Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2010/09/27

Board Meeting

September 27, 2010

Present:  Louis Sowa, Nia Lewis, Marty Soerhman, Kurt Lauer, Erin Brand, Judy Fiestal, Becky Chiao, Maire Cullen-Gilmore, Chris Merrick (staff), Ani Haines (staff, and note taker)

Public present: Rabia, Per Fagereng, VJ Beauchamp (staff), Keller Henry, Yvette Maranowski, Paula Small, Chris Andreae, Alicia Olson, Zale Chadwick (staff), Glen Owen, Devin Russo.


The Chehalis discussion was about acquiring a new signal in Washington that the FCC had made available.  We declined to pursue it due to cost.

Public Comment:

VJ Beauchamp:  introduces self as the new Web Coordinator.  Has 15 years experience, loves radio, is a librarian by training.  Excited to be here.

Chris Andreae:  As a new board member, interested in what’s going on? Timeline for new board members, what’s the issues facing the board.

            EB: We’ll be scheduling a meet and greet.

            New board members are seated in October, old remain the voting members til then.

Yvette Maranowski:  Thinks that the Donor’s Bill of Rights is worthwhile. 

Keller Henry:  Will board revisit the reps to the strategic planning committee?

Finance Report:

EB: There are two versions of the staff salaries sheet, one shows budget with manager’s position, one shows budget within

BC:  Basically we have prepped the same budget the last several years, with about the same deficit.  I’m okay doing this one more year.  I see that we’ve worked hard on improving the programming, staff need to wrap up Pittman grant.  I have questions about equipment and web expenditures.

EB:  Debbie needs to work with John Mackey on inventorying equipment,

JF:  Would like to see the station get an energy audit; it’s environmentally responsible, and could save money.

Is this something that could happen and the board could get a report in three months?

            Ani:  Yes, Bruce would be the person to do this, and I’ll talk with him.

Board member asks about the HD channel:

We need to get on this, how do we make sure we are using all resources.

            Louis:  Send the chief engineer to training--- there is $1,600 in the budget for this – it’s in the auxiliary budget

            Becky: Not sure that’s the best thing to do at this time

Paula: Appreciates the questions, and reminds board members that this is not the first time the board has seen this budget.

EB: Moves we accept this budget.

JF: This budget means the budget without the station manager’s postion, right?

EB: Yes, though we have that information, if we want to budget that position.

Nia seconds

Chris Merrick:  PTFP Grant is outstanding, and to finish it, we need two more mixing boards.  The original mixing boards proposed are no longer being made.  John is pricing alternatives, and the lowest cost be $13,000, which is up $4,000 from the original budget for the project.  Request for that additional $4,000.

EB:  This is in the auxiliary budget, and would be added there.

Makes friendly amendment to her original motion, to add the cost to the auxiliary budget.

BC:  Why wasn’t the equipment purchased earlier?

John Mackey:  There was lag time after the grant, there was waiting due to the equipment being phased out by the manufacturer.  The manufacturer said they’d have two boards for us, but we had to wait until he had an order for five, then he didn’t want to include us in a larger order.  Then he had to get approval to modify the equipment in the grant, and submit those changes, and bids for different equipment.

MC-G: Would like to see this $4,000 come from major donor campaign, or some other fundraising effort—not from the general budget.

Paula:  Not realistic in the timeframe, but would does think it’s possible to recover those expenses

Kurt, calls question—

Nia withdraws her second, due to the late news regarding increased equipment costs in the PTFP grant.

Louis seconds

Vote called: 

6 yes

2 abstentions

Staff bonus:

EB asks Paula to explain.

Paula discusses reasons for the staff bonus this year.  The staff have asked not have a bonus. Seems fair and in keeping with being respectful to staff, given that we pay well under market.  Recommends the bonus.

Ani: to clarify, Jenka is still on staff, she is on leave.  Other staff who have left, have left our employ, and are not staff.  They are not included in the bonus, but Jenka would be.

MC-G: Paula, when you say we pay under market rate, are you looking at the budgets of small non-profits. Don’t mean to be a grinch, but can’t go with bonus during a deficit, at least we haven’t had lay-offs.

Paula: We’ve looked at Pacifica, and others—yes, we are underpaying.

Keller:  While concerned about the deficit—concerned about a message that staff should be happy to just have their jobs.

MS: Would like to look at it through a cost analysis… will it cost us more not to spend the money?

JF: Would like to see us seriously address a COLA, and could go with 50% of the recommendation.

Paula:  There are things that need to be discussed regarding staffing budget.  There are serious issues with the pay structure of at least one staffer, who is payed hourly and on commission, because of the way we pay him, she believes there are some weeks he has worked and received less than minimum wage.

Becky:  Motion regarding possible minimum wage violations—we are now on notice that there may be a violation of minimum wage laws.  This cannot happen— staff must keep a time-sheet, and must be told to go home if they are out of hours. We cannot have violations of minimum wage law. 

EB Seconds

Passed unanimously

Who will implement? 

Debbie will track time sheet, Ani will give information of concern and address situation with employee and Debbie.

Kurt: Moves that we pass the $10,000 staff bonus.

Nia seconds

Vote:  2 yes

4 nos

2 abstains

BC: Would like to have $5,000 for staff retirement fund in lieu of bonus.

There is policy that addresses assessing bonuses in Jan, for the fy. 

BC: Withdraws motion, will address at that time.

 ½ time Training / Ops manager:

Chris Merrick:  Erin Yanke has been our Youth Advocate, she has taken on extra duties since we have been operating without a station manager.  He has submitted a job description, and advises the board to approve the job, with Erin as a transfer hire.

BC Motions to accept the Job Description

EB Seconds

Approved unanimously

Board Orientation:

Will be on Sunday, October 17th, 11 – 1 at KBOO.

Staff report:

Ani:  Many staff are quite busy with the membership drive, which is the biggest focus right now.  Have also been quite busy with many conflicts this last month—trying to layout good process, and assert community standards for all.

Chris:  Nearing completion of the PRETSI grant, we are a little behind on it, the grantor’s know, and have approved it. We have held the programmer’s meeting, and will be doing a larger community meeting to finish up—this will involve a survey regarding the implementation of training.

We will be going before a judge for the Papadop suit on Oct. 26th, the lawyers will argue before the judge as to why the suit should be dropped or sustained. 

JF: wants to talk with Chris to see if the strategic planning survey and the survey talked about in the PRETSI grant could be combined.

Zale:  The board members who are new this year need to give me information for the FCC Ownership – namely, does anyone own a part of another media outlet.  There was an email sent around, and she needs those answers to file that report.

By-law petition of members:
Chris:  Glen brought in a petition on Sept 13th, the petition was drawn up on the 6th, and amended on the 7th.  An issue is which version was the version that the members added their names to.

Yvette:  The people who signed signed with the understanding that it could change and they’d be okay with that.

BC: Generally, in a petition, people read the language of the petition, and then add there names to it, stating that they support the petition as written.

Zale: Another issue though is, those members haven’t actually signed.

Yvette: The members are using the process in the by-laws.

JF: Would like to move on, given there is no action at this time.

Strategic Planning Group:

JF: Board selected three reps last month, but is concerned about shutting out the new board members.

EB: would like to step down.

JF: Who else is interested? 

Three of the newly elected board members are interested, as is Maire and Nia.

JF:  Perhaps we could have everyone that is interested in doing this speak briefly to why they would like to serve on this workgroup, and then we could vote?

            What about this decision coming after the meet and greet / orientation?

            What about rotating the third position?

                        Has been discussed, there are pros and cons.  If someone was going to “job share” a position, it’s important that the new person coming in be fully brought up to speed. 

                        Continuity shouldn’t be sacrificed, this is structured to build on each previous meeting.

                        The sharing could be a way to lessen impact of personal agendas that could sometimes get in the way.

BC: Moves to table the decision of naming the three reps until the Oct. meeting. All board members interested should attend the Oct 4th strategic planning meeting.

KL seconds

Passed unanimously

July and August Board Minutes:

EB: Moves to approve the July and August minutes

BC: seconds

5 yes

2 abstains


8:40 pm Closed session called for personnel matter:

·        Personal relationships

·        Mutual respect for one another

Meeting moved back to open session at 10:55 pm

Move to adjourn at 10:56 pm


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