming up with written guidelines and expectations for potential candidates. We felt that while during election time we get who the members vote for we can use appointments as an opportunity to find candidates that fill specific needs to build a better board.
Ani: was there a specific number of meetings?
Keller: needs to be decided on by the whole board, at this time we are asking for at least one. We have five applications right now.
Paula: in my research with other boards, the general consensus is that they spend an additional 10 hours a month on board duties
Andrew: would this require a bylaw change, the bylaws stipulate how and who joins the board
Ani: this is for appointees only
Andrew: so appointments can have higher requirements?
Keller: yes
Board Appointment Candidates
Pete: this is my second Board meeting, lawyer, is a progressive and loves independent radio, is eager to serve and feels that I will be a great asset.
Hadrian: was a program host at KRAB and KAOS, served on several boards in health social service, was a board trainer for United Way, former mental health worker, got into fund raising, worked for Greenpeace and health organizations, and is new to the Portland area and looking way to contribute to the community
Gary: long time Portland resident, building a home in Wilsonville, board member of Citizens TV, has a little bit of of knowledge, spent some time teaching, community was able to build interest in Pendleton station by going to the farmer's market and setting up a mock live remote
Mimi: spoke at least meeting, nothing that needs to be added urgently but happy to answer any additional questions as well.
Judy: it seems that all of you are very busy, the Board is a time commitment with a meetings and extra work as needed, also there is often a need to communicate often via email in between meetings.
Pete: 10 hours a month seems a very low estimate, understands that things pop up, and is committed to being here for the entire 3 years, is comfortable using email to respond.
Judy: clarify that the terms are the remaining time left in the vacancies that you are appointed to fill.
Hadrian- when I make a commitment I follow through, when I was training board directors I broke it down into 2-3 hours for meetings, another couple for community time plus special projects.
Gary- email, i've heard of it. I'm here pretty regularly because I'm building a house in Wilsonville.
Keller: the ideal nominee will be involved with the station in addition to just the minimum Board responsibilities. This includes membership drives and there has been a call from the staff for the board to be more fund raising activities. Are you comfortable with this level of involvement?
Hadrian: the main responsibility of a ward is to be responsible fiscally, to represent the organization to the community, a contributor financially and with time. It's a pretty important job.
Gary: i don't understand what the question is, I really don't understand what fund raising it, but I've done it. It takes creativity. Sure I'd love to help.
Mimi: is already involved in development and participates regularly with membership drives.
Judy: each Board member is involved with a particular committee, would like to hear what your personal interests are.
Pete: Governance and personnel, is involved with writing an employee handbook at another organization.
Hadrian: as a former trainer, board development is one of my interests. And as a former fundraiser the development committee interests me.
Gary: is very interested in the technical aspects, conflict resolution has always interested him
Keller: any member of the public who has questions for the candidates can forward them to Kurt or I as members of the nominating committee in the interest of keeping time this evening

Board/Staff Retreat
Erin: feels that we desperately need a board retreat, would like to see a meeting set.
Judy-would like to consider waiting until we nominate new board members to do so
Erin- understands wanting to wait but feels that it would be a great opportunity to get a jump on next years budget, also brainstorming, there have been some very difficult situations lately that people may need to vent, simple agenda with a facilitator who isn't Board or Staff
Ani will take it to staff to set a date for a board/staff retreat.
Erin will send email to board and staff with possible dates to consider. March 26, April 2, April 9. Venue TBD
Andrew: hopes that he will receive info from board to confirm nominee's member status.
Keller will email nominee names to Andrew.
Staff Management Proposal
Kurt: there has been no station manager for nearly a year, and recently the holes in the interim plan have been obvious and challenging, things are falling apart, think it would be in the best interest to have a deadline for the staff management to have a working model complete.
Ani: disagrees that the collective is falling apart, there are definitely holes that need to be filled and the staff is ready to have a proposal before the Board for the April board meeting.
Erin: feels that if we had a proposal at the Board/Staff retreat,we could offer feedback.
Paula: agrees with setting a deadline because at the end of the day the board is responsible to the membership. It would help me to know, as a volunteer not just a board member, what's going on. who is in charge of what, etc. Would like to see that the staff believe that this is a functioning plan and not a wish list.
Judy: does not know if the Board needs to know what the final plan is before we figure out what our role is.
Keller: we should be working on what we, the Board, feels our role should be within the organization independently from the staff, then we take what we think and what the staff believes our role should be and coalesce them into a real working relationship.
Zale: it would be helpful for the staff to get an idea of what the Board is looking for in the plan; for example do we have goals and objectives for the staff collective, which in the past would have gone to the station manager to be relayed to the staff?
Erin: evaluation for station manager included a work plan, we need to give some direction to the staff as an entire body; how are we holding people accountable. Also in concerned about the Board president burnout factor, has seen the Board president having to act as station managerin the past few week.
Andrew: not happy about hearing about what the staff have failed to do; this has not been an easy process; a lot of pieces to pick up and many staff members have taken on more responsibility, lots of things have been left undone when we had a station manager; learning how to deal without there being a point person, chris and ani have taken that over a significant portion of tasks
Keller: wants that staff to take credit for the things to that they already do, putting on paper what is already happening on practice
Ani: suggests a Board/staff meeting to deal specifically with collective management proposal.
Erin will send out an email to coordinate collective management board/staff meeting.
Nia: wants to see us develop a system so that the Executive Committee is not having to meet so often. Try to anticipate and deal with emergencies.
Yvette: feels that the public is bypassed in the decision, thinks that all things need to be in the open to honor the public
Paula: encourages people who are concerned and interested should attend committee meetings
Gary: for the collective to work, there must be open communication with all collective members.
Alicia: we do have many opportunities to avail ourselves of information not just going to meetings, there are things being posted on the website including the Board meeting minutes and staff collective updates
David: i'm not really involved but you guys really need a manager, think we need to be more on the street and that's how to get people involved
Erin moves that the Board gives the staff an April 20 deadline to submit a completed staff management proposal.
Judy seconds.
Unanimous vote
Erin: wants to have an opportunity for the Board to meet so we can discuss our role in the collective.
Final Public Comment
Hadrian- suggests that a representative from the Board attend staff collective management meetings
Alicia- my hope is that in the collective that someone takes the HR responsibilities, hiring and firing, etc. will take this to the personnel meetings as well.

Closed Session

Public meeting Reopened
Erin moves that KBOO will spend no more than $3000 to work with MV networking on immediate IT needs. Chris M will work with Tom to negotiate the contract to minimize KBOO's expenses.
Paula seconds.
Unanimous vote
Erin will be the lead person on the inventory project, will ask Becky if she is interested in participating as well.
Ani will take it to staff to set a date for a board/staff retreat.
Erin will send email to board and staff with possible dates to consider. March 26, April 2, April 9.
Keller will email nominee names to Andrew.
Erin will send out an email to coordinate collective management board/staff meeting.



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