Special Programming: Public Affairs on 08/27/10

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Fri, 08/27/2010 - 11:00am - 12:00pm
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Unfettered Thought: the Atheist Show

Maire Cullen hosts a pilot edition of "Unfettered Thought: the Atheist Show," for, by and about non-theists, but open to all. Listener calls are welcome.


Great show! Keep it on the air!

Really good show!  Positive, refreshing breath of fresh air!

Keep it on the air, please!

Thomas Gebhardt, Tigard, Oregon..

Wonderful Show Until the Closing Song

I loved how the complexity of non-theism was discussed.  But why oh why did it have to end with a song that insulted, belittled, and de-sexed fat people?  I couldn't even hear the last words of the apparently heartfelt song because I was so shocked and angry at hearing  the hurtful, unnecessary  words about how many Christians are so fat that they can't even see their own genitals.  Was this necessary?  Was it kind?  Do people realize how words like this only add to the self-loathing of so many young (and older!) people in our looksist society?    I hope that KBOO programmers really take a look at how words like these can add to the body-dysmorphia and eating disorders that are so rampant these days.

Unfettered Thought: the Athiest Show

A Black man in the Whitehouse, an Atheist radio program in Oregon, there's hope for the world after all. Thank you for representing the views and actions of this under-represented group of Americans. One does not have to be a Christian, a Jew, a Muslem or even a believer to be a good person. I applaud your courage: there are a lot of out here who support what you are doing. Thank You.

Wayne C B

Unfettered Thought

 It's wonderful to see a show like this begin.  The non-religious are the fastest growing group in America now, making up about 16% of the population.  Of that about 2% are openly atheist but probably many more are still "in the closet".  In the Portland area, that would translate to several hundred thousand potential listeners who care about this topic.  Keep up the good work. Go KBOO!

The Atheist Show

Wow how timely for me personally. I hope to hear more in the future. Non judgemental rational discussion and callers

Marie, such a welcome show, am telling everyone about it!

Just loved how you explored the subject of atheism: from dispelling the myth that atheists are devil worshippers, to the sensitivity with which you listened to your callers ideas. Rather than praying, I am going to communicate about this to everyone to try and help make this pilot a success!  thanks, Sherry

The Unfettered Thought: the Atheist Show / Pilot

To get right to the point. Maire Cullen demonstrated fine skill and knowledge of the topic. Engaged the diverse call-in members very well. I took notes here and there about people and topics to go study. I liked this hour, I was really pleased. I’m ready for the next show....



Great show, Maire

Thanks for addressing atheism so bluntly and expressly. Talk about an underserved community.

For what it's worth, atheist is a name that folks like to call me for my personal worldview. At the same time, I think I've far more spirituality than most of the name-callers.


ps-hope you post the full audio. I missed the first half...

I am looking forward to this

I am looking forward to this show and am very excited to tune in this Friday.   I will tell everyone I know about it.


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