Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2010/05/24


Board Meeting May 24th 2010
Becky Brought Goodies to Eat! Thanks!
Present Board: Nia Lewis, Becky Chiao, Erin B, Judy F., Marty S., Louis S,
Deena, Ivonne
Staff and Public Present: Ani, Chris, John, Jenka, Zale, Scott F
Alicia Olson, Per F, Keller, Glen Owen, Rabia
Public Comment:
Per couldn’t find anything on the website pertaining to the Board. Per thinks that information should be displayed, and likes the format of the older website.   Ani: paths were migrated last week, and while the website is glitchy, staff are aware- and working on it.  Keller is wondering and asked how we are going to attract new listeners with the guide gone. WORT has a grid for online, and we should format something like that for KBOO’s website. Deena noted that the board is working on it.   Rabia asked the Board about a stergity plan, and how we are setting a goal for new types of revenue. There will be a Finance, and Substanibility Development meeting at 3:30 June 16 addressing those very issues.
Board Minutes for April
Minutes Passed
Jenka has received The Knight Fellowship, her plan is to bring knowledge from studies back to KBOO.   Jenka revised her Job Description to 25 hours a week - income $14,600 for 11 months at $14/hour. Since it’s interim there is no need for a hiring committee.- Chris M, Kathleen, Jenka will interview potential candidates.            An approved job description will post immediately. Training will happen the last week in June, start July,   Hours will be from 1-6pm-- Person taking position will not be responsible for program reviews. or board operaters for public affairs show.
Judy asked if it will actually work, since the work load flow is heavy. Jenka is suggesting a trainer for volunteers. Personnel could evaluate the news programming. Chris will handle board operator for public affairs shows, and Kathleen would handle field recording. Judy asked if the timeline is realistic- Jenka thinks she can. Louis is wondering if it’s a full time position Jenka says it’s 25 hours a week. John is wondering why this isn’t going through the Personnel Committee. Jenka explains She is coming to the board because of the time frame.
Chris states the policy that if it’s a non- permanent position the board can set hours and salary.   Becky doesn’t have any issues, Judy wondered how the staff felt about it. The staff suggested the position be part time. Judy has a questions about the benefits, and the time frame of when benefits happen. Judy moves to approve it-- Chris and Jenka to conduct a interim hire, if the staff are making tremendous changes, or if other issues come up then the Executive Committee will handle it.
Erin seconds
Louis Abstains
Everyone else approves
Nia will be on the hiring committee
Finance Report
Presented by Erin
Wilken and Company
Midyear controller report by Debbie. Recommendations for the station.   First year Linda Barkus was here, her first recommendation is to better control the duplicates of all cc numbers. Sun’s idea is to put the number on the yellow/pink sheet, but the white sheets have only the last four numbers displayed.   Linda felt we needed better control over CC#s - she recommended training some volunteers on how to.   Deb suggested that we hire Mel for more internal control. 
Becky thinks we should also look at what’s in the future in regards to our spending
Effective as of the opening of business of May 26, 2010, Arthur Davis is removed as Trustee for KBOO Foundation 401 (k) Profit Sharing Plan and Trust (the “Plan”); and it is Further Resolved, that effective as of the opening of business of May 26, 2010, Christopher Merrick is hereby appointed as Trustee for the Plan.
Louis Moves for the Board to resolve
Erin B seconded
Unanimous voted
Becky will sign off/ Arthur aready has
Erin moves that we adopt the KBOO policy for CC# holders.    Security Policy- KBOO credit and debit cardholder information is handled electronically on the KBOO website, manually by phone and manually by hand or mail delivery.
Nia seconds it
Ivonne abtains
Board Member Vacancy Appointment Vote: 
Judy moves for this to be a discussion for closed session for the sakes of the board appointees.
Nia seconds this
Erin moves for this to be confidential, and with Ani Present
Scott feels like the discussions should be public.  
Becky votes against it
Everyone is in favor
Judy moved to appoint Kurt Ludor to Joe Advado seat
Loius seconded this
Unanimous Voting.
Chris A, and Shantelle are encouraged to run in the next election.
Bylaw language has not been reviewed by a lawyer, Judy mentioned to move to approve this conceptually, before it’s agreed upon by the members. 
Nia moves that the the election shall be conducted by mail and at the annual meeting to be moved. Once it’s presented to the lawyers.            Judy wants more hoops to discourage folks who aren’t serious about being a part of the board.   Becky thinks there needs to be a policy on folks who are banned from the station.   Ani will bring the policy for approval in June.. Judy will take this to either Scott Pratt, or Cynthia Comfer. Resolution is that amended language from Proposed Bylaw changes (by Nia) to Scott Pratt . 
Erin Seconded
HD Proposal
Russian station would be a commercial station, and would also be on KBOO’s signal- unless they bought a encrypted signal transmitter. We have no business model from him- Gentlemen is interested in creating Russian Media in Portland. Chris notes that HD signal is connected to KBOO’s broadcast, there is a chance we may be tied with his station.
John wants to know if the board wants to meet with him. And what questions we have
for him. 
Add equipment needs to notes.
Louis moves that we work with the Russian group and receive business plans,and programming goals from him.
Deena seconded
Do we want to continue our contract with our sub contracter or do we want to go month to month. Board Directing Chris to look into SC Contracts.
Meeting Ajorned


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