Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2010/12/20

Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors December 20, 2010

Board members present: Chris Andraea, Marty Soehrman, Maire Cullen, Kurt Lauer, Keller Henry, Paula Small, Devin Russo, Nia Lewis, Becky Chiao, Judy Fiestal
Staff Rep- Ani Haines
Community/Staff- Sekoynia Wright, Rabia Yeaman, Per Fagereng, John Mackey, Crystal Elinski, Louis Sowa, Yvette Marinowski, Zale Chadwick, Alicia Olsen, VJ Beauchamp, Ruth Kovacs

Meeting Starts/Check-in 6:00p
Paula moves to start meeting.
Devin seconds.
Unanimous vote.
Public Comment- Daniel Forbes: new to area, has extensive experience in journalism, is interested in running for the board. longtime listener of WBAI in New York.
DJ Audio: wants to return to bring more hip -hop to the station like he was doing before
Ani: clarified that DJ Audio has never been banned, show was taken off the air, ha has already been advised that he needs to meet with Ani and Chris M about applying with programming; reminded that these issues are not in the purview of the board.
Ruth: wanted to promote the idea of developing the Pendleton station. was surprised to hear that the matter has been resolved and KBOO is working with a local group to develop a station that will be run by the group.

Vote of No Confidence in Board President- Maire
Maire:not sure where the vote of no confidence idea came from. Wanted to bring up issues from the Chehallis discussion but did not intend to make it a vote.

Staff Reports-Ani, John
-Staff has sent policy #3 revisions to the personnel committee to finalize for board approval
-Have started working on policy#5
-Currently discussing formalizing the staff decision making process
-Music training excellence classes are being developed by Joe Azevedo and Erin Yanke
-Erin Y is looking for class ideas, as well as new trainers
-Winter Membership Drive-Jan 27-Feb 5
Kurt: encourages all board members to do at least 3 shifts
Keller: That seems fair since programmers have to do 2.
Development: Hopworks Urban Brewery is developing the KBOO beer.
Becky: would like to see stickers that match Hopworks label.
Web-VJ has added a PDF of the program grid, staff will be discussing developing a KBOO app for mobile devices, KBOO is now linked to Powell’s Bookstore if people link to Powell's from our site KBOO gets 7.5% on anything purchased.
VJ:The KBOO app will be specific to KBOO, there are already other apps that connect to community radio.
Finance-Is working to make sure that equipment is insured.

Chris A: heard that the Bank of the Cascades might be a failing bank. Is that a good one for us to be associated with?
Paula: They are not failing, they’ve actually been picking up more business from other banks that have been failing. Credit unions can’t handle the number of EFT’s that we generate during the drives. We looked within community first and Bank of the Cascades was the closest we could find.
Paula: also wanted to acknowledge Rebecca and her team of people that are uploading our newscast every day usually within an hour of airtime. FSRN is suffering financially and more than likely will not be producing content past next week. Rebecca has been on top of working with Chris and Kathleen and programmers to plan a strategy.
Pledge Drive- Judy: heard that specials don’t make money during the drive
Ani: some do, some don’t. Andrew did some tracking and found if they are done and promoted well they generally do better.
Chris A: wants to see live remotes during pledge drive.
John:serious problems with STL (studio to transmitter link), we have two and even the back up STL has been having problems. we may be approaching the time when we have to consider replacement.

Strategic Planning-Bill Flood (PARC): the team has been gathered to provide direction for KBOO consisting of board members, staff, programmers, and community members. working to identify critical issues. KBOO does not have a mission statement- a concise statement of what we do. all staff have been interviewed in the process. has two questions: what do you want to accomplish with this plan? will the board buy into the accountability of collective management?
Becky: adapting to the new scene of radio. keep up with the changes in Portland. better question is what can the board do to support the staff?
Nia: How often are we going to get SP updates, can we get them in writing so we are not taking up board meeting time?
Ani: There will be a strategic planning page on the website where people can make comments, ask questions, etc.
Bill: I can send a monthly consultant summary
Marty: where has collective management model been working?
Keller: Because of poor management in the past the staff have already been running the station informally. Now it's just a matter of making things on paper coalesce with what's happening in practice.
Rabia: it would be very complicated to have the board directly supervise staff since board members can be programmers and that would mean that they would supervise someone who could conceivably supervise them,
Chris A: needs a high visual identity that we define ourselves. right now the image is defined by others- tye-dyed hippies.
Kurt: will answer questions in email.
Bill: Feb 8th 6:30p Community Strategic Planning Meeting-location to be announced.

Becky votes that we approve November minutes with additions to be submitted by Maire. (No additional information was provided)
Nia seconds.
7 In Favor 2 abstain

Committee Reports
Engineering-See engineering report:EAS-CAP compliance time line has been extended, so no new equipment is required at this time.
STL- likely to need replacement in near future.
Becky: on page two there's a thing about me or whatever, will say that when I was board president I did try to be proactive, talking to John about some of these issues he keeps bringing up and that since I haven't been President I haven't been. so we had that discussion so if anyone wants me to do something about talking to John I will, but this is fairly accurate of what can happen.there is something in the report regarding her talking to John that she felt was inaccurate.
Programming- made decision to make Tillicum Wawa a weekly show
Nominating Committee- still accepting applications for new board members,
Maire: volunteered to make an on air cart, also met to talk about attendance issues at Keller’s request
Personnel-policy#3 staff evaluation policy
Development-Paula: Shanghai night is coming up New Year's Eve.
Rabia: KBOO will get kickback regardless of what you buy at when you link through the KBOO website.
8:17pm Nia moves to go into closed session.
Devin seconds.
Unanimous vote.
11:00p Judy moves to adjourn meeting.
Keller seconds
Unanimous vote.


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