Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2010/11/22

Approved 12.20.10

Board Meeting 11/22/2010

Present-Becky Chiao,Erin Brand, Keller Henry, Marty Soehrman, Chris Andreae, Paula Small, Kurt Lauer, Judy Fiestal, Maire Cullen, Devin Russo, Nia Lewis,

Absent-Jim Craven(excused)

Staff Rep-Ani Haines

Community/Staff-John Mackey, Alicia Olsen, Louis Sowa, Zale Chadwick,

 Thanks to Chris Andreae for bringing dinner.

 6:00p Check-In & Dinner

6:20p Meeting Start

Public Comment: None

October Minutes-Becky moves to approve minutes

10 In favor.1 abstain

Presentation from Chris Andreae

  • Orientation: Feels that more emphasis should be put on making sure that everyone attends orientation. Orientation could be a day long, more detailed session. Perhaps an orientation team of experienced volunteers to work with new volunteers.

  • Funding- will bring this up again at a later date.

  • Name Branding-KBOO needs to create a recognizable brand; feels that the former model of “outreach” is outdated.

Kurt: agrees that we should be focusing on bringing new audience to kboo.

Nia: wants to clarify that the strategic planning committee is currently working on some of these issues.

Judy: the committees are the place to bring specific ideas. The board hasn’t really been working specifically on outreach.

Paula: the brand issue would have to come to the board.

Staff Reports-Ani· (staff report doc attached)

  • Watershed Event- there has been some confusion about requirements for the broadcast but the event is going to happen. The planners want to try and make this a monthly event.

  • Advanced Conflict Resolution Training- Zak Schwartz- Staff will be setting a date for the 6-hour training. Will be on a Friday, required for all staff and board members, then spots will be opened to committee chairs, receptionists etc. The idea is to train a core group of attendees who model behaviors then help develop our own in-house trainings. These trainings would be offered quarterly at the station.

  • Chehallis Transmitter-John reports that KAOS wasn’t interested and said that they did not budget for it and could not commit to partnering and it seems that at this point we have to decide whether to let it die.

  • Judy: Requests a closed session to discuss personnel issue.

  • Staff Evaluations: Marty will work with Ani and Erin Y to complete evaluation for John.


FCC reporting-Zale

  •  Because there is over 50% change in the board in a year, we must get approval from the FCC. Sent out a survey that all board members need to complete.  Marty will email Zale with the completed survey.


Committee Reports-Board liasons

  •  Programming- Becky: listening parties are being planned to evaluate shows to complete programming changes. The goal is for all shows to be evaluated every two years.

Chris A: wonders if it would be better, as some stations do, to limit the participation of program hosts as a conflict of interest.

Judy: suggests that the program committee consider adding a annual peer evaluation, feels that one evaluation in a two year span would be less than effective. Would support programmers and staff.

Paula: ideally the program committee should be listening more often.

Louis: How would we get people involved on the programming committee who are not programmers?

  •  Finance-December Meeting Canceled, will resume in January.

  • Web-Judy: VJ met with Roger and was able to get full access to the website as requested.

  • Personnel-Nia:Upcoming events- Square Dance and Mardi Gras; David Barsamian Event just about broke even, served more as a thank you for major donors than fundraiser.

Paula: reminds that we should be pushing the Blazers event since we can are limited in the promotions we can do for it.

  • Personnel- Ani: committee recommended additions for the nominating committee to consider for the board handbook; board secretary should be official repository for all board documents

 Zale: all the back-up documents are currently located in the “manager’s” computer, can work with secretary to create a paper file accessible to board secretary

Keller: committee suggested 4 policies for the staff to revise within the new staffing structure.

Judy: does not know what is going on regarding the staffing structure.

Ani: reviews the Transition Plan for Station Manager Responsibilities that was approved by the board in the spring. will print copies of report and put in board member mailboxes for the board books.(doc attached)


City Club Membership-Kurt

  • Remote Broadcasting-KBOO used to have membership and did a live remote then OPB started doing them. OPB is no longer doing the live remote. Should we attempt to resurrect the relationship?

Chris A: a great place to promote KBOO.

Paula: needs reps outside of the live remotes to do the networking aspect.

Chris A: already a City Club member, volunteers to represent KBOO.

Judy: the live remote sounds like something the staff should be deciding on.         

Kurt: is the Board interested in paying for a membership?

Paula: perhaps we could just decide year by year.

Becky: is the city club looking for someone to do the live remotes?     

Keller: there seems to be two distinct issues- membership and live remotes. do we have to pay to be a member to do the live remotes? if we do the live remotes, would we be comped the membership fee? perhaps Kurt can follow up on that.

Paula-board by-in is necessary,

Louis- seems that it would be a very unsual part of programming, possibly bringing in a newer audience to the station.

Marty: suspects that it is probably wanted to be done live and that wouldn’t be hard.

Keller moves that the Board requests that staff work with engineering work group to assess the feasiblity of broadcasting the live remote of the City Club Meetings.

Erin B Seconds.

Unanimous vote to approve.


December Board Meeting moved to December 20th


Board Member Attendance-Keller

Keller: At last month’s meeting, the board asked for a commitment from Maire that she would attend the next three board meetings, or she would be removed. As she did not attend last week’s special board meeting, i'd would like to move forward and ask that she be removed.

Devin: Last week’s meeting was an ad hoc meeting, Kurt said that it would not be a required meeting.

Paula: She understood it to be the next three board events, that’s meetings, retreats, etc.  Last week’s meeting was official, as we had to post notice, it was officially called, and was a special meeting.  She has the understanding that if Maire was to miss any board events in the next three months, the board would remove her.

Is there a second? Not at this time.

Becky: Would like to discuss this: thought this was sent to the Nominating Committee, to deal with attendance issues.

Keller: Read from last month’s minutes passed earlier this meeting.

Judy: Wants to hear from Maire as to what happened last week, but isn’t sure about removing her.

Point of process from Louis—there isn’t a second, there shouldn’t be further discussion.

Erin B seconds.

Nia: There was an issue of lack of communication as well, would like to hear about why Maire wasn’t able to attend and why she did not communicate.

Maire: Was not aware of the meeting until the weekend before the special meeting—was unable to change her dialysis time for that date, due to the lateness of her finding out.  Also, Chris M told her that it could be a conflict of interest for her to attend.  She would like everyone to have her cell number, as she only has access to a loaner computer. Did her absence hurt anything?

Keller:  We need the communication from you, you are one of twelve board members, and each person is essential.

John Mackey: Saw Maire asked to not be involved in meetings / process that addressed the on-going conflict, that Maire is a party to.


Yes: 1

Opposed:  6

Abstain: 3

Maire recuses herself from the vote.

Judy: Suggests that the nominating committee work closely with Maire to ensure better communication.

Paula: Maire has told us that she may not be able to make the meeting in December, based on her dialysis provider changing. 

Kurt: If she can’t make December, we know what’s going on and it will be considered an excused absence.


Jim Craven’s Resignation

Kurt: Jim has resigned the board effective immediately.

Becky: Nominating committee should find a person to fill the remainder of his term, which ends Oct. 2011.

Ani: reads from By-laws Article VI section 6 regarding vacancies.  Recommends that vacancies be widely posted, and that the Nom Com interview and or perhaps hold a meeting for interested members.

Nia: Suggests that NomCom approach Mimi V., a member of the Development Com.

Zale: Nom Com!  Go Nom Com!

Erin B: Wants to see the Nom Com meet around this.

Zale: will be sending out an election handbook to the board. Encourages that we post this widely to encourage as many candidates.


Tom Wendt/2011 Keeping the Blues Alive award winner-Keller    

  • The award ceremony in Memphis. If Tom wants to go, should KBOO try help come up with the funds? If not, how else can we recognize Tom in town?

Erin B: Someone may be able to donate frequent flier miles.

Marty: brings up the possibility of broadcasting the ceremony.

Paula: Could look at partnering with Cascade Blues Association for a fundraiser.

Kurt:The award was for blues excellence in community radio.        

Chris A: We could so media press releases,

Ani: A volunteer who is close to Tom is going to ask whether he wants to attend the ceremony. 

Judy: How many people have we done this for in the past?

Marty: This kind of thing is a rare honor and we should be consistent in honoring people in the future.  Can we post something on the front door?

Paula: Create on-air spot.

Closed Session-Judy moves to go into closed session to discuss a personnel issue.

Devin seconds. Unanimous yes.

Meeting Open To Public

Keller moves to adjourn meeting.

Erin B seconds.

Unanimous vote in favor.

 Meeting Ends 10:04pm


Transition Plan for Station Manager Responsibilities board approved 02 2010.doc39.5 KB


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