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Sun, 06/13/2010

Sharon Sinclair, energy shifter, speaks with host Paul O'Brien.


Sharon Sinclar

I enjoyed this podcast very much.  It's nice to know that there are people out there who are capable and knowlegable on this out-of-the ordinary subject matter.  Sharon sounds like a person who has come by this art form, in the very best possible way;  from a family who believed and practiced.  The examples she gave of her techniques illustrated her points well.  Paul asked great questions  for the listeners.  I felt more educated and informed after the interview.  I will check out this website and see what's there. 

Thank you for bringing interesting subjects to our public.   


actual clearing

Several years ago Sharon cleared our basement.  The enity was causing scaring people who would stay in the downstairs bedroom overnight by opening and closing closet doors and generally make the whole downstairs uncomfortable for anybody who entered the basement including our 85# dog who would not go into the basement.  After the clearing our dog goes into the basement, when people stay over night as a guest there are no complaints and in general the area is quiet, warm and inviting.  WONDERFUL, PROFESSIONAL JOB WELL DONE.

Energy Shifting

Thanks for the info. I have had feelings about spaces, sometimes thinking they were ghost. Sharon's straight forward approach makes sence.


Energy Shifting

Great Show!

Energy Shifting

Great program, thanks, Paul.  I have encountered uneasy feelings about places I have lived and worked in, but wasn'r sure what to do about it.  Sharon's  interview helped me find a way to do something about this.  I will check out

Thanks, Barbara

Energy Shifting

What a wonderful resource!  I love Sharon's practical approach to clearing those uncomfortable feelings that we often feel in places we visit and even in our homes or businesses.  Now I know who to call.  Thanks, Paul.



Dear Paul,

I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Sharon for several years.  She is pragmatic and does a great job with energy.  Glad you are interviewing her.


Energy Shifting

Hey Rob


Thanks for taking the time to comment.



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