April 2010 Program Committee Minutes


Program Committee Meeting 041310
Attending: Roger Warner, SW Conser, Samantha King, Don Jacobson, Per Fagereng, Bill Resnick, Brianne Hughes, Robert Barncord, Kathleen S minutes. Rabia Y is sick. Chris is ? Red Willow (9Pm)
Staff Reports
Jenka reports on Drive starts Apr 29th. Goal 95 thousand. Specials include News PA Day on 5/7. Stevie Wonder Day on 5/6. Sun Lee is designing a flyer for the specials. Mother’s Day special starting at 8 PM-6AM on May 7th. Don J doing a Pete Seeger on May 14th – he doesn’t know if it is going long.
Also Earthday specials on April 22. Tomorrow Wed 4/14 at 5:30 there is a planning meeting for Earthday. 12 hours of PA and 12 hours environmental sounds. We will offer the KBOO flashdrive as a thank you gift of PA Audio.
Kathleen – Membership Drive prep, Earthday prep, Strategic Planning meetings, Anti-oppression training.
Public Comment:
Don Jacobson discusses his proposal for “The Long and Dusty Road” 2 hours/week. Proposing this for the 1:30-3PM slot on Friday.
Jenka says she has a proposal for a weekly economics show from Jim Craven.
Jenka says we need Chris for the afternoon update.
Committee Responsibilities:
 What does the Committee do? The last goals were for last year. Improve quality and scheduling to better serve the community and improve sound. Community Excellence Grant.
What do we see as the Committee’s Responsibility. Roger says we advise staff on what to do. Who is our board liaison? Not here tonight. What is the Comm currently doing? We are finishing the afternoon schedule changes, looking at Sundays and re-evaluating evening schedule. Jenka needs more people to fill out minute by minute log for any shows. If you have time, talk to J and she will give you info or a CD for listening. So another role for the Comm is evals. Are we fulfilling our by-law directive? Daniel suggests that we solicit more info from the community. Different ways to do that…Ask on air for calls, do another survey, check the website for a survey. There are so many communities to reach that we need to get programmers to go out in the community. Daniel says there is concern in the African American community about a loss of presence on the station.
Jenka says working with the outreach and development committees would be good. How to survey non-listeners??
Is there a need for the committee to change the by-laws to do better work. Outreach? Meeting schedule? Roger asks how do you schedule a meeting for people not working 9-5 schedule.
Jenka asks if we could figure out a way to provide child-care. We might get more parents.
After the drive we hope to schedule another community meeting to get feedback on how we are doing.
Bill says we are barely able to evaluate shows. In fact we don’t do a good enough job to provide feedback on a consistent basis where they would be able to keep up and improve.
If you hear something on a show, pass it on to the staff person overseeing that show ASAP.
We are starting to have listening sessions, but it’s hard to get people to come to them.
We used to have sun-setting of shows. Everyone reapplies every year with the submission of an air check.
Also each new show should have an eval after 3 months. We are not doing that.
General agreement on improvement that has happened since we started the excellence trainings and evals. People say they learned a lot from Marilyn Pittman trainings.
Jenka suggests a self-evaluation and filling out of minute by minute form by shows each year.
Bill says we have to keep repeating the fundamentals. Like coaching the football team.
Kathleen sees the need for a system of follow-up after the initial evaluations of programs. This means a regular procedure to keep listening and evaluating.
Roger suggests some kind of feedback system on the website – here is a survey to complete on a show you are listening to.
Samantha asks about website comments – how does the programmer tell people to access the comment function on the website?
Jenka says there was a workshop at NFCB last year given by another pd who gives lots of feedback to programmers. Maybe he doesn’t do anything else?
Listening Session
There was a suggestion that we listen to samples of proposed programs…Jenka brings in a sample of “Monday Sampler.” The Committee listens.
Comments include: Beginning should be tighter, lay-out what you are going to do, don’t narrate your process. Does his hybrid show work? Do people who want music only stay tuned through the talk?
Conch says we seem to have lost two of the best odd-ball shows – Occidental Tourist and Lisa Loving’s show. Would Kathy alternate with Matt?
Matt trying to play material that has wide appeal, feel-good music, says Daniel.
Indian Country – opens with AIM theme song – perhaps microphones not on? Level on Samantha is too loud. Does Louis have headphones on? “Okay” – Beware of saying this everytime you go on microphone. Calendar listings with drumming in the background. Weak preparation. They seemed surprised by each segue. Music selection was trite or played out. Try to play different music. Broaden the music selection. Good community outreach – inclusion of events, voices, not just friends and family etc.
Need to work on introduction to the show – what do you want to do – lay it out there.
Movin On with Don Jacobson – Gives show and legal ID. Beginning of show includes standard beginning with Will Geer reciting Woody Guthrie and then goes into instrumental. Don reads underwriting. Intro to Dan Hicks new Cd – level too loud at the beginning. Dan h does Bob Dylan. Then goes to theme after set and re-ID’s tracks – interesting asides. Back to theme before next set. Good back announcing and good variety. Next tune is too loud at first.
Don says he is interested in doing live music…themes Earthday, MLK, etc.. Tries to be inclusive. How is Long and Dusty Road different from MO…Probably have slightly more traditional music. Would give up spot on Movin On. Wants to be on every week so he can build audience. Don reads “Sing Out” magazine regularly. Tries to go between new and archived material. Wants to get live musicians twice a month. Like they are performing in your living room.
Samantha will do another Indian Country this Friday from 1:30-3PM. Don says Chris has CDs of Don’s shows for people to listen, if needed.
We do not know when a decision will be made about this open slot.


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