Guess Who's Coming to Radio??!! on 01/13/11

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Thu, 01/13/2011 - 8:00pm
Short Description: honor of TEENA MARIE...

the goal of 'guess who's coming to radio??!!' is to address the sociopolitical issues pertaining to the interests and lives of people of african descent (also known as 'black people'); with this, we exclusively play music composed, produced, arranged and/or performed by those whose ethnicity represents this. 

on the 14th of january we will be honoring one whose exterior may not exemplify this; however, TEENA MARIE's art honored our ancestors and peers in a way few primarily of european descent ever did.  sadly, teena marie physically departed from this earthly plane on 26 december 2010.  though she is definitely in a better place (as is our teacher michael), she will be missed here.

mary christine brockert (her full name, and whose lineage contained portuguese, italian, irish and american indian blood) was well loved amongst those in black communities, and she returned the love and appreciation equally.  as an artist, she is one of the few female artists to write, produce and arrange her own material; she also was the inspiration for 'the brockert initiative' (also known as 'the teena marie bill'), which means that record labels cannot legally keep an artist under contract and not release new material. 

in our experience in speaking about this woman (who presented a lot of light to the world) we saw that not a lot of people knew who she was.  so we made the decision to honor her through the airwaves.  we will be focusing on her messages of awareness, positivity and pro-activity- those album cuts which get neglected in favor of 'the hits'.  we'll also be playing some extras and live performances. 

teena marie- the ivory queen of soul, casper, l'il bit, vanilla child, lady t, 'honorary sister'...  we love you. 

"ain't no joyous feelings without payin' dues..."- congo square


Teena Marie is gone?

OMG, I had no idea. RIP, fine lady.

sadly, yes...

i am still quite sad about it.  she is one of my favourite artsists of all times...  she brought such a positive element to music.  an even larger hole exists now. 


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