10 June 2008 Programming Committee Minutes


10 June 2008
Program Committee Meeting
Chair: Rabia Yeaman
Note-taker: Jenka Soderberg
Present: Roger Warner, S.W. Conser, Jade Pekkala, Kathleen Stephenson, Chris Merrick, Per Fagering, Bill Resnick, Tony Alabi, Daniel Flessas, Ivonne Rivero
Guests: Jack Bohl, Rich Lindsay, Crystal Leighty, Linda Olson-Osterlund, Bridget, Scott Forrester, Genevieve Matthews, Clemy, Reggae Bob Hamilton, Jay Bozick, Pablo I, Sister E
Minutes from May: M/S/P
Bill Resnick suggests agenda item: develop a list of best practices and an effort to involve all programmers in outreach to the populations they serve
-Rabia responds that we need a fuller discussion, not enough time tonight
-Per suggests that this be addressed during a retreat – Per, Jenka, Kathleen, Bob, Jade, Bill, Rabia – all interested in participating
-Chris points out that some of this has been addressed already
Kathleen – talks about NFCB station assessment, meetings among staff about program changes, peer evaluations – some have been handed in, some have not
Jenka – talks about peer evaluations – hopefully this process will be something done every year, Food System special on June 2, Grassroots Radio Conference, GRC coming up in July – special programming connected to GRC and KBOO 40th anniversary, archive special every evening next week
Chris: Program renewal forms and notices went out last week for 6 – midnight programmers – some late night programmers interested in moving their shows, GRC – KBOO volunteers can register, June 21 – NOFEST live remote, Blues Fest July 3 – 6, NFCB station assessment – we will lobby CPB to extend our funding through 2009 on the basis of a business plan that is currently being developed, Pink Martini – novelty check $15,000 from fundraiser last week, noticiero news collective no longer exists – will meet later this month to rebuild – possibly with KPCN, Radio Bilingue connection, John Talley had a fall – Bruce Crespin is subbing for now
Program format ideas/changes:
Question from Bridget about how this process came about – Per: declining listenership, Jenka: the last time there were program changes on KBOO was 10 years ago – hopefully program renewals can begin to be done on a regular basis, Chris – Board gave a goal last December for program changes to increase listenership – first set of changes by Aug. 1, 2nd set by Jan. 1st, Everyone on the air will be asked to renew their shows (how do you do outreach to your community, what kind of guests do you bring in, how do you use the web, etc)
Democracy Now:
Chris: Democracy Now may move from 11 to 7 or 8 am, which would affect the morning public affairs; shuffling and evaluating all of the public affairs couldn’t happen by August 1st
-Kathleen: If the goal is to increase listenership – according to the experts, the most important time is morning drive time – say 6 – 9 am; morning drive time should match evening drive time; drive time transition should begin before 8 am; what would increase listeners? Democracy Now or bluegrass.
-Conch: Is this issue so urgent that it needs to be addressed before the 6 – 6 format change in January?
-Rabia: this change could influence CPB funding
-Jade, Jack and Per like the idea of 7 am
-Linda: what audience would we be losing if we move it to 7 am?
-Daniel: when the station first put Democracy Now! on at 11, people thought the time was a strange choice, but people found it and listen to it
-Scott: suggests Democracy Now at 6 am – KPOJ is bad from 6 – 9 am, we should do hard-hitting local programming at that time
Discussion on Chris’ proposed schedule for six – midnight (Evening Schedule 2.0)
-Chris introduces schedule – how to get younger listeners – younger hosts, minority outreach, moving late-night programming
-Daniel: what we do well is still here on the schedule
-Per: results of the survey should be brought into the decision – our main competition is OPB – they do no music weekday evenings
-Rabia: 4 – 7 public affairs, with Democracy Now at 4 – broadcast quality is an issue for other shows, at 7 we should start with music – maybe jazz, urban format later
-Conch: likes Deena’s proposal for more hip-hop – would require lots of outreach
-Bill: concern – we don’t want to be a monoculture radio station, but how do we compete with those stations
Rabia: process of getting these changes done as a committee – focus on new programs, genres – what is most effective? – horizontal or vertical grid?
-Daniel: makes more sense to go the other way – start with our programming strengths
-Chris: let’s take more chances with the schedule – rather than just having a specific genre for each night of the week – compelling vs. non-compelling – compelling: dynamic, use of web, community interaction; non-compelling: repetitive, technical errors
-risk: open airtime – what if no one shows up to fill that space
-Daniel: sunsetting – process for programmers to ask “Why am I on the air? How am I serving the community?”
-Conch: we have to remember that we are in crisis – OPB has a new show with blogs, chats, emails on the air, competent host; while we have talk radio where the phones don’t even work
-Ivonne: what will be the process for making this happen – should we have more meetings?
            -Chris: has suggested that we probably will not have a whole brand new schedule by August 1st – outreach for some of these options could take months – probably we will have pilot shows, audition shows, transitions, adults supervising kids on the air
Program committee retreat:
-Daniel suggests maybe a meeting June 24, then every two weeks until August
            -will these meetings count for people to become members? Yes
Chris: suggests June 28th for retreat – day after proposals are due, Rabia suggests Sunday July 6th 10 – 4 – Jade offers her house
-Daniel asks if non-members can come? Chris explains why not
Public comment:
Scott Forrester – can KBOO staff vote at Program committee?
When is retreat scheduled? Is it open? 
-Chris suggested June 28th – no, not open to public, added that retreat is not formal, it is only informal discussion
-Scott responded: Board members have a right to go to meetings, public should, as well
-Scott: would like to see the survey results
-then asked why the Doug Fir was mentioned? 
-Chris: there has been some informal discussion already with the Doug Fir
-Scott: critical of Doug Fir, which is too hip to even know KBOO is here
-also asked: will the guest deejays be required to get full training?
-Chris: no, there will be a host to take responsibility for the content
Scott also commented that there are too many staff with the amount of money that is coming in
-also commented that between 6 -8 on KPOJ, there is terrible programming – why not do talk on KBOO at that time?
Sister E – how is the station, not just programmers, going to go out in the community to promote KBOO?
-with the focus on youth, if you’re over 35, should you bother applying?
Pablo – look at the wall to see what KBOO used to do in the community, BOO Ball – when we got away from this type of event, then listenership started to go down
-Ivonne agrees: why not do a Boo Ball this year? – the world is changing, KBOO needs to change too
-Underwriting: how will they respond to program changes?
-Chris: underwriters choose a genre, program, host – all of these will be dealt with by the underwriting coordinator
            -Scott: why not have the members be honored on the air, rather than underwriters?
Reggae Bob – we are moving too fast with the changes, are we going to change the KBOO charter? –it used to be avant garde to have black people on the air daily – are we now at a point that we don’t need to have black people on the air on a daily basis?
-what about a trial or probationary period for shows?
            -with the renewal, we will look at a number of things
-if someone designs their own block, will it even be considered?
            -Chris: everyone is free to put in a grid, they will all be considered
Linda: concern about guest teenagers – needs to be past ten – that’s when teenagers listen, indecency issues won’t be a problem; older generation is listening earlier in the evening; programmers should be given a chance to improve; outreach by putting upcoming interviews, public affairs in local newspapers
Genevieve: Development committee – meets 1st Monday of the month – block party is still a possibility, also first Fridays art walk in this neighborhood; survey results will be released as soon as Arthur finalizes the results


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