A Different Nature playlist for 12/20/2010

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A Different Nature
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Ammers/EinheitCanto IRadio InfernoReihe EGOwww.discogs.com
Ammers/EinheitCanto IIRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto IIIRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto IVRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto VRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto VIRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto VIIRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto VIIIRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto IXRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto XRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto XIRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto XIIRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto XIIIRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto XIVRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto XVRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto XVIRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitCanto XVIIRadio InfernoReihe EGO
Ammers/EinheitKaiser Wilhelm Overdrive Vorspiel: Das FünfteDeutsche KreigerInvisiblewww.discogs.com
Ammers/EinheitI. Akt: SprechmaschineDeutsche KreigerInvisible
Ammers/EinheitII. Akt: 01.08.1914, KönigsschloßDeutsche KreigerInvisible
Ammers/EinheitIII. Akt: SchlachtfeldDeutsche KreigerInvisible
Ammers/EinheitIV. Akt: 09.11.1918Deutsche KreigerInvisible
Ammers/EinheitUlrike Meinhof Paradise Vorspiel: Die FünfteDeutsche KreigerInvisible
Ammers/EinheitI. Akt: 02.07.1967, FernsehenDeutsche KreigerInvisible
Ammers/EinheitII. Akt: 14.05.1970Deutsche KreigerInvisible
Ammers/EinheitIII. Akt: 08.05.1976Deutsche KreigerInvisible
Ammers/EinheitIV. Akt: 18.10.1977, RequiemDeutsche KreigerInvisible
Ammers/EinheitHindenburg At LakehurstCrashing AeroplanesFM 4.5.1www.discogs.com
Ammers/EinheitVoice RecorderCrashing AeroplanesFM 4.5.1
Ammers/EinheitValue Jet 592 At MiamiCrashing AeroplanesFM 4.5.1
Ammers/EinheitTo The SkyCrashing AeroplanesFM 4.5.1
Ammers/EinheitValue Jet 592 At EvergladesCrashing AeroplanesFM 4.5.1
Ammers/EinheitCase Of EmergencyCrashing AeroplanesFM 4.5.1
Ammers/EinheitEIAI 1862 At AmsterdamCrashing AeroplanesFM 4.5.1
Ammers/EinheitUp ThereCrashing AeroplanesFM 4.5.1
Ammers/EinheitJAL 123 At Mount OsutakaCrashing AeroplanesFM 4.5.1
Ammers/EinheitAutopilotCrashing AeroplanesFM 4.5.1
Ammers/EinheitPanAm 103 At LockerbieCrashing AeroplanesFM 4.5.1
Ammers/EinheitLast WordsCrashing AeroplanesFM 4.5.1
Ammers/EinheitBaggage ClaimCrashing AeroplanesFM 4.5.1

On Dec. 20th, A Different Nature presents three radio plays by Andreas Ammer and F.M. Einheit (from Einstürzende Neubauten, Gry and his own solo work).

From 1993, comes Ammer and Einheit's Radio Inferno, a realization of Dante's Inferno - a dizzying audio collage utilizing found music to set the scene of Virgil's descent through hell. Voices by Blixa Bargeld (also of Einstürzende Neubauten), Phil Minton and the late John Peel as 'The Radio'. Also with guitarwork by Caspar Brötzmann.

In 1996, Ammer and Einheit collaborated on an ambitious and controversial piece entitled Deutsche Krieger, a bizarre and disturbing tryptich portraying three influential Germans, in their respective popular mediums: Part One: Kaiser Wilhelm Overdrive (grammophone), Part Two: Adolf Hitler Enterprise (radio) and Part Three: Ulrike Meinhof Paradise (television), with all three tied together by leitmotif of Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

And finally, in 2001, mere months before the tragic events of 9/11, Ammer and Einheit took to the skies to look at Crashing Aeroplanes, an unsettling audio collage/radio play made up of aircraft black box recordings, air disaster reporting. Probably not something you'd want to put on the iPod of a white-knuckle air traveller. This piece as commissioned by the European Broadcasting Union. In the wake of September 11th, the CD release was delayed by nearly a year, but, despite that, it was awarded the "Hörspielpreis der Kriegsblinden", Germany's highest award for radioplays.

Hosted by Rich L.


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