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Thu, 02/03/2011


On Thursday, February 3, Shusli produced "Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People" around the new documentary film by Frank Lopez called "End Civ." "End:Civ" will be available for viewing in Portland on February 8 at Smith Memorial Center, PSU, 724 SW Harrison in Portland, room 327, at 3pm. It will also be airing on February 8 at the Hipbone Studios at 7pm, 1847 E Burnside, #104. "End:Civ" is based on the of the book "Endgame" by Derrick Jensen, a book that discusses the global effects of alleged civilization and asks the question, and I paraphrase, "how much are you going to take before you do something?" It features many voices, including indigenous voices such as Waziyata Win, Gord Hill, and Rhonda "Shusli" Baseler, discussing earth based cultures compared to alleged civilization. In Egypt, Yemen, and elsewhere, there are revolutions happening. People are tired of being oppressed for the wealth of the few. In this nation, peoples water is being polluted by hydraulic fracturing by energy corporations so much so that many American folk can set their tap water on fire (see the movie "Gasland"). Hanford Nuclear Reservation, just up the Chewana (Columbia River) leaks radiation that no doubt has health effects. The U.S. is leading two illegal wars in the Middle East and wants to start slaughtering Iranians as well. Industrial pollution has made parts of the U.S. unlivable. And much, much more. How much are we going to take before we do something about it? Indigenous values, as I have read and discussed with many indigenous types, have a way of encompassing all life and all life as having validity. Humans have life, plants and animals have life, water has life, etc., and all of us live in a common world where we benefit each other. Civilization sees the world (humans, plants, water, animals, etc.) as resources to be extracted and the wealth to go to the few (with gas prices going higher and higher, Shell oil is reporting record profits). And there is a catch to it. As much as we (my wife, Shusli, and I) don't like civilization and what it has done to our people, we have to use the tools of civilization for our survival. Don't criticize your fellow human beings for being human, let's all focus on changing the system instead of beating each other up for not being "pure." Read Derrick Jensen's book, "Endgame." See the movie, "End:Civ."

Shusli also played cuts from John Trudell, poet and musician and long time activist, and Aggie Pilgrim, one of the 13 indigenous grandmothers to further the discussion for vast systematic and global change.

At the end of the program Shusli played a memorial piece for Morales Singer. Several weeks ago, for those of you who remember, we had Dr. Dale Walker and Michelle Singer from the One Sky Center. On January 26, Morales Singer, Michelle Singer's brother, was killed by a hit and run driver (the driver subsequently turned himself in). He is survived by 3 children. Our condolences are sent out to Michelle Singer, the Morales children, Cody, Elijah, and Jaliene, the whole singer family, and to all those who loved Morales. If you are going to be in the Salem area on Saturday, February 5, click here for information on how you can participate in a fundraiser to benefit Morales Singer's three children.

Shusli did a great job of producing this show. The content was awesome and informative. A giant THANK YOU to Shusli!
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