Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2010/10/25

Approved 11.22.10

Board Meeting Minutes 10/25/10

Board Members Present: Kurt Lauer, Erin Brand, Marty Soehrman, Keller Henry, Paula Small, Maire Cullen, Devin Russo, Judy Fiestal, Nia Lewis, Becky Chiao, Chris Andreae, Louis Sowa(outgoing president)

Absent: Jim Craven

Staff Reps: Ani Haines, Chris Merrick

Members of Public/Staff: Sun Lee, Rabia Yeaman, Per Fagereng, Alicia Olson, Yvette Marinowski, Zale Chadwick, John Mackey, VJ Beauchamp


Thanks to Becky for bringing dinner!


DInner and check-in: Board members report on what's been going on for the past month.


Louis advises that he will be serving as president during the meeting until a new president is elected and reminds board members that discussion of a topic should not happen until after a motion is made.

Development Update:Sun

  • Boo Bash is coming up on 10/28 at Mt. Tabor Theatre. Give a little history on the Boo Ball and it's evolution. It's been two years since KBOO has hosted the Bash.

  • Hands out raffle tickets for board members to sell, encourages the board to be more involved in fundraising. Raffle will be done twice a year.

  • David Barsamian speaking event and major donor reception -encourages board members to attend reception- First Unitarian.

  • Blazers Game- outreach opportunities- tablers from past event (Jan) report success/positive community response.

  • T-shirt Contest-KBOO will issue a limited edition t-shirt: artist design submissions, voted on by members; perhaps tied into an event to focus on community building more than fundraising, increase traffic to website.

  • Dine out and Blazers events can't be promoted on air, because a for-profit company is partially benefitting from the event.

  • Development Committee meets 1st Mondays at 6:00pm.


Public Comment

Rabia: Advocates lawn sign promotion/inexepensive and high-visibility. Opportunities to reach communities where KBOO is underrepresented.

Per: Would like to see a new bumper sticker. Feels the new stickers don't stand out.


September Minutes

Judy moves to approve September minutes.

Becky seconds.

10 In Favor

1 Abstain


Attendence Requirements

Becky:  The Nominating Committee is the right body to deal with non-participation and absenteeism of board members—suggests the Nom Com follows up.

Keller:  Feels the board must set the example to fulfill commitments.  Proposes that Maire make a firm commitment to attend the next three meetings, or that she be removed.

Erin: Similar concerns given that the CRC had to act last month, and Maire didn’t return any communications.

Judy: Is also concerned over Jim’s ability to participate.  He has missed several meetings due to work, and hasn’t fulfilled committee work.  Agrees that the NomCom should follow up.

Paula: Not the first time concerns over participation expectations have come up; feels the need to be very clear about the board’s expectations.

Kurt: Feels it is important to establish clear expectations at this, the beginning of the new board year.

Rabia: Supports upholding the by-law to remove for non-participation.

Ani:  Reads bylaw, Article VI, sect. 8, (a) last sentence regarding non-participation and removal by board members.

Maire: Says that she wasn't aware that her presence was required at the annual meeting.


Keller: Point of Clarification- refers to August minutes: Maire's attendence and failure to follow through on board responsibilities were on the agenda. Maire assured the board that she would attend the annual meeting and committed to bringing the refreshments.


Yvette: Concerned that this may be used politically.

Keller : Move that the board ask Maire to make a specific commitment to attend the next three required board events that are noted in bylaw Article VI, section 8, (a); failure to do so will result in vote by the board for removal.

Devin seconds. 6 in favor 2 opposed 2 abstain

Meeting lengths/Schedule

Jim had expressed concerns at the Board Meet and Greet over a personal schedule conflict. Via email, board members discussed possible changes to the regular meeting day/time, but found that the current day/time works best for most. Jim did not participate in the email discussion.

The Board finds that no action is necessary at this time.

Devin: Concerned about meeting running long, he cannot stay past 10:00pm.


Role of the secretary of the board

Louis: Suggests that some secretary duties be shared with Vice President.

Judy: It has been good practice that minutes be sent within a few days of the meeting while fresh in everyone's mind.

Erin: Board liason should be responsible for providing secretary with committee meeting minutes.

Becky: Disagrees, liason should send committee meeting minutes to all board members. Thinks secretary already has enough responsiblilities; posting agenda draft and meeting minutes to website.

Judy: In the past, things that needed to be communicated to community has been the responsiblility of the secretary.

Becky: Thinks this could be delegated to VP.

Erin: Suggests the VP could be responsible for email bulletins and maintaining a blog.

Judy: Recommends the nominating committee draft a Board communication protocol.



Board Officer Election Results

President-Kurt Lauer

VP-Paula Small

Secretary-Keller Henry

Treasurer-Erin Brand

Member At Large- Nia Lewis


Thanks to Louis for serving as President.


Committee Responsibilities

Judy: Reminds the board that while two representative may be assigned to each committee, only one person is designated as the committee liason.

Erin: Reviews Policy#66, Board Committee Liason Responsibilities.

Becky: Suggests that board members that do not hold offices should be liasons to a committee.

(Committee liasons in bold)

CRC- Devin

Program- Becky, Kurt

Engineer-Marty, Keller

Finance-Erin, Jim,

Personnel- Keller, Chris A

Development-Nia, Chris A

Nominating-Becky, Erin, Kurt, Keller, Maire

Strategic Planning- Kurt, Keller, Judy

Executive Committee- Kurt, Erin, Nia



Becky: Recommends forming a technology workgroup to address new technologies/use of the web.


Chris A: Suggests that committees could be restructured to address overlap issues/board member committment. Will submit a more formal proposal in the future.


Rabia: Programming committee has stipulation that only two board members can be on the committee.


Ani: Clarifies that members who are on the board can become a member of the programming committee by attending 3 meetings as a member of the community. Cites bylaw, Article IV, Section 1,there shall be one class of members of this corporation.


Becky: Will develop and present a proposal to develop a Web/Tech workgroup.




Chehallis Transmitter: John Mackey, Mike Brown

John: A license is now available in the Chehallis area. We would have to pay off other interested parties to retract their applications.

Mike: We would be issued a permit to build with a 3 year deadline. To either build a station or sell the license.

Keller: What would an estimate for the starting costs for the project? Expressed concerns that KBOO is experiencing more technical and equipment issues at the station we are currently running. It is fiscally responsible to spend money on an expansion project while we are in a deficit and have major issues at the station.

Mike: Estimates $10-12,000 to get construction permit.

John: Another possiblility would be to build a translator.

Mike: KBOO wouldn't have to come up with money for about a year, but the decision must be made within the next few weeks. Lower power signal than originally expected.

Chris A: Has anyone done any market research to find projected revenue streams? This market does not necessarily have the means to make it worth expanding into that area. It is more than census demographics, it's about checking out the community and getting an understanding of the area and the people who live there.

Nia: Wanted to clarify that previous reports of signal reaching the Seattle are no longer accurate.

Paula: Feels it would be fiscally irresponsible to support: the station being in a deficit, coming short for membership drive, underdeveloped relationships within the communities that we already serve. Need to strengthen what we have before we look to expand.

Marty: The opportunity to research this has passed. It should have been done 2 years ago. This may be something to research for future opportunities.

Rabia: Thinks that we should focus resources to expand web presence.

Chris M: It's an opportunity to see if someone else wants a radio station in the area.

Becky: Notes that there seems to be two options to pursue--  1) we expand to take the Chehalis transmitter, or 2) we work with another community group to secure the frequency, and try to turn this over to them as soon as possible (like has happened in Pendleton).

Judy: Moves to authorize Mike Brown to make contact with KAOS to see if they are interested in working with KBOO on a Chehalis transmitter. Devin seconds 8 In Favor 2 Opposed 1 Abstain

Mike says that he’ll get back to the board right away, most likely within a week.


Production and EAS equipment:Chris M/John

Chris M: FEMA is adopting a major EAS upgrade incorporating the CAP(common alerting protocol) stations have until march 30 2011 to comply with new standards.Cost of new equipment is expected to be around $2400.

Last month the board approved additional funds for unexpected overage in cost for new equipment in DES and Studio 2 associated with the PTFP grant.New estimates for this eqiupment is signifigantly less than the board approved and the difference could cover the cost of the CAP equipment for the EAS upgrade.

Maire: Moves to send the issue back to finance to review.

Devin seconds.

Paula: Money from equipment was already allocated by finance, so this is just reallocating and does not need to go back to finance.

Kurt- Does not promote spending on the equipment until other funding options are investestigated.

Chris A: How long will it take to get the equipment once ordered?

John: About two weeks.

Ani: NFCB is putting together a group to get equipment order discounts before the March 31st deadline.Ginny from NFCB said the upgrade was announced "quite a while ago."

Maire: Retracts motion.

The matter will be revisted in the January board meeting. John will moniter and keep track of NFCB progress and research other funding options.

Committee reports Personnel drafted a change to policy #1, Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harrassment

Judy: Moves to amend the language in policy#1 from "has an obligation to" to "shall." Erin seconds. Unanimous vote to approve.

Staff Report

Judy: Wants to recongnize Bruce for his prompt response in completing an energy audit.

Chris M emailed the October staff report, copies on hand for review as well.


Ani: Staff is working on getting performance reviews caught up. Per the management responsibility transition plan, Erin Yanke and myself need to work with a Board member to complete the reviews.

Board members will participate in performance reviews for:

Erin: Andrew Geller(Reviews have already been collected, to be completed in Nov.) ; Marty: John Mackey; Nia: Sun Lee; Erin: Bruce Silverman; Erin: Debbie Rabidue; Maire: Ani Haines; Becky: Chris Merrick; Judy: Kathleen Stephenson

Erin moves to go into closed session.


Closed Session


Move to adjourn Kurt – second Erin


10:28 Meeting Ends


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