14 December 2010 Program Committee Meeting Minutes

Programming Committee Minutes – December 14, 2010

Present: Roger Warner (Acting Chair) Chris Merrick (Minutes) , Rebecca Nay, John Mackey, Kurt Lauer, Paula Small, Per Fagereng, Vicki Creel (Redwillow), Becky Chiao, Daniel Flessas.

Absent: Jay Bozich, Samantha King, Ed Kraus.

Excused absence: Rabia Yeaman, Kathleen Stephenson.

Guests: Sekoynia Wright, Terrel Lowery, Cashis Game, Antone Jarrell, Mel Reslor, Shusli Baseler, Eugene Johnson, Bill Flood, Josh Harper.


Chris: working on MLK Day, Winter Drive specials, finishing the PRETC grant report, updating quarterly PTFT grant report, some work on management policy revisions, will be out of town end of December.

Rebecca: New recruits in training for Friday news, hoping for a weekly half-hour of “deep investigative pieces.”

Becky: Board meeting on December 20, the board would like to review the program committee schedule of renewing all programs only once every two years, is that enough?

John: Digital Editing Room is finished, back online, Studio Two next in January. Some public affairs such as talk shows can continue in the room but the mixing deck will be out of service for several weeks.

Program Proposals

Josh (returning from November) presented written proposal and demo CDs. Proposal for a 16-part series of mixtapes. Questions about timeline, weekly? monthly? Language problems before 10:00 pm? Josh says edited content if necessary, he would aim at 7:00 – 8:00 pm for example. Would he continue the show after 16 weeks? Maybe yes, maybe no. Could put together a “mix” collective for a future proposal. Podcasting a definite goal.

Mel - proposal for “hot issues” at midnight, news, interviews, commentary, some rebroadcasting of daytime public affairs. Questions about late nights, would listeners tune in for P.A. at midnight? Maybe yes, maybe no. Mel hopes to stimulate a collective to produce more content in the future, though he has a lot of archive material. Mel also has a website entry called “The Language Room,” check it out.

Proposal by Sekonia, Paula, Keller Henry, and Nia Lewis for a new show to replace “Hard Knock Radio.” A new collective for African American news and interviews. Paula suggests every other Thursday to start, as a lead-in to her music show. If successful, maybe expand to weekly. “In the Kitchen” is tentative title.

Terrel, Cashis, and Antone presented their proposal for a weekly show (7:00 – 8:00 pm as well), for local, as well as international interviews of relevance.“Community Round Table” is working name. Possibly every evening? Weekly okay. They suggest a 50/50 mix of public affairs and music, à la “Hard Knock Radio.”

At this point Rebecca pointed out that “Hard Knock Radio” is on the Pacifica chopping block, so we are definitely looking for local replacement programming.

Strategic Planning

Bill Flood outlined the process and goals of the strategic planning committee. Some concern about whether all meetings are closed to the public, Bill suggests that the committee has specific things it meets about, but will have open meetings over the next twelve months, and will be interviewing staff and volunteers about how KBOO works. Will also produce a big honkin’ survey about all KBOO programming in 2011.

Free Speech Radio News

Rebecca states FSRN will cease as of December 23. They will offer “best of” reruns. What? We will need immediate replacement news at 5:30 – 6:00 pm each evening. Suggestions include:

  1. An hour-long local newscast
  2. More “Counterspin” type shows
  3. Other Pacifica syndicated news shows
  4. “War News,” (weekly) produced at Dartmouth(?)
  5. A Vancouver (Washington) – specific newscast
  6. State legislative report once a week
  7. Spanish newscast once a week (maybe on Tuesday?)

News department will be meeting this week and work out a schedule. Jenka Soderberg may be in town, will join in if possible.

Thursday Indian Program Decision

Update on proposals for “Mitakuye Oyasin” with Jim Craven and Dean Lookinghawk, and “Tillicum Wawa” with Shusli, Eugene, and Redwillow. Analysis of the two shows, note for record that MO was on probation as of the August program committee meeting, and that we asked TW for a pilot program, which turned into three pilot programs.

M/S/P to have “Tillicum Wawa” on every week, 6:00 – 7:00 pm. Rebecca and Chris will work out the schedule and talk to Jim and Dean.


Monday, January 17, 11:30 am – 6:00 pm. No producer as yet, everything else is pretty much the same. Paula asked about board members being there for outreach, why not? said the committee.

Winter Drive

January 27 – February 5. Several music specials, a News and P.A. Day on February 4th. Goal is fifty big ones.

Program Committee Listening Party

We all forgot that we scheduled a listening party on Sunday, January 9, to listen to a bunch of airchecks and get the ball rolling on critical listening and program renewals. Rebecca volunteered her house. Chris will e-mail the committee to get the schedule and list of shows together.

Adjourned at 9:13 pm.


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