Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2010/06/28

Board Meeting Minutes for June 28, 2010


Board Members present: Becky Chiao, Ivonne Rivera, Louis Sowa, Marty Soehrman, Kurt Lauer

Erin Brand, Deena Barnwell, Judy Fiestal, Nia Lewis


Public, and Staff Present: Ani Hines, Dan Gurin, John Mackey, Andrew Geller, Zale Chadwick, Kathy Bushmen, Scott Forrester, John Mackey, Dan Gurin, Per Fagereng, Alicia Olsen, Tom



Louis brought the yummy food- thanks!


Public Comments

Kathy Bushmen - made a statement of her intention to run for the board

Scott Forrester- Scott Forrestor would like us to discuss his unbanning.  Becky proposed that the subject be focused on that during the Bylaws discussion, but that his personal issue could

not be address because of time.

John Mackey- wants a closed meeting for initially concerns

Dan Gurin: proposed to cut hours in half for his position.  Becky proposed that this be best discussed during strategic and transition planning.


Staff had little to report with many staff vacations, but are anticipating the Blues Festival this weekend.




Louis introduced the Engineering department proposed Responsibilities Check list as a policy( please correct my verbiage).  This checklist includes Committee Task Break-Down, and Engineer leadership roles.  Ani said that the staff had ok’d this initially, months ago, but have not seen the updated versions.  Both Becky and Ani voiced concerns with Section .  Issues with  putting actual job descriptions into policy- viewed as redundant. Ani also expressed that  changes would also greatly effect the inter workings between departments.  The issue was how remotes are dealt with, and the thought was that the committee was working on a remote policy.  


Judy didn’t think it was productive for the board to keep discussing,  and moved to table it.  Louis wants to know what’s required.  The Board agreed that it should be taken to Staff to approve first.  Task Breakdown has been Tabled.


Finance Department Update


by Erin Brand


Current main focus in Finance is to find cheaper fee  for processing KBOO’s credit card, and EFT transactions.   Next Focus will be a budget on 2011 Skipped b/c meeting minutes were MIA shelved for next month. 


Nominating Committee


Zale will be out of town, during the Nominating Annual Mtg- and wondered if we wanted to move it to the 19th (bylaw only states during Sept)  Notice of Candidacy deadline would be pushed to July 31st.  Wishing for the date to be set.


Erin proposed that we set the date with the time and place to be determined.

Kurt & Nia seconded

All in Favor- Date is set



Nominating Committee will set up who will help with members, candidates, and web announcements.



Becky questions the definition and status of the  Bylaws(?).  Ani states that staff is looking at a Banning Policy.  In the past if someone was banned - that meant that person was banned from pretty much everything except public meetings.   A ban can be rescinded- although this is not in our bylaws currently.  The general idea are that folks are adding to the organization, vs being a drain on resources. 


Section 4.  deals with a Firmer definition of what makes a member.  Changes in how someone can qualify for the board.       


Andrew clarified that members: are staff, members by $20, or volunteers who have volunteered for 24 hours.  Not folks who have been elected to the board.  Erin thinks we need clarification about what happens to banned members, and how can return participating with the station, and what that process is.  Judy moves that this be done by July 31st.  Ani agrees, and thinks this should be voted on by July 31st our July 26th meeting.  And maybe change the language of what makes a member in good standing, and the language between the two subjects of ‘what makes a member’ , and ‘banishment from station’ should not be mixed.



Bylaw on how to stop members physically Banned from station

Banned from Volunteering

Ban Member



Andrew would like some clarification in the bylaws how filled out ballots should be   

returned to the station.


Erin would like us to modify the bylaws where some of the wordsmithing will happen.


Most common scenarios in which someone can be banned from the station:


Not connected or a volunteer

Someone that comes in and is disruptive inside  the community

Random person with Mental health issues

Some who isn’t a part of the station, that steals from the station



Volunteer who isn’t able to work in department where they are volunteering

Someone who is not following house rules and are fired as a volunteer

Someone suing the station in a hostile environment.


Marty asked if we can define who we should ban or exclude-  Ani says that the Personnel Committee is working on that.  Ani read a rough draft of Bylaw policy 67-a re-engagement policy that is being worked on currently.   By not having these things in place she feels that  KBOO is  missing out on volunteers with great work ethic, because of these few disruptive folks.



Judy would like it outlined who is handling the firing, or documents banishments from station.  Andrew has concerns about accepting money from someone who is banned from our station.  Decision for suspension has always been made by entire staff.


Becky is sending this to the Governance committee.


Next Governance meeting is July 12th


Staff Evaluations


Feedback forms are back for Erin Y, and Janka S.  Deena, and Nia will help with those evaluations.  Read responses, and compile and reoccurring theme, or clarification.

No report from the staff this month.  Staff has a plan for transition Issues.  Looked at Dan’s proposal to modify and cut hours from the web coordinator position. With Dan’s suggestion for his position- Ani is looking forward to having a discussion with Dan about his proposal.  Zale will send out notes about Staff Transition discussion


Canoe Business Group

They have decided that KBOO is too rough to work for and have removed their offer to work with us.  Request for proposals from new business groups.


Kurt would like to see a template for all committee to use to set up guidelines.  Louis would like to clarify what is needed to have Engineer committee guideline be accepted by the board.  Ani suggested to go through Staff again.  There is a question of what’s the role of the Advisory Committee, and the actual work group in relation to the committee and how they work. 




End of MEETING 9:38 pm (Whoot!)





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