Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2010/03/22

Formatted minutes available in pdf only. File attached to this page. Unformatted text follows:

Board Meeting Minutes March 22, 2010
Meeting came to order at 6:17pm.
Board Members Present: Becky Chiao, Nia Lewis, Louis Sowa, Erin Brand, Marty Soehrman, Judy
Arielle Fiestal, Maire Cullen, Ivonne Rivero, James Craven, Deena Barnwell
Public and Staff Present: Paula Small, Alicia Olson, Jeff Kipilman, Shauntelle M. Latini, Daniel
Flessas, Rabia Yeaman, Alicia Olsen, Chris Andre, Kurt Lauer, Per Fagereng, Dan Gurin, Roger Leigh,
Chris Andreae, Zale Chadwick, Ani Haines, Chris Merrick
Ivonne provided the food. Thank you!
Becky introduced Andrea Hamburg as a potential facilitator for the KBOO Board meeting.
Erin made motion and Louis seconded that Andrea Hamburg be the facilitator for the KBOO March
board meeting. Her rate is $40 per hour. 8 in favor. Jim and Maire opposed. Proposal passed.
Public Check-in
Rabia supported use of a facilitator for the board. She had issue with the manner that the facilitator was
Chris Andreae is interested in having transparency. She was surprised to see how the Listener Guide
had already stopped.
Maire read comments from Rebecca Nay that we should keep the license in Pendleton.
Maire read comments from Jeffery Baynes who was hoping that the prison population in Pendleton can
get KBOO airwaves.
Maire read comments from Ruth Kovacs who supported having a license for a radio station in
Pendleton especially in light of the large prison population there.
January KBOO Board Meeting and February KBOO Board Meeting minutes was reviewed for
approval. January board meeting minutes was approved. 8 in favor. Maire against. Ivonne
abstained.Jan. minutes were approved.
February board meeting minutes was aproved. 9 approved and Maire opposed. Feb. minutes were
The board approved motion put forth by Jim Craven that draft minutes of meetings be posted on the
website as soon as possible following the meeting. All board members approved. Motion passed.
Board Position Vacancy Appointment
Erin recommended that the Nominating Committee review the candidates and make recommendations
to the board on who should be appointed.
Andrea made several recommendations on how to deal with recommendations: Set a deadline for
Nominating committee should set up a proposal for an appointment process.
7 in support, Maire and Nia opposed, Jim abstained. Motion is passed.
Maire proposed that applications can be accepted until Friday March 26th. 9 in favor, Nia abstained.
Resolution passed.
Follow-up actions: Maire will put a public announcement on the air and the website. It was suggested
that the Nominating Committee will bring back to the board a policy on board appointments in two
Board Member Assignments
Engineering- Louis, Marty
Nominating- Maire, Nia, Erin, Marty
Programming- Maire, Deena
Finance- Erin
Development- Nia, Ivonne
Outreach- Deena, Becky
Personnel/Governance- Judy, Jim
President- Becky
Vice President- Louis
Treasurer- Erin
Secretary- Deena
Member at large- Nia
CRC liaison- Maire
Unanimous approval of all board positions and officers except the President position.
Maire proposed that the issue on Becky continuing as president be addressed.
Maire, Jim, Nia in favor. 6 opposed. Becky abstained.
Maire took issue on the non-support for talking about the leadership position.
Work assignments: Strategic Planning- Maire, Louis, Jim, Erin, Judy
CRC Person- Erin
Exit interviews- Jim, Nia, Judy
Judy will interview Marc, tomorrow Tuesday. Arthur, Genevieve, Joe, Mark also need to be
Canoe Proposal
Board discussed the pros and cons on support of this initial proposal.
There was not enough support to proceed. It was suggested that the Strategic Committee work with the
staff to come up with a proposal on how to proceed.
Board Committee Liaison Responsibilities- Policy 65
Board adopted this policy unanimously.
The KBOO Election Handbook that was compiled by the Personnel Committee was passed out for the
board to review for the next meeting.
Action to follow: Nominating Committee should review the Election Handbook and recommend
changes as needed.
Board approve extending meeting until 10pm
Conflict Resolution Committee
Has one seat open for members. Ani proposed Celeste Carey for CRC seat that is open
Unanimous vote to seat Celeste Carey
Additional hours / responsibilities for Erin Yanke and Zale Chadwick
Proposals have been approved by Personnel Committee and Finance Committee
Jim Moved and Erin seconded proposal for extra time for Erin Yanke, and Zale Chadwick
Motion passed unanimously.
Hiring Mel Reslor Chris Merrick notes that we are ready to hire Mel Reslor
The board has approved the job, conceptually, as has Finance. The Personnel Committee has titled the
job Finance Assistant, and has essential functions bulleted. Mel will start job, without job description,
but with approved essential functions / hours / rate of pay. The job description will follow.
Jim Moved and Ivonne seconded- all in favor / Maire abstained from voting
Facilitator asked if board wanted to have a conversation about removing Becky as the president of the
4 voted for conversation- Maire, Nia, Jim, Ivonne,
6 voted against it Marty, Louis, Erin, Judy, Becky, Deena
Proposed not to have conversation at this time
There was a motion on the floor to remove Becky as points person for the lawsuit. Chris points out
that to remove Becky they would need to get a new board president
1 Voted for motion Maire
7 voted against motion Judy, Marty, Louis, Jim, Ivonne, Erin, Deena
Nia, and Becky abstained from voting
Becky remains legal contact for lawsuit
Maire has reported issues reading docs sent in MicrosoftWord. Agreed that all docs sent to board
members prior to board meetings will be sent in PDF format.
Motion for Fac. To stay for executive session
Voted to have Facilitator leave 3- Jim, Marty, Maire
Voted to have Facilitator stay 5 Ivonne, Jim, Nia, Deena, Judy
Abstained from voting: Erin, Becky
No actions taken from executive session.
Meeting adjourned 10:05 PM.

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