8 June 2010 Program Committee Meeting Minutes

Program committee meeting

Present: Chris, Kathleen, Jenka, Ed Kraus, Roger Warner, Rabia Yeaman, Kurt Lauer, SW Conser (late)
Absent (without excuse): Bill Resnick, Daniel Flessas, Deena Barnwell, Maura Cullen, John Mackey, Samantha King, Red Willow, Per Fagering
Jenka reports on Programming excellence grant – there will be a community gathering this summer as part of the grant to get feedback from programmers and community on this process –
Rabia and Ed Kraus – how will this be different from the last 9 months of program committee meetings? What will it entail?
Chris – This is part of the grant, with a detailed survey and detailed criteria – in an online survey, you only get a certain level of detail
Rabia – would like to see a technical quality survey online all the time to get feedback to volunteer hosts
-would like to get arbitron numbers, and an ongoing survey to measure listenership
Chris – There will be a survey as part of this grant, and not just one, but several surveys. Arbitron switched to a new system called the ‘people meter’, which increased the cost from $1200 to $7000
Kathleen – Are the goals of Programming excellence grant the same goals reflected in Programming Excellence grant – they may be different goals.
Roger – There should be things in the survey to ask people about the programs they listen to – some of the questions on the past survey are questions that should remain on a future survey. Could there be program-specific questions?
Rabia – for the survey, should be limited to five questions.
Jenka – which 5 questions do you suggest?
Roger – maybe 5 questions, then something at the bottom for a longer form – also, use an on-air spot.
Kurt – Not sure of role as Board member – should I participate in discussion, or just listen?
--response from several people: participate in discussion, bring summary back to Board
What is the purpose of survey? To determine who is listening to what?
Chris – We have a survey for the grant which is about the technical presentation of programs – we’d also like to do a survey on how many people are listening, and to which programs.
Kurt – The survey should include on-air spots and it should be on the front page of the website. Also, should include a list of all programs, and people can pick which programs they listen to.
Ed – Drive numbers came in for the winter drive, did we get numbers like that for the spring drive? (Not yet)   Also, can we get a printout of webcast numbers? That would help in measuring audience. What is currently on the plate for program committee to address? Sundays? Afternoons?
Chris – Monday 2-4, Friday 1:30 – 4 currently open for proposals. After we get through program evaluations for Sunday afternoons, we will address Sundays as well.
Jenka – The timeline says we should have a decision on the afternoon music programming by the end of June.
Chris – won’t happen by then, should be able to do it in July. There are people auditioning on Monday and Friday afternoons – Matt Clark - Monday Sampler on Monday, Samantha and Red Willow – Indian Country on Fridays.
Roger – Matt Clark’s show is consistent when it’s a music program, but he often does a hybrid show with movie reviews, news, stories, interviews, which is not as compelling. Also, Roger did minute-by-minute eval of Indian Country – music selection weak…..the show could be compelling as a hybrid/public affairs show on a shorter time slot. Would like to listen to it more.
SW Conser – John Talley used to have native musicians live on the air, this is something that’s lacking.
Rabia – noted quality issues with Indian Country
Kathleen – would be interested to know how connected this show and Mitakuye Oyasin are with the local native community.
Chris – hasn’t received any feedback from native community – on the show, the hosts take callers from people who say they like the show, but without any significant content
Rabia – thinks it’s a good idea for new proposals to submit a cd along with their written proposal
Kurt – thinks there should be three recorded shows recorded as an audition
Ed – What shows are requesting the Friday slot?
Chris – two people have proposals for folk/bluegrass hybrids – one person proposing for Friday could be on Monday but prefers Friday. Would be better to have 12 – 2 and 2 – 4 slots.
SW Conser – doesn’t think it matters as much whether a show ends at 1:30 or 2, but whether it’s compatible with what comes next.
Ed – There is a tension between a program that serves a specific community (like the Yiddish Hour) and one meant to draw in listeners.
Rabia – A good program can do both. Question – can people be required to submit a demo before they go on the air?
Jenka – asks Chris whether the people who have proposals in now have submitted pilot programs.
Chris – no, the current proposals are written only – there is a question of whether someone who prepares a good demo could do ok on the air, and they should be tested on the air.
Jenka – there are some hosts who simply can’t prepare a good demo, so at least they could be weeded out at that stage. Also, could there be a late night slot for on-air auditions?
Chris – We could use the 5th week of the month, when there are no shows scheduled for certain time slots – like Friday 10 to midnight.
Roger – there’s a 5th Friday in July, and one in October.
Chris – tries to fit the show with the timeslot – should fit the genre of what’s already on.


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