Transforming Awareness - Robert Thurman, scholar, author, and 1st American Tibetan Buddhist Monk

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Fri, 09/10/2010

Natalie Butto hosts a special live Talk radio program featuring preeminent scholar and leader Robert Thurman. Thurman is a Columbia University Professor, prolific author, a former Tibetan Buddhist monk, co-founder of the Tibet House (along with Richard Gere), and formerly on Time Magazine's list of Most Influential Americans. Thurman and fellow humanitarian spiritual leader Michael Bernard Beckwith will be in Portland on Friday evening for a unique "Transforming Awareness" conversation about how people can effect positive prosperity in their lives and in the world.

Also on the program is Heather Jones, author liaison from Beyond Words Publishing (event co-sponsor), who shares insights about Thurman, "The Secret", and her own path.


Tibet and Thurman

What would robert Thurman say about the CIA supporting the Dhali Llama?  Why are the only voices of those in exile, many who have never see Tibet, born in India or America...?  I live in China, and I am disgusted by many of the things they do, but never having been to Tibet I cant say what is happening there.  I think it is slightly exxagerated.  Yes, the Chinese have a tendency to make everything a tourist site like Disney Land which i find distasteful, and there are many many chinese people so it may seem they are overrruning a place.  But if we reverse this perspective--see it from an American point of view--we could esily say the Mexicans are the chinese, and Americans the Tibetens--many racists believe mexicans and other immigrants are contaminating white-American culture somehow.  Most of these Han Chinese dont know what they do, and dont know there history.  they have been taught that Tibet is and always has been apart of China.  They believe that they lifted the Tibetens up out of ignornace, and poverty--out of the mud.  they believe they "liberated" them from severe oppression under the llamas.  I ont know what the practices of the llamas were in the 30's and forty's but they do have a history of cruel oppression (i dont know when that ended, if it ever did.)  The chinese force Tibetens to learn HAn chinese--but the chinese are also forced to learn english.  In thier mind it is to increase thier potential and open up their world.  The peace corp teaches english too.  Are they being forced to not speak Tibeten.  i dont think so.  When we hear abot free tibet-we never hear about whats happening in Tibet--we know nothing about it.  What are the details?  Should Tibet be independent.  probably.  What is china doing in Tibet--I dont know.  BUilding lots of ugly buildings?  Yes.  Development?  yes.  But Chinese see that as a good thing--they are doing the same in their country.  We in the west pride ourselves on development too. we just have a different idea about what is aesthetic, what is beautiful or clean?  The idea that the Dali llama is working with the CIA is one that makes me very very skeptical, and turns me off.  i dont trust anything the American governemtn does abroad.  And the American mainstream media is just a lie, period.  So when they meet with the Dali and air free tibet, i am suspect.  I think we all need to be a little more informed.  China isnt going to change what it feels is fundamentally normal.  China is a dirty polluted ugly place, but they dont think so.   


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